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Best Telemedicine software will be described in this post. COVID-19 has resulted in a substantial rise in telehealth adoption among patients and practitioners. Indeed, telemedicine has progressed beyond conference calls to a technologically advanced solution that connects physicians, patients, and clinicians, thereby creating healthcare more affordable.

Telemedicine software with integrated electronic fitness record (EHR) features enables medical practitioners to treat patients remotely while also managing the entire patient care process, from scheduling to filing claims with insurance carriers. Telemedicine and EHR software, when utilised together, can greatly improve patient care delivery.

To determine the best-rated options, we discussed the top 10 Software Advice-featured telemedicine software packages with EHR features, listed alphabetically. (For further information, see the methods section.)

Top 10 Best Telemedicine EHR Software in 2022

Top 10 Best Telemedicine EHR Software in 2022 are explained here.



ChARM EHR software is a cloud based solution for day-to-day healthcare administration chores that includes EHR, practise management, telemedicine, and medical billing applications.

The solution allows for live consultations that are integrated with audio and video platforms that are accessible via desktop and mobile devices. Before each session, consultants/clinicians can prepare personalised compliance documents and obtain patients’ approval. Multiple patient representatives can participate in a video consultation during multiuser telehealth sessions. Also check Identity Management Software

Its online EHR features enable you to document, categorise, and manage patient records in order to generate customised reports. EHR alerts doctors/clinicians to any potential allergies, drug interactions, or other health concerns, allowing them to closely monitor their patients. It also offers a check-in feature that uploads real-time patient information for further diagnostics.

ChARM software provides each patient with a customised health site to track personal records, reports, treatments, and medications. To save claim submission expenses and accelerate reimbursement processes, use the electronic claims/remits functionality to file claims and receive remits electronically.

ChARM provides help via email, phone, and live chat. The app is general for both iOS and Android devices.

2. is telemedicine software that includes electronic health records (EHR) for healthcare practitioners and their patients. It is a solution that complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and provides a secure platform for live consultations and patient record maintenance.

The Clinician Dashboard on allows professionals to switch between telemedicine sessions by establishing lists of booked patient visits. Patients can enter the scheduled session by using the online check-in option. This functionality automatically updates the platform’s patient queue and notifies professionals of impending sessions. This is another telemedicine software.

This telemedicine EHR software has a waiting room component that can be customised with texts, photographs, and videos to increase patient participation. This system also remembers prior consultation sessions, including patient information, appointment dates, and call length. provides email, phone, and live chat assistance. The app is available for both iOS & Android devices.

3. InSync Healthcare Solutions

InSync Healthcare Solutions

InSync Healthcare Solutions provides EHR software that is fully integrated with medical billing, practise management, and interoperability tools. This telemedicine software system allows healthcare providers to track patients’ progress and provides easy access to all patient records. Create & update patient records, track patients’ medical history, obtain lab data, check demographic data, and evaluate results are all possible.

Medical professionals may practise medicine in a single, completely integrated environment using InSync EHR software, where lab reports, patient forms, and electronic prescription data are all available under one roof. With its automated features, billers may handle claims more swiftly and profitably.

The InSync technology, which is connected with e-Prescription and EMR software, enables both professionals and patients to view prior prescriptions and visually track the treatment process.

InSync Healthcare Solutions provides help via email, phone, and live chat. The app is general for both iOS & Android devices.

4. Luma Health

Luma Health

Luma Health is telemedicine software with EHR technologies that enables hospitals, health systems, specialties, and primary care physicians to assure patient engagement for the best patient results. This software allows for appointment scheduling, patient self-scheduling, interactive appointment reminders, patient data collection, and telehealth.

Luma Health’s EHR forms are designed to simplify clinical, financial, and operational activities by automatically uploading patient data using open standards and clinical document architecture (CDA) tools. You can easily manage and collect insurance uploads, patient data, and authorizations with this telemedicine software.

This is another telemedicine software. This application allows you to visualise data by tracking important indicators related to patient engagement and measuring communication efficacy and ROI using Net Promoter Scores.

Luna Health provides customer service via email, phone, and live chat. The app is general for both iOS and Android devices.

5. Nimbo


Nimbo is a cloud-based patient management service that is connected with telemedicine, telehealth, and EHR systems to assist healthcare professionals and businesses with patient charting, medical record creation, and teleconsultation agenda organisation. To help ease communications and administrative activities, predefined templates, online booking, inventory control, surveys, and a medical directory are available.

Doctors can use Nimbo to develop and distribute e-prescriptions, create custom forms, and receive notifications about any odd interactions with the medication they’ve given. This technology is part of a telehealth suite that allows physicians to communicate with their patients and bill them automatically following appointment confirmation.

The Agenda module allows professionals to send email reminders, follow up on missed appointments, and build calendars. Doctors can engage with their patients via live chat and share notes, photos, and videos.

To conduct successful remote patient monitoring, Nimbo interfaces with third-party programmes such as Google Calendar, Zoom, and Mailchimp. It provides iOS and Android mobile apps.



RXNT is a cloud-based telehealth software suite that includes telemedicine, EHR, medical scheduling, patient management, and electronic prescribing applications. Its telehealth medical technology allows doctors, consultants, and other health professionals to electronically connect with their patients, access their records and prescription histories, plan visits for patients, and request and review test reports. The application combines with video and audio platforms to allow for live consultations that can be recorded for future use.

RXNT’s electronic health record (EHR) software simplifies patient record management processes and improves communication between patients and professionals. Professionals can access patients’ records using its cloud-based technology. Doctors and other professionals can communicate real-time clinical data with patients via telehealth software. You can minimise administrative time by using customised data templates, Smart forms, and short keys for user-friendly documentation. This is another telemedicine software.

