Screen Mirror Samsung Galaxy to Windows

In this feature, I will assist you in a cast or evaluating your Screen Mirror Samsung Galaxy to Windows to your Window’s 10 PC without using any third-party software application or apps. There’s a dedicated screen mirroring function in some of Samsung Galaxy’s smart devices and tablets. Keep in mind that not all Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets are geared up with screen mirroring feature.

How To Screen Mirror Samsung Galaxy To Windows 10

In this article, you can know about Screen Mirror Samsung Galaxy to Windows here are the details below;

Additionally, Older devices and running systems older than Android 4.1.12 may not have the features of Screen Matching. In the menu function, some more recent gadgets will have Smart View instead of Screen Mirroring. However, newer Samsung Galaxy gadgets like Note 10 Series, S10 Series, Keep In Mind 9 series, S9 series, and some others have devoted screen matching feature called “Smart View” where you can easily mirror your Samsung Galaxy to Window’s 10 PC

Meanwhile, Considering that Windows launched the Windows 10 OS Anniversary Edition/ Update, one especially amazing feature that got a great deal of buzz is the function that makes it possible for a Windows 10 PC to be utilized as a cordless receiver for users who wish to forecast a 3rd party screen on their PC (Window’s Phone, Android or Window’s tablet).

While you can move your Phones screen to a much larger screen in lots of respects, this Windows 10 function permits you to enjoy your Android content to your PC with no third-party apps or phones. However, apps from 3rd parties are similarly reliable. So with the helps of Smart View in Samsung smart devices and project functions in Window’s 10, you can screen mirror Samsung mobile to Window’s 10 easily utilizing any extra software application or applications.

How you can Screen Mirror Samsung Galaxy to Windows 10 PC.

Suppose you’re utilizing the latest Samsung Galaxy devices and Windows 10 as well. In that case, there’s no requirement to utilize third-party software applications and applications to mirror your screen from your Samsung to Window’s 10 PC.

Heres how you can do it, and do follow the listed below actions carefully. Before you continue, make sure that both devices (your Samsung Galaxy & Windows PC) are linked to the very same network.

Step 1. Click the Windows option or begin the menu on the bottom left-hand corner, then select Settings.

Screen Mirror Samsung Galaxy to Windows

Step 2. Click System. to windows 10

Screen Mirror Samsung Galaxy to Windows

Step 3. Click Forecasting to this PC.

Screen Mirror Samsung Galaxy to Windows

Step 4. To enable Predicting To This PC, choose Available Everywhere On Secure Network from the list box.

Screen Mirror Samsung Galaxy to Windows

You can leave the all rest of the settings as they are, and whatever will be ready to go. However, lets take a look at all the settings on the Projecting To This PC page.

Step 5. Now on your Samsung Galaxy devices, take down the alert menu and tap on the Smart View option on your Samsung mobile phone.

Step 6. There will be 2 Alternatives, Phone to gadget and gadget to the Phone, so you need to choose the Phone to the gadget. Now tap on your Computer name to mirror the screen of your smartphone.

Step 7. On your Window’s screen, you will receive a notice stating that [Phone] is trying to project, then select Constantly allow.

Screen Mirror Samsung Galaxy to Windows

Step 8. Almost instantly, you ought to see a prompt DESKTOP-XXXXXX is ready for you to connect wireless.

Step 9. If you want to detach the screen mirroring session, just tap on the Smart View icon on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, then choose Disconnect.


Thats how you can screen mirror the Galaxy mobile phones to Windows 10 PC, and this method does not require any software application or application. You can Screen Mirror Samsung Galaxy to Windows or add your Samsung screen to Windows 10 wirelessly