Daycare Apps

Best and most official daycare apps will be described in this article. You must be aware of the significance of daycare apps if you have children. The demand for the best daycare apps is increasing at the same rate as the number of working parents, which is driving up demand for them. Therefore, we already did the work for you. We have included the top daycare apps in this article for 2021, so you can fit them out & choose the one that best fits your requirements.

It can be difficult to select the best childcare software. There are so many items to think about. You may use this list to filter through the options and decide which apps will improve your life and be worthwhile investments.

What Are The Best Daycare Apps?

Daycare apps are a great management tool for both parents and daycare facilities. They support parents in coordinating pick-up times, contacting teachers, and monitoring their child’s growth during the day. Yet they all appear and feel the same when it comes to choosing the best daycare software. You’re frequently left wondering what makes one superior than the others. Let us assist you! The top daycare apps for 2021 are listed below for improved data management.

Top 15 Best and Official Daycare Apps in 2022

Top 15 Best and Official Daycare Apps in 2022 are explained here.

1. Illumine


The best childcare software, Illumine, provides daycare facilities and providers with a complete management system. The website makes it simple for parents to keep up with the schedule and activities of their child’s daycare, view contact details and business hours, enrol their child, and view pictures of enjoyable activities, among other things. This app offers all the elements that the best daycare apps should have, whether it be registration information or parent-teacher communication. This is another best daycare apps.


  • Permits sharing of a child’s development
  • Permit live session recordings
  • Provide up-to-date information.
  • Parents can follow their children’s real-time bus whereabouts
  • Facilitates creation of a lesson repository

2. Sandbox


With Sandbox, you can manage everything from scheduling to payments for your daycare facility. This web-based application is designed specifically for childcare centres, and it offers extensive inventory management capabilities, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and a full range of reports to help you monitor the success of your centre. One of the best daycare apps, it enables parents to manage their account information, invoice-related issues, printing of receipts, etc. with ease.


  • Parents can quickly register their children’s information
  • Be informed as soon as a child’s activity changes.
  • Provide parents with automated invoices
  • Permit owners of businesses to automate record-keeping
  • Makes it possible for caregivers to obtain emergency contacts

3. LifeCubby


The best childcare app with unique features is LifeCubby. It facilitates the management and payment of child care for administrators, parents, and providers. It is intended to help parents communicate more easily, provide them a unified perspective of their children’s schedules, and coordinate all of their communications regarding childcare. The fact that the software runs on both iOS and Android platforms is its best feature. As a result, it is simple to retrieve papers and examine information on any device. This is another best daycare apps.


  • enables digital check-in/check-out
  • Encourage early reporting
  • Enables parents and teachers to communicate in real time.
  • Make allergy and vaccination tracking possible
  • Simple dietary management

4. Brightwheel


Cloud-based technology is offered by Brightwheel to assist in managing all facets of childcare, including managing schedules, payments and billing, communication, and more. For those who want to manage their childcare business more effectively, Brightwheel is the best childcare software option. Its extensive reporting feature lessens the need for paperwork while enabling teachers to share class recordings with parents. Parents can also access Brightwheel through a web browser, tablet, or mobile device.


  • Using Brightwheel’s calendar, events may be scheduled with ease.
  • Allows attendance monitoring
  • Offers an activity dashboard.
  • enables the creation of messages, notifications, and reminders
  • Make it possible to monitor youngsters’ performance

5. HiMama


A free daycare app called HiMama makes it easier for childcare facilities to manage everything from scheduling to marketing. HiMama enables parents and teachers to communicate more effectively, monitors kids’ activities, and analyses key operational parameters for childcare facilities and daycare providers. The staffing calendar from HiMama syncs with a school’s online calendar, offers tools for staffing and arranging childcare, and enables caregivers to engage with and gather information about parents via an instant messaging app.


  • Keep tabs on the health and contentment of the kids
  • Use ordinary sheets to record meals, naps, and other activities.
  • enables real-time communication between parents and their kids
  • A simple check-in and check-out process

6. EZCare


To run their daily business, childcare experts require a modern platform. One of the best childcare management programmes is EZCare, which is crammed with features made especially to make running a daycare easier. A single point of online access, automated reports and analysis that are generated every week, online scheduling, and even a meal planning tool are among these features. It eases the burden of overseeing the individuals and procedures necessary for running day-to-day childcare operations. This is another best daycare apps.


