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How to Fix Instagram Keeps Logging Out Issue will be described in this article. Over the past few days, Twitter users have reported issues with the Instagram app. When users try to enter into the Instagram app, a “network problem” occurs that prevents them from staying logged in. Others claim that despite numerous tries to log in, they are unable to access their accounts.

While some received the message “Error. I apologise; something was wrong. Many claim they can still not log in, so please try again. In many nations, there have been reports of problems with Instagram login. But there’s no need to panic because we have a solution to the Instagram account randomly logging out.

How to Fix Instagram Keeps Logging Out Issue In 2024

In this article, you can know about Fix Instagram Keeps Logging Out Issue here are the details below;

There are various reasons why you can be logged out of your Instagram account. You should keep in mind these causes if you run into this problem on your device so you can address them. As was previously mentioned, if Instagram bugs are to blame for the issue, you might not have any control over the situation.

The only thing quit to do is hold off on accessing Instagram once more until the bug has been rectified. Just the fact that many accounts are linked to one app may not be the source of Instagram’s persistent logging out. If you want to keep your Instagram account steady, you can log out of other accounts.

Without updating the one you are presently using on Instagram, you can have adjusted your Instagram password on another device. Instagram might not operate properly in this situation.

The Best Solutions to Fix Instagram Logging Out Issues on Android and iPhone

Numerous firms are keen to embrace Instagram’s business account function, which was recently introduced to the settings. It is obvious how valuable Instagram accounts can be because people definitely value them. Therefore, it’s imperative to fix the Instagram account’s sporadic logging out. To accomplish so, use these instructions:

Fix 1: Clear Instagram Cache

Clear Instagram Cache

Caches are little data files that help mobile devices’ apps run more quickly. Corrupt caches, though, might affect how well your programmes run. Try deleting the Instagram cache on your devices if you’re having trouble with Instagram logging out. This is how you do it:

For iOS

  • Go to Settings on your Apple device and choose General.
  • Instagram Cache Delete
  • On your iPhone, select the Storage icon.
  • Instagram Cache Delete
  • Select Instagram from the App list & click Offload App to erase your Instagram cache.
  • Remove Instagram
  • Tap the Instagram application.
  • Click the Clear Data button.
  • Instagram Cache Delete
  • Press the Clear Cache button after that.
  • Instagram Cache Delete

You can then use your info to log into your Instagram account once more. As a result, after doing this, Instagram shouldn’t log you out of their website. Also check How to Fix Roku Remote not Working 

Fix 2: Restart your Device

Restart your Device

Overloading your smartphone may be the root of the Instagram issue and result in issues with the system of the app. However, if overloading your device is to blame for the sporadic logging out of your Instagram account, rebooting your device will assist fix the problem.

Fix 3: Update the Instagram app

Update the Instagram app

Software upgrades are frequently made in part to fix issues for various reasons. If your Instagram app version has flaws, you can be unnecessarily logged out of your account and the app’s speed might suffer.

Because of this, you ought to look for Instagram upgrades on Google Play or the App Store and download them. When you do this, you will be able to utilise the app more efficiently. You may then use this to fix the bug.

For Android

  • Visit the Google Play Store to download.
  • Simply click the profile icon on your device.
  • Select Manage applications & devices after that.
  • Click Update after finding Instagram in the list of apps.

For iOS

  • Open the App Store on your iOS gadget.
  • On the profile icon, tap.

Scroll down to Instagram and click Update on the following screen. When the Update is finished, launch Instagram and log in.

Fix 4: Disable VPN

Disable VPN

Instagram has the right to log out users who use VPNs on their mobile devices. Try turning off your device’s VPN service if you’re having problems logging out of Instagram.

Fix 5: Use Only One Account with the Instagram App

Use Only One Account with the Instagram App

You can be kicked out of the Instagram app if you have several accounts. The app might view this as an unexpected sign. However, if you use the Instagram app on your phone, you can connect your primary Instagram account to your phone and view the other accounts from your computer. Trying this fix might also help Instagram stop logging out at random times.

Fix 6: Log in with Your New Password

Log in with Your New Password

The passwords may have been updated elsewhere or in a web browser without updating them in the Instagram app, which is why you can have this problem. Instagram will therefore keep logging you out. Logging into Instagram with your new password should fix the issue.

Fix 7: Remove Third Party Apps

Remove Third-Party Apps

Instagram bots have a tendency to be sceptical when they notice strange behaviour. Therefore, if you have connected your Instagram account to a third-party app, you risk being banned. In this scenario, you may simply use your browser to delink your Instagram account. Follow these steps to do so:

Log in to the Instagram website.

Visit Instagram’s settings.

Take Off Outside Apps

Next, select Websites and Apps.

Take Off Outside Apps

When you locate a dubious programme, select it by clicking the Remove button at the bottom.

By doing this, Instagram will quit considering your account suspect and permit you to enter into your account once more.

Fix 8: Change your Instagram password

Someone else’s phone might have been used to access your Instagram account. If they use their smartphone to log in, you can be expelled from Instagram. You must modify your password in the future to prevent the issue with Instagram accounts being randomly logged out. Also check Fixes for Slow Context Menu on Windows

Fix 9: Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram App

Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram App

Instead of updating your Instagram app, you can uninstall it. Instagram’s difficulties can be resolved by upgrading Instagram on your mobile device and emptying its cache. This is due to the large digit of users who have claimed that simply reinstalling the programme fixes the issue of Instagram randomly logging out. As a result, you ought to give it a shot and let us know how it goes.

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