Patients can plan appointments and sign consent forms on the Patient Portal using RXNT’s scheduling capabilities. Furthermore, this application includes medical billing, which helps automate tasks and improve the payment process.

RXNT provides email, phone, and live chat assistance. The app is general for both iOS and Android devices.

7. TigerConnect


TigerConnect is a healthcare cooperation platform that includes telemedicine and electronic health records (EHR). This solution adheres to HIPAA and HITRUST standards to ensure professional and patient confidentiality and privacy. It assists healthcare companies in streamlining communication between patients, clinicians, and ambulatory facilities.

TigerConnect enables medical professionals to conduct live consultations with patients, staff members, experts, and case members via video, voice, or text. One-on-one or group video consultations, as well as remote check-ins, ensure seamless contact between specialists and patients.

This telemedicine software allows healthcare workers to generate real-time updates on patient transfers, medical reconciliation, and consultations with other departments.

TigerConnect provides email, phone, and live chat assistance. The app is general for both iOS and Android devices.

8. TriMed Complete

TriMed Complete

TriMed Complete is a virtual healthcare service suite that includes telemedicine and EHR solutions. It provides a virtual platform for doctors, clinicians, and consultants to interact with their patients for private video consultations as telemedicine software. Also check video converter software 

It enables doctors and patients to remotely book appointments around their schedules. TriMed Telemedicine allows providers to diagnose patients, discuss treatment alternatives, and write prescriptions. TriMed is HIPAA-compliant software that ensures patient data confidentiality and privacy.

This is another telemedicine software. The practise management tool from TriMed allows practitioners to modify appointment schedules, visit types, visit lengths, and provider types, allowing for more flexible scheduling. User-defined reports can be scheduled to run on a regular basis, with the results exported to Excel for further investigation. Individual requirements can be met by customising pre-built report templates in the telemedicine software. This patient database can be used to create documentation by merging information from several sources.

TriMed Complete provides email, phone, and live chat assistance. The app is general for both iOS and Android devices.

9. Vectera


Vectera is meeting management software that helps businesses streamline processes including appointment scheduling, video conferencing, and communication management. It allows you to collect and preserve customer data in a secure, never-changing URL-accessible conference room. This room can hold a variety of papers, documents, notes, and meeting recordings, ready for the next meeting so you and your client can take up where you left off.

To promote brand recognition, Vectera allows businesses to customise the user interface with their own logo, colours, and themes. Annotations, notes, contact synchronisation, co-browsing, whiteboards, and video recording are examples of collaboration tools that can be used to improve inter-departmental communication.

Vectera provides help via email, phone, and live chat. The app is general for both iOS and Android devices.

10. Updox


Updox is a virtual platform that enables physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals to communicate with their patients using video chat, secure texting, electronic forms, broadcasts, and a patient portal. This is another telemedicine software.

Patients can check their upcoming appointments, medical records, medicines, and bills via Updox’s telehealth patient site. Its EHR tool assists clinicians in analysing potential drug interactions, ensuring that they are giving their patients the correct prescription. Patient charts provide a centralised location for crucial information such as medications, current doses, allergies, and vitals.

Updox uses secure electronic forms in a HIPAA-compliant environment to collect patient information electronically and reduce manual paperwork.

Updox provides help via email, phone, and live chat. The app is general for both iOS and Android devices.

How to choose the right telemedicine EHR software

The EHR tools described above can help you get started on your software search, but we recommend taking these steps to locate the finest telemedicine software that meets your needs.

  • Select a tool that meets your company’s requirements: The software you select should be compatible with your company’s needs and objectives. For example, your chosen tool should be scalable in accordance with your company’s service areas. Your telemedicine EHR software should be available from anywhere.
  • Select a tool for tracking billable hours as part of a project: You must keep track of your billable hours while conducting live consultations. As a result, the software you choose should be able to track your billable hours and immediately match them with the appropriate patient. These telemedicine solutions reduce the need for human data entry throughout the invoice preparation process.
  • Select a tool that works with your existing software: You will very certainly use various tools, such as a separate video conferencing tool or a data gathering tool, whether you are scheduling a live consultation, video conferencing, or developing a patients’ portal. In any event, telehealth communication with your patients will be seamless if your shortlisted software is compatible with the other solutions you are employing.
  • Select a tool that adheres to security policies: To enable end-to-end encryption of patients’ information, the finest telemedicine software should adhere to regulatory standards of standard laws and regulations such as HIPAA compliance or FDA. Such software would restrict data access to authorised users, encrypt communications, validate user identities, guard against unauthorised access, and prevent security breaches.
  • Select a tool that is compatible with various devices: If you work in a remote situation, your telemedicine EHR software must be accessible from a variety of devices. A telemedicine software that allows you to plan appointments, check costs, and access results from any device can help you be more efficient and precise. Also check charity auction software¬†

Common questions to ask while selecting telemedicine EHR software

Before making a final purchase, here are some questions to ask telemedicine EHR software providers:

  • What kinds of deployment and access options are there? To ensure a high level of protection and privacy, it is preferable to invest in a cloud-based solution. It also allows patients’ information to be easily accessed on any device from any location.
  • Does it provide automated coding help? With automatic coding assistance, data errors can be reduced. It can increase overall productivity while decreasing coding time. Computer-assisted coding quickly becomes a great asset in terms of billing and practise administration.
  • How does this software get technical support? Examine the technical support options for the EHR tool. Examine the technical support standards for your employees and patients. Consider the various channels of technical help accessible (such as real-time chat, voice call, and video call, among others).

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