  • Make alerts automated.
  • Offers simple attendance management
  • Permit integration with third parties
  • Cash Receipts and Accounts Receivable
  • Provides custom reporting

7. Kangarootime


Kangarootime is a comprehensive platform for managing daycare that enables parents to simply oversee their child’s schedule. Additionally, keep a timetable, contact with the instructors, and keep real-time track of all expenses. One of the best childcare management systems available lets daycare providers run their operations, accept payments, and interact with parents. With Kangarootime, managing your business is simple from a mobile, tablet, or computer app.


  • Offer a unique parent portal.
  • Facilitate easy billing and invoicing
  • Make document management possible.
  • Aids in meal and nutrition planning
  • Facilitates Self Check-in and Check-out

8. Cheqdin


Cheqdin is a platform that has completely changed how parents and daycare providers engage on a daily basis. It’s a complete solution that allows you total mobility and control over your daycare business. Cheqdin provides the capabilities you require to succeed, whether your childcare business is small or large. It is one of the top preschool apps with a free trial that is designed with caregivers in mind. It gives them the support they require to perform well while also assisting them in managing their day more effectively.


  • Permit digital attendance monitoring
  • Make emergency contacts available.
  • Promotes intelligent reporting
  • Makes email notifications possible
  • Simple calendar administration

9. Famly


The newest web and mobile application development technologies were used to create Famly, which gives parents comprehensive visibility into what goes on daily at their childcare facilities and group care arrangements. Many organisations use this free daycare software to run their daily operations, improve communication between parents, teachers, and staff, and easily collect money. It is regarded as the best daycare software by many. It is a comprehensive HRM tool for both the youngsters your carers look for and themselves. This is another best daycare apps.


  • Send and create calendar invitations
  • Permits staff messaging
  • Has occupancy controls.
  • Simple to handle sick days and holiday
  • Enable real-time photo and video sharing

10. Procare Desktop

Procare Desktop

ProCare Desktop, a desktop-based childcare management programme from ITWorks, Inc., gives childcare providers a comprehensive solution for establishing and upholding a high level of regulatory compliance while also enhancing operational effectiveness. It is simple to install, set up, and operate, so you can start using it right away. Its many features, including financial reporting, payroll processing, processes, and reports, making it the best daycare app for childcare centre owners.


  • Offers database administration
  • Enable automatic reporting and billing
  • Make electronic document storage available.
  • Monitoring attendance and planning
  • Provides security for childcare software

11. Jackrabbit Care

Jackrabbit Care

An online child care management tool is called Jackrabbit Care. The management of all daily operations is made simple for childcare facility operators by this programme. Jackrabbit Care has you covered for everything from scheduling to client, payroll, and reporting management. You can use it to keep track of attendance, keep records, interact with parents, and give them access to useful resources. Live parent-teacher conferences with chat, video, and screen sharing are another aspect of the software. This makes it easier for parents to interact with their children’s teachers. This is another best daycare apps.


  • A web-based CRM application
  • Provides performance management for employees
  • Monitoring of employee time and attendance

Processing payroll is simple.

  • Create and manage a medical record

12. Parent


One of the top daycare apps for child care management is called The Parent. It aids with the management of online scheduling, payments, and communications for parents and teachers. The programme manages all of the time-consuming responsibilities associated with keeping track of children’s schedules, calendars, classes, teachers, schools, activities, fees, etc. Using a messaging app, the parent application enables parents to interact with teachers and participate in group conversations. Additionally, teachers can arrange their classes, keep tabs on each student’s progress, and notify parents.


  • Access to the daily activity log of the child
  • Offer a function for class management.
  • enables the documentation of health records
  • Simple reporting
  • A feature for managing employees

13. Educa


Software for managing schools online is called Educa. It makes it possible for schools to conduct daily operations simply and effectively, and it significantly lessens paperwork. Being the best childcare software, it assists childcare providers in keeping track of their work schedule, offers a self-learning management platform for students, tracks client information and attendance, and evaluates and enhances their skill in a fact-based manner. Additionally, the software works on both the iOS and Android operating systems. This is another best daycare apps.


Supports the management of lesson plans

  • Enables monitoring of teacher development
  • Simple management of assessments

Children’s development is tracked

  • Send invitations and make reminders.

14. Prime Child Care

Prime Child Care

The Prime Child Care Services programme is a user-friendly, cost-effective tool for daycare facilities. You must test it if you’re looking for the best childcare software to efficiently manage school administration processes. In contrast to other software options, it considers all of your demands and is incredibly adaptable and adjustable. Additionally, Prime Child Care offers a real-time headcount distribution system, online check-in and check-out, and accurate attendance management.


