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Best and most demanding trello alternatives will be described in this article. We must first be aware of its advantages and disadvantages in order to accurately compare Trello alternatives and identify the best. Here is a summary.

Trello is used by more than 2 million teams and tens of millions of individuals to manage tasks and keep projects moving forward. Its strength lies in its simplicity. The Kanban view, which makes it simple for users to assign tasks, link resources, and establish deadlines, is the foundation around which the entire product is built.

The benefit is that a variety of teams in a variety of industries may quickly get started with Trello thanks to customised templates.

Top qualities:

Using drag and drop, you may switch the status of cards.

Sharing board views for streamlined team collaboration

Templates for marketing teams, design teams, and other types of businesses

Butler, a built-in automation, will expedite your operations while also relieving you of manual labour (thank goodness!)

Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android are supported as operating systems.


One of the fastest and simplest tools to pick up and adjust to your needs

Especially if you work alone or with a small team, reasonably priced so you don’t have to break the money

Integrations with well-known programmes like Google Drive and Slack


More support materials for a larger range of use cases would be fantastic because Trello is so adaptable.

Some users of Trello believe the free plan is overly constrained.

Without prior knowledge or coding skills, setting up Butler can be challenging depending on what you’re trying to automate.

Best for: Independent contractors and small teams

Pricing: In complement to the free plan, Trello presents paid plans that range in price from $6 per user per month to $17.50 per user per month.

Top 10 Best Trello Alternatives In 2024

Top 10 Best Trello Alternatives are explained here.

The highlights of what Trello provides and its shortcomings have been discussed. Let’s now examine the advantages & disadvantages of various tools that provide Kanban perspectives.

1. Asana


A summary of Asana

Asana is a complete project management application and a strong alternative to Trello; it’s also perhaps the most well-known on our list. If you require a more comprehensive toolkit with different perspectives than a straightforward Kanban for project management and progress tracking, Asana is a great option.

Additionally, you can communicate with your team partners within the app and make straightforward to-do lists for sporadic chores that just need your attention. In-app teams can be set up, files can be shared, and reports can be generated to show recent development.

P.S. Do you enjoy some of Asana’s capabilities and desire a substitute tool that would better serve your needs? See our ranking of the best Asana alternatives. Want to learn more about how Asana, Trello, and Plutio stack up against one another? We have your back.


Let’s now discuss, another all-in-one tool, and its comprehensive project management tool, Monday Projects. It has Kanban boards, like Basecamp and ClickUp, but it also provides many other ways to visualise projects and tasks. gives you the right tool suite to streamline those repetitive tasks so you can concentrate on more important tasks. It offers many powerful automations to ensure that recurring tasks don’t waste your time (there is nothing like task management software that alerts you to where the tedious work is). Also check money earning apps is a well-liked option if you need to see the bigger picture, assign work to teammates, or work on projects remotely.

Top qualities:

You can view ongoing and new tasks, budgets, goals, and more using the dashboard.

Updates for submitting requests, giving your team timely progress and status reports, and asking questions about tasks and projects

Pre-built and customised automations to aid in your productivity

Supported platforms include Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.


Allows you to seriously reduce the digit of tools you need to use each day

Friendly, prompt, watchful, and supportive customer service staff

There are granular permissions available to ensure that sensitive information is only accessible to those who need it.

Integrates with applications like Pipedrive, Shopify, Stripe, Zendesk, DocuSign, and more


There may be some integrations that are more capable, user-friendly, and offer more customization options.

In order to flatten the knowledge curve and shorten setup time, users would like more instructional videos and use case-specific documentation. This is another trello alternatives.

You might finish up paying for seats you don’t need due to rigid team size options.

Who it works best for: Teams seeking a comprehensive tool that offers everything in one location. offers a free plan. With a minimum of three seats, paid plans start at $10 per seat per month and go up to $20 per seat per month on the Pro Plan. Additionally, customised Enterprise pricing is offered.

