Best Free Drawing Apps

This article will show detail regarding best free drawing apps. While it’s certainly never been simpler to create digital art, premium expert tools still cost an arm and a leg. Apps like Adobe’s Illustrator and Procreate have made it so that anyone with a computer system or tablet and some good talent can start crafting some wonderful pieces. Still, sadly, the cost of both pieces of software can stop amazing artists from getting to share their talent.

Top 5 Best Free Drawing Apps For Mac In 2024

In this article, you can know about best free drawing apps here are the details below;

Luckily, if you have a Mac, drawing on your computer system doesn’t need to cost a pretty penny. While apps like Illustrator can be pretty pricey, many apps offer comparable, if not identical, functions as what you’ll discover in Adobe’s drawing app. This indicates they enable you to create professional-grade sketches, vectors, and concept art. If you are serious about digital illustration, the cash you minimize ap p membership can go towards other gear. For example, a good illustration tablet is approximately the same price as Adobe Photoshop or the current Corel Painter edition.

Expert or beginner, the software in this article allows you to develop your best free drawing apps abilities, and you can hardly go wrong regardless of which one you pick. All in all, you must consider what you require out of an app before diving into any of these. With that in mind, let’s see which apps made it on our leading five lists.

 5 Autodesk Sketchbook

Best Free Drawing Apps

Lots of professional illustrators and digital artists consider Autodesk Sketchbook among the very best illustration apps. The features that put this app at the top of the list are the tools and remarkable user interface (UI). Tools-wise, there are 140+ brushes, various mixing modes, and an unlimited number of layers that can be grouped. Also, the software supports viewpoint stroke and guides, rulers, as well as predictive stroke.

This sounds great; however, the important things you’re bound to fall for is the UI. As soon as you begin sketching, the UI dissolves into the background, leaving you with the full-screen canvas. Of course, it’s super easy to get to the tools, change brusher, and such. In general, it’s difficult to beat Sketchbook. While most of the other apps on this list still provide something special, Sketchbook is the drawing app to start with.

 4 Krita

Best Free Drawing Apps

Krita is an expert illustration app developed by digital artists who wanted to make everyone’s tools. As such, this app is a terrific choice, even if you are just beginning to master the skills of digital sketching. Plus, the official website uses a bunch of totally free knowing resources. When it concerns tools and features, this app has everything you require. The UI is completely customizable, and the app features various brush engines and stabilizers, pop-up color pallets, and sophisticated resources management. You should understand that Krita is primarily created for comics and principle artists instead of illustrators.

Another interesting thing is that this app is offered on Linux, as well as MacOS and Windows.

 3 MediBang Paint

Best Free Drawing Apps

MediBang Paint is an easy to utilize, yet extremely effective tool that works terrific for newbies and experienced illustrators alike. Like Krita, the software application is more tailored towards comics artists, but it can be used for sketching. As you may have guessed, there are a bunch of various tools to produce detailed graphics. The app features more than 50 brushes and well over 800 backgrounds and tones.

Since it’s mainly created for comics, MediBang Paint also uses 20 various typefaces. On top of that, there is a cross-platform combination using the cloud. This means you can begin your sketch on a Mac and get where you ended on your iPad or iPhone. Admittedly, the iPhone’s UI may feel a bit messy; however, it’s responsive and carries out as expected.

2 Inkscape

Trying to find a free app that can offer vectors? If yes, then you need to have a look at what Inkscape has to offer. It is an open-source power-house of drawing software tailored to satisfy designers, illustrators, and web designers. Evaluating the available tools and functions, Inkscape can provide Adobe Illustrator a great run for its money. And the UI design resembles one of the older iterations of Adobe Illustrator. Looks aside, Inkscape deals with plenty of functions to develop expert vectors.

You can develop and control things, modify nodes, use path conversion, and so on. The software application also supports multi-line text and a bunch of file formats you may need. Also, the color selector at the bottom of the page is a small but convenient highlight.

 1 FireAlpaca

FireAlpaca made its rightful put on this list for a couple of factors. First of all, this app is exceptionally lightweight, making it a fantastic service if you are using an older Mac. Mind you, the software operates on macOS X 10.7 and later on. Regarding tools and functions, FireAlpaca does not offer as much as some other entries on this list. However, there are still more than enough brushes, color and layer options, and settings to develop cool-looking vectors. Plus, there’s a 3D viewpoint tool that lets you snap different objects to the grid.

Remember, this software is developed to work as beauty on older hardware, and it does. So even if you don’t have enough money to grab yourself a brand new MacBook Pro, FireAlpaca has actually got you and your reliable 2011 MacBook Air covered.


That wraps up our guide to the very best free drawing apps for MacOS! Did we lose out on one of your favorites? Let us understand in the remarks which apps you rely on for daily drawing and whether we need to add any extra apps in upcoming modifications to this guide!

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