ways to fix roku tv volume too loud on lowest setting

Ways To Fix Roku TV Volume Too Loud On Lowest Setting will be explained in this post. Even with the volume turned down low, it’s still too loud when you want to watch your favourite TV show in the late hours without disturbing the other residents of your home.

The most common causes of this are incorrect sound settings, broken remote control buttons, and software bugs in the TV itself.

Any external sound sources that are connected to the TV may also be a problem.

The remainder of this post will address volume troubleshooting for your Roku in relation to the aforementioned causes.

How Do I Fix This Problem?

Let’s fix that annoyingly loud sound on your TV right away.

1. Remote Troubles

Remote Troubles

Starting with the most obvious item—your remote—move let’s on.

What I suggest is as follows. Also check Fix Instagram Keeps Logging Out

First, remove the batteries, shake the remote vigorously, then push each button several times, insert new batteries, and give the remote another try.

If the sound adjusting function is now operational, one of the remote control buttons may have been stuck and been the source of the audio anomalies.

Advice: Try attaching a spare remote and see if it works if you have one lying around.

As an alternative, you can use the Roku Mobile App to control the sounds from your phone, thereby converting it into a remote. This is another ways to fix roku tv volume too loud on lowest setting.

2. Power Cycling

Here is yet another incredibly successful technique to use.

This is something you can do even before fiddling with the remote.

  • Switch off your TV.
  • Take it out of the wall outlet.
  • Wait one to two minutes.
  • Remove the batteries from your remote while you wait.
  • For 30 seconds, while pointing the remote at the TV, press and hold the power button.
  • Install new batteries.
  • Replug your tv.

By soft-resetting both your TV and the remote using this technique, the volume problem might be resolved.

If software bugs were the root of the problem, that should undoubtedly be helpful.

Tip: You can choose to factory reset your TV if it didn’t work.

The saved data on your TV will be completely erased, so keep that in mind.

3. Check your External Devices

Check your External Devices

If your TV is connected to a soundbar or any other external device, try unplugging it to see if the loud sounds subside.

If you can, consider connecting your wireless loudspeakers to a cable; it might assist.

That suggests your external device is broken, if it helps. Also check Fix Roku Remote not Working Issue

Alternatively, you might do the exact opposite of what I just advised.

Try connecting loudspeakers or any other sound device, such as Roku wireless speakers, to your TV if you’ve only ever used the built-in speakers on your TV.

When it comes to sound controlling functions, these items are frequently more sophisticated.

They will provide you more control over sound amplification than the TV itself.

4. Change your Volume Mode

Change your Volume Mode

The incorrect sound settings may be the cause of your sound problems, as we have discussed. This is another ways to fix roku tv volume too loud on lowest setting.

Scroll over to the Volume mode setting to rule out this scenario.

Three settings are offered: Off, Leveling, and Night.

  • Your volume controls will not change when in the Off mode.
  • This scenario won’t occur because the Leveling option will equalise all sound levels on various media.
  • Even if you switch the channel, the audio settings won’t change.
  • The audio in the same content is levelled out in the Night mode.
  • Noises that are soft like a whisper will get a little louder while loud sounds like explosions will get softer.
  • When you want to avoid disturbing others while watching TV late at night, this mode is ideal.

Try experimenting with these three settings; one of them could be able to fix the loud sound problem. Also check Fixes for Slow Context Menu on Windows 11


As you can catch, there are a lot of things you can take to fix the problem with your Roku TV’s volume being way too loud.

Check if your external sound device is the problem after first resetting your TV and remote.

Try connecting the external sound device if you’ve never done so to get better access to the sound functions.