3. Basecamp


Basecamp is a well-liked tool for team-wide project management and collaboration, much like Asana. Basecamp is one of our greatest picks for Trello alternatives because it offers a wide range of tools to keep you focused, organised, and productive. It’s also one of the most complete options on our list.

You can check schedules, share files, cross things off your to-do list, and use different views to track your progress from the perspective of project management. Basecamp, like Plutio, has a client-facing portion that enables you to include clients in your workflow without giving them access to crucial information they don’t need to see.

Basecamp has a steep learning curve but, once you get past it, it offers a tonne of functionality on a single platform.

Top qualities:

Future due dates are visible in a glance in the calendar and task list views.

Email and Slack are replaced with messages and real-time chat to keep your team informed.

Templates for quickly starting new projects

Supported platforms include Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.


Conceived as a central location for all project discussions, activities, and resources

Pricing with flat fees, which is as transparent as it gets

Numerous integrations with well-known applications, such as Tracked, that let you add workflows and labels to your to-do lists and create Kanban boards.


You might finish up spending more than you would on one of Basecamp’s many alternatives if you have a smaller team but still require the features of the Business plan.

Some teams may find the free plan’s memory to be insufficient, forcing them to use an additional tool for storage. This is another trello alternatives.

Does not yet provide a summary of important data pertaining to all projects.

Best suited for:

Medium to large businesses, particularly remote teams that must communicate frequently about projects

Basecamp Business costs $99 per month for an unlimited number of users. For freelancers and solopreneurs, there is also a free Personal plan available.

4. Nifty


Application Sumo

Because it “brings teams, goals, & actions into one area,” Nifty is one of the best Trello alternatives available. With more functionality than Trello, Nifty causes it a no-brainer to abandon the wildly popular Kanban tool (and ditch other tools like Slack in the process)..

For instance, it has a list view in addition to the Kanban view. Additionally, it has file storage, a chat feature akin to Slack, and collaborative documents with two-way integrations for Google Docs, Sheets, and Presentations. Also check official daycare apps

Top qualities:

Time tracking and reporting to show you where your time is spent and to make you more productive

Budgeting to help you manage your spending and see where your money is going

You can prioritise tasks and milestones in your workflows by using task and milestone dependencies.

Building collaboration into documents and document management

An integrated chat feature for team communication on a single channel.

Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android are supported as operating systems.


There are many features (and new ones are constantly being added) and flexibility, so you can work your way up.

When compared to less reliable tools like ClickUp, Nifty is dependable.

Users love the user-friendly design and innovative features.

No per-user charge, which, depending on the size of your team, may enable you to save money.


With unlimited partners but only 100 MB of storage space and 2 projects, the free plan is extremely limited.

Some users expressed dissatisfaction over being unable to edit time logs.

More templates might be needed to set up users more quickly.

Ideal for: Groups and organisations of all sizes

Pricing: There is a free plan & a 14-day trial period for paid features. The four paid plans offered by Nifty range in price from $49 per month for up to 10 team members to $499 per month for unlimited users.

5. Wrike


Wrike is a good choice if you like Kanban boards but also want to visualise your work in other ways. It is a comprehensive online business tool with dashboards and features to assist your team in planning, pursuing goals, monitoring progress, and managing people and tasks. With tools like image and video commenting, it also places a priority on teamwork so that members can share creative criticism even when they are apart.

Top qualities:

You can alter dashboards, workflows, tasks, and other features to suit your working style.

Live activity streaming allows for real-time progress tracking and complete transparency of your team’s work. This is another trello alternatives.

Automated approval procedures help you move more quickly from “to do” to “done.”

Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS are supported as operating systems.


More than 400 connections between HubSpot and Salesforce and Google Drive and Outlook

High-quality control features, including single sign-on (SSO) and admin permissions and custom access roles

The way you work is streamlined with this tool, which unlike many of Wrike’s alternatives uses artificial intelligence rather than just automation.


More clarity would be helpful for the time tracking feature, especially on mobile

Depending on how you structure your project (or if you’re not the assignee but need to view a task), finding tasks can be challenging.

