how to fix roku remote not working

How to Fix Roku Remote not Working Issue will be described in this article. When you buy a Roku, you get a stylish Roku remote for free to operate the device hands-free. Imagine you’re about to spend a movie night with your family and suddenly find out that your Roku remote not working.

In that case, you need to reach the TV physically or use Roku mobile app to operate the TV. Though it’s not a pleasant experience, anyone can come across such a situation. For this reason, every Roku user should know the methods to fix Roku remote not working problem.

How to Fix Roku Remote not Working Issue

How to Fix Roku Remote not Working Issue are explained here.

1. Check the Remote Batteries

Check the Remote Batteries

If you find out that your Roku remote has stopped functioning, the foremost thing to do is inspect the batteries. Open the battery chamber to make sure the battery placement is done correctly. If your remote isn’t working despite being installed properly, changing the batteries and installing new ones is a good idea. Also check Fxnetworks com activate

Any remote, except Roku Simple Remote devices, consume high energy due to Bluetooth connectivity.

2. Fix HDMI Interference

Fix HDMI Interference


HDMI interference is a reason that Roku remotes don’t work. Roku streaming sticks that connect to the Roku TV’s HDMI port directly often face the issue due to HDMI port and cable interference. Especially if the multiple HDMI ports of a device are in use simultaneously,

To check if this is the cause, remove all HDMI cables except the one connected with the Roku device. If this step resolves the problem, get an HDMI extender for the Roku device. You can get a free extender by filling up this form for a Free HDMI Extender.

3. Remove Obstacles

As a Roku Simple Remote user, you should remember that it needs a clear line of sight for smooth operation. If there is any signal blocking object standing between the Roku remote and the Roku TV, you should remove it and test the remote. Also check install and watch twitch on roku

Roku Voice Remote Pro or Roku Voice Remote users can skip this method and move to the next one.

4. Drain the Remote Power

Drain the Remote Power


Power drainage is another way to fix your Roku remote problem. If your remote contains removable batteries, remove them to drain the power. Now, press any remote button for 30 seconds & then release it.

Next, install the batteries in the battery chamber according to the device’s instructions. The Roku remote should work now.

5. Re-Pair Remote and Roku TV

Re-Pair Remote and Roku TV

Users having trouble with advanced Roku remotes should re-pair the remote with the Roku streaming player using the following steps:

Switch off the Roku streaming player and pull off its power cable.

Remove Roku remote batteries. Also check Roku plans

Now, plug in the power cable of the Roku player and wait till it’s turned on.

When the Roku home screen appears, reinstall the batteries in the remote.

Press down the reset button of the remote located under the battery chamber for 5+ seconds.

When the pairing happens, the pairing light will start flashing.


Various causes can be responsible for Roku remote not working issue. Here we shared multiple fixes to this problem that you can try. If none of these techniques can resolve your problem, maybe it’s time to get a new Roku remote. Apart from this, Roku users should also use any of the best VPNs for Roku to protect online privacy.