  • Offers thorough user management
  • enables control of the school calendar
  • Live attendance monitoring
  • Provides mobile, email, and web communication tools
  • Online enrollment and admissions that are customizable

15. Kinderlime


In order to enhance business operations, learn more about childcare services, and support business growth, Kinderlime provides a special solution. It provides a platform to make managing a daycare facility simple and available so that your business may run smoothly and effectively. They can easily create websites, plan lessons, and communicate by email, text message, and online calendar thanks to this child care app. Daycare facilities can improve their relationships with the parents they serve by using Kinderlime. This is another best daycare apps.


  • Web-based management
  • Provides automated accounting
  • Facilitates reporting and communications for parents.
  • Enables processing of internet payments
  • Activity supervision

Benefits of Daycare Management Software

The daycare industry is a difficult one, therefore good management is essential if you want to see better outcomes. The best daycare software is required for this to be accomplished. The following are some advantages provided by the top daycare apps:

Reduces Paperwork

Most businesses nowadays are working hard to reduce paperwork and increase efficiency. Fortunately, childcare management software can assist you in reducing the amount of paperwork associated with managing your daycare centre. It makes sure that every activity is digitally recorded and makes it simple to analyse reports for a variety of purposes.

Better Track Of Information

The programme enables centres to better keep track of the vital data on all of the kids and staff. You have the ability to add, update, and remove daycare center-related information. It is simple to change any information in a matter of seconds, unlike paper records.

Easy Communication with Parents

Better contact between teachers and parents is another advantage of online daycare management software. Parents who register can log in and view their child’s enrollment details, daily routine, and even daycare photos. Additionally, it enables constant parent-facility communication.

Saves Time

Daycare management software saves a tonne of time and helps keep daycare more organised, but no technology can completely substitute human work. You may manage personnel schedules, track spending, and record attendance on your computer rather than by hand.

Automates Daily Operations

It automates daily duties and frees users to give their whole attention to the youngsters they serve. Since automation can determine whether a child is enrolled in more than one daycare facility, it also creates sure that there are no duplicate entries in the database.

Track Children’s Progress

Caretakers at daycare facilities may manage children’s schedules, attendance, classroom activities, and assignments with the use of daycare management software. They can also track their daily progress using reports and analytics.

Helps in Nutrition Planning

Daycare management software assists in ensuring that all children’s nutritional demands are satisfied without difficulty as well as in monitoring the nutrition of children in daycare facilities. Numerous software packages offer features for both tracking and planning food consumption.

Share Live Updates

Your daycare center’s growth depends on having the best daycare software. It enables you to give parents real-time updates. Because they accomplish have time to contact every day, parents seek online for real-time updates about their kids. To see how their children are accomplishing, parents can check in on them every day.

How to Choose the Best Daycare App?

The perfect daycare software can make the difference between a successful and a failing business. With so many apps available, you could be confused about which one is best for your needs. You may choose the best daycare software by following these suggestions:

Check Essential Features

The daycare management app has many functions now, as you will discover. Make a list of the elements that are crucial to you and will facilitate your work. As you explore the programmes, check to see if they have all the functionality you need.

Ease of Use

The daycare app is a crucial tool for child care facilities that may be used to manage small-scale to large-scale operations. As a result, be sure the application you choose for yourself is simple to use and has a user-friendly interface. so that every component of your crew is able to complete their work without difficulties.

Backed By Robust Customer Support

Applications with a technical focus are prone to errors. In some situations, using your child care app may leave you helpless. You’ll need to get in touch with client service representatives to fix the problem. Check to see if the business provides good customer service.

Decide Your Budget

You’ll discover that childcare apps come in both paid and unpaid variations. Select the options that best suit the conditions of your child care centre and select how much you are ready to spend on the software in accordance with those choices. Unquestionably, the paid edition will provide a wider range of features than the free version.

Check Compatibility

These days, cloud-based software is preferred over offline software. This is because they make it simple to share data. Check to see if the programme is web-based. Check if the application can be used on several platforms, such as iOS and Android.

Research Online

Online research is the safest technique to narrow down the top daycare apps. Check for information about each piece of software and the features it provides. Make sure you are reading from reliable, current sources to ensure you are finding the correct information online.

Read Customer Reviews

Check through user reviews if you’re unsure of which programme is effective and has a high performance rating. Reading evaluations will assist you in learning about the software’s current advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, you can contact the service provider for a demo session.

Use Trial Version First

A free trial version of many software programmes’ applications is available. The best way for you to determine whether the software can meet your needs is to use the trial version. Try to learn as considerably as you can about the features, resources, and other tools of the software during the trial period.


There is no denying how competitive the child care sector is, therefore you should think about