It brings time to evolve familiar with all of Wrike’s features and configure it for your unique use case (more use case–specific tutorials would be nice)

The best fit is for midsize to large businesses that need to coordinate across numerous tools and departments.


Wrike’s free lite version is accessible. Professional & Business plans start at $9.80 and $24.80 per user per month, respectively, while the Enterprise plan requires a custom quote.

6. ClickUp


Compared to the other tools we’ve looked at so far, ClickUp is a more complete Trello substitute. ClickUp offers a wide variety of tools to keep your business running in addition to project management tools, including documents, notes, spreadsheets, time tracking, and more.

ClickUp provides a variety of views (including Kanban) for project management to keep your team on track. Your team will find it simpler to collaborate, meet deadlines, and track progress with ClickUp.

P.S. Check out our comprehensive ClickUp review for a more in-depth description of the features that this all-in-one tool has to offer.

Top qualities:

Templates across spaces, projects, lists, tasks, and even subtasks for different types of teams

To facilitate team and client communication, built-in email and chat features eliminate the need to switch between apps. This is another trello alternatives.

Custom and ready-made automations to deal with time-consuming, repetitive tasks and stop anything from falling through the cracks

Supported platforms include Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.


In addition to Kanban, there are more than a dozen other task and page views, such as Gantt charts, timeline views, forms, and embeds.

More than 1,000 connections to well-liked applications like Zoom and Zapier

Excellent customer service, comprehensive help materials, and webinars for various use cases


For some users, the abundance of features can be overwhelming.

Compared to the desktop & browser versions, the functionality of the mobile app is constrained.

Best for:

Teams seeking a flexible, affordable tool to replace the majority or all of the tools in their current tech stacks


There is a free version of ClickUp. Paid plans begin at $9 per user per month, and if you require special Enterprise pricing, it is available.

7. Plutio


Plutio is a fantastic alternative to Trello for team collaboration with clients, and it was a fan favourite when its lifetime deal was offered on AppSumo. Plutio is a one-stop store for dozens of your most essential business software requirements, from project management to invoicing. Also check todo list apps 

Plutio provides templates and automations for project management to help small business owners work more quickly. Multiple project views, recurring and one-time tasks, and standard features for editing things like deadlines and notifications are all available. Additionally, you can activate the timer to see how long it takes you to complete specific tasks.

Top qualities:

Kanban boards, which are limitless, each with their own preferences, permissions, and colours

Templates that can be modified for proposals, invoices, forms, etc.

Multiple payment methods, recurring billing, and multiple currencies

Using white labelling to personalise this project management tool and establish your brand in the eyes of potential customers and clients

Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android are supported as operating systems.


Enables users to manage everything from proposals and onboarding to projects and billing, reducing the need for additional tools.

Except for white-label and single sign-on add-ons—different plans also include various numbers of clients and contributors—all plans grant access to nearly all features.

Integrates with PayPal, Pabbly, Square, Stripe, Make (formerly Integromat), and more


The user interface has been referred to as “clunky” by a number of users.

Sometimes, customer service seems hurried and impersonal.

Ideal for: Contractors and businesses


Plutio has monthly prices ranging from $19 to $99, with customised Enterprise pricing also available.

8. MeisterTask


This list has a number of applications that are more sophisticated than Trello, but we also wanted to include genuine alternatives to Trello, such as MeisterTask, which boasts a similar level of simplicity with a slightly different user interface.

MeisterTask is a potent Kanban board, similar to Trello, that makes it simple to keep your entire team focused on the current work. You may programme a Kanban board to automatically ping a different team member to take over the project’s next phase as it moves to a new column. A writer can switch a board from a “In Progress” tab to a “Editing” tab to signal an editor that it is their turn to work on the blog, for instance, if you use MeisterTask to manage your content calendar. This is another trello alternatives.

Top qualities:

Customizable dashboard that provides a quick overview of what is due today, this week, and in the future

You have a personal agenda board where you can pin tasks from any project and arrange them however you like.

Users can simply share (or unshare) projects with certain teams using user groups.

Supported operating systems include macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS.


Users appear to agree that MeisterTask is quick and simple to use.

Your workweek might simply be cut short by using the available automations and connectors.

With the mind-mapping programme MindMeister, functionality can be increased.


The Business & Enterprise projects are the only ones that include a number of essential features like custom fields, roles, and permissions.

Since all paid plans are billed annually, you are out of luck if you prefer monthly subscriptions.

The mobile application may be easier to use.

Which businesses of all sizes should use Kanban boards to handle projects?

MeisterTask is available for free. Paid subscriptions begin at $8.25 per user each month (paid annually), with a 30% discount available if MeisterTask and MindMeister are purchased together. Additionally, customised Enterprise pricing is offered.

9. Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool

You likely have an opinion of what this tool is renowned for. Yes, the star of the show with Kanban Tool is the Kanban board. It provides a straightforward user interface along with a few supplementary capabilities, such time tracking, to assist teams in managing their projects and workflows.

Kanban Tool is worth attempting if you prefer to make your workflows straightforward so that you may focus solely on the tasks at hand.

Top qualities:

Tracking two or more projects horizontally on a single board

Power-Ups for enhancing functionality include calendar widgets, recurring tasks, task dependencies, and others.

Simple, sales-driven, time-driven, event-driven, and product development Kanban board templates. This is another trello alternatives.

For the purpose of finding (and eliminating) bottlenecks and achieving peak production, time tracking with cumulative flow diagrams is used.

Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS are supported as operating systems.


Process automation and user groups are some of the most recent enhancements, and the system is always being developed.

Including English, Spanish, French, and Italian among its nine available languages

Can be hosted on your server and installed in 15 minutes for more security.


You must be completely certain about how you will structure your projects and adhere to it because it is so adaptable.

Users demand a better zoom/resize capability to make it simpler to navigate congested boards and swimlanes.

Additional features for the mobile app can include access to settings and offline mode.

Best for: Small teams in need of a straightforward Kanban board

This is another trello alternatives. Pricing: Kanban Tool offers a 14-day free trial of each of its two subscription plans in addition to a very basic free plan. The monthly cost for the Team plan is $5, while the monthly cost for the Enterprise plan is $9. If you like the Kanban Tool On-Site self hosted business solution, there is a separate annual cost.

10. ProofHub


A comprehensive task management and team collaboration tool is called ProofHub. Similar to Trello, there is minimal to no learning curve and it is fairly simple to use. Kanban boards and other fundamental project management capabilities are just the beginning of what ProofHub has to offer as a Trello replacement. This is another trello alternatives.

For instance, ProofHub provides a dedicated location for in-the-moment talks and an integrated chat feature to streamline team collaboration. Additionally, a potent proofing tool is available that makes it simple to examine and share comments on files.

Top qualities:

Numerous perspectives, including calendar, kanban, gantt, and timeline

To retain project discussions in the same location as project tasks and files, use group chat and direct messaging.

Use email to communicate with your team, add documents and files, and create tasks without logging in.

Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS are supported as operating systems.


An all-in-one utility that regularly improves its user interface and user experience

Integrates with applications like Google Calendar and Google Drive that are probably already a part of Your workflows

There is white labelling available for an entirely unique experience.


If you are not on the Ultimate Control plan, you may not need access to reports.

When loading occasionally takes a while, it can be inconvenient if you’re in a hurry.

There are fewer functionality in mobile apps than in online and desktop versions.

Best for:

Remote teams seeking a single, integrated, white-labeled solution to replace their collection of business management tools.


The pricing structure for ProofHub is flat, not per user. The monthly cost of the Essential plan is $50, while the Ultimate Control plan, which offers limitless projects and users, is $150.

Choose your preferred alternatives to Trello.

Which of these alternatives to Trello is best for you? It might be difficult to find the best project management solution, especially with so many options available. But this list of the top 11 Trello alternatives should help you narrow it down. Additionally, you can always look through the AppSumo marketplace to see what project management software is currently on sale!