digital marketing Companies in Canada

Best digital marketing companies in Canada will be described in this article. Digital marketing entails promoting your company online using social media, content creation, SEO, email marketing, and advertising. These digital channels are used by your target market to find goods and services. Your website and brand must thus be visible online if you want to stand out from the competition.

You can create a presence on one or more internet marketing channels with the aid of digital marketing agencies. They aid in goal setting, plan development, budget execution, and ROI tracking. A digital marketing firm can help you achieve your goals, whether you want to start an advertising campaign to boost website traffic, build brand awareness on social media, or enhance email performance.

Fortunately, Canada is home to some of the top digital marketing firms. Find and connect with Canadian digital marketing agencies using our list. To decide whether organisation is the best fit for you, compare their case studies, project types, and client testimonials.

Top 15 Best Digital Marketing Companies in Canada in 2022

Top 15 Best Digital Marketing Companies in Canada in 2022 are explained here.

1. Science & Art

Digital Marketing

This is another digital marketing Companies in Canada. For companies all around the world, Art & Science Digital Experience Design Inc. combines innovation and technical know-how to produce effective digital strategies. The Canadian firm provides a wide range of skill sets to guarantee client success at every stage of the design process.

Intel went to Art & Science Digital Experience Design Inc. when they wanted a potent solution to boost their marketing strategy. To showcase some of their most compelling features and increase engagement and revenue, Art & Science Digital Experience Design Inc. entirely redesigned their strategy. Also check property management software



The Halal Guys are one of Social Media 55’s clients, and they specialise in offering their customers a design-focused approach to social media marketing. Social Media 55 was established in Montreal with a focus on highlighting the most crucial facets of company messaging and was built on progressive ideas.

Croo Gloo turned to Social Media 55 when they needed to completely revamp their brand strategy. The agency gave them a complete study of how they may improve the effectiveness, impact, and success of their strategy.



Wysdom AI is one of the clients of Parachute Design Group, which specialises in offering a design-centric approach to web design for clients. Parachute Design Group was established in Toronto on cutting-edge concepts with a focus on stressing the most crucial components of brand messaging.

Intact Insurance turned to Parachute Design Group when they needed to completely revamp their brand strategy. The agency gave them a complete study of how they may improve the effectiveness, impact, and success of their strategy.



Websites created and designed by Day Shift Digital have been used by organisations like Save the Children Canada and the University of Toronto. For small enterprises in a variety of industries, they are professionals in web development, web design, and e-commerce development using languages like JavaScript and PHP. This is another digital marketing Companies in Canada.

WAXON Laser & Waxbar required assistance with the revamp of their online store. As a well-known hair removal business, WAXON wanted to match its reputation with its online presence. Day Shit Digital achieved this by integrating an intuitive backend and an e-commerce feature that WAXON specifically requested.

5. Viral in nature

Viral in nature

Viral in Nature empowers brands with social media marketing and has an incredibly long list of clients, including well-known companies like Continental Motors. The focus of this Canadian company, which was founded on design-first principles, is on assisting brands in bringing about change.

The social media work Viral in Nature has done for International Star Registration, one of the most reputable star registry providers in the world, is an illustration of their expertise. They completely reevaluated their social media strategy with the aid of Viral in Nature in order to target their user base. Strong involvement and a rise in International Star Registry’s perceived authority were the results of this.

6. JELLY Digital Marketing and PR

JELLY Digital Marketing and PR

Impressive brands are among Jelly Digital Marketing & PR’s main clientele. Therefore, it should arrive as no wonder that this Vancouver-based company has had broad success for its focused public relations work in a variety of industries. Also check charity auction software¬†

One instance of their web development achievement comes from a well-known brand around the world. They were able to refresh their materials with Jelly Digital Marketing & PR’s assistance in order to stand out in a overcrowded market and create a lasting impression on more customers than ever.



This is another digital marketing Companies in Canada. It’s no wonder THP has attained such widespread success when so many business clients see the company as their go-to resource for reputable video production professionals. This Toronto-based organisation has years of experience in their field and is undoubtedly here to have an impact.

One of THP’s clients is a well-known industry pioneer, and during the course of their collaboration, THP has offered the client’s business targeted and comprehensive services. This covers user interface design, general brand presence and imagery, and more.

8. MAVEN Collective Marketing

MAVEN Collective Marketing

Maven Collective Marketing works with B2B software and software service companies to offer their clients marketing solutions. For clients ranging from small enterprises to major businesses in the domains of IT, business services, and more, they provide SEO, marketing strategy, and digital strategy services that are expertly performed.

Maven Collective Marketing collaborated with the intranet software programme BONZAI as an example of their work. After being acquired by another business, Maven Collective Marketing assisted BONZAI by offering both a marketing plan and a lead generating strategy.



YEG Digital has supplied web design services to clients worldwide with a passion for both strategy and design. Canada-based YEG Digital brings a successful track record to every project they accomplish.

Major components of their user engagement strategy in an emerging market were created by YEG Digital for their customer, a brand-new company eager to make an impression. The end product was a grand debut into the market planned by designers and strategists at YEG Digital.

10. Strategies


Strategies is a group of marketing strategists and tacticians that offers experience in email automation. In the hospitality, business services, and arts sectors, they specialise in email marketing and marketing strategy for small and medium-sized firms. This is another digital marketing Companies in Canada.

Strategies collaborated with the car leasing business EuropAuto as an illustration of their work. By redesigning the company’s email marketing programme, strategies significantly enhanced conversions and sales.

11. Rex Marketing and Design, Inc.

Rex Marketing and Design, Inc.

Founded in 2017, REX Marketing + Design Inc. is a Canada-based, multi-award-winning full-service firm. They employ roughly ten people who are experts in branding, web design, and marketing strategy for small to medium-sized enterprises, with a primary focus on the business services, consumer products & services, and e-commerce sectors. Also check Identity Management Software 

To update the overall branding of their real estate development company, PostMark Group Inc. hired REX Marketing + Design Inc. The group redesigned the website’s logo and created it from scratch. The client’s website statistics are at or above 100%. The excellent communication and talent on the part of REX Marketing + Design Inc. contributed to the success of the overall objective and the visibility of the brand. The client now has a fresh, unified appearance.



What do the Pacific Parklands Foundation and Karina Le BLanc have in common? Both of them have contacted Y5 Creative for help with branding. This Vancouver-based firm has already generated a lot of buzz with its work for both established companies and new businesses.

When iS4 introduced a platform aimed at their distinct audience, Y5 Creative examined every aspect of their strategy to develop important features and develop a plan that would tie all aspects of the client’s brand together. The outcome was a resounding success that still propels the brand forward today.



This is another digital marketing Companies in Canada. In 1976, the boutique full-service marketing firm CREATIVE Promotional Marketing Agency was established in Canada. With a focus on the consumer products & services, business services, and e-commerce industries, they have roughly 50 workers that are experts in marketing strategy, digital strategy, and advertising to small to mid-market clients.

The marketing materials and logo for Unity Global Financial were created by CREATIVE Promotional Marketing Agency. Additionally, they created and developed the WordPress website for the client. The team surpassed expectations by producing a working website and more quality leads. They have a communicative and flexible management style and were good project managers. The client’s vision was constantly in the forefront of everything the team accomplished.



Cheeky Monkey has clients including the Drupal Association and Corban University, and its agency profile is expanding swiftly. The web development company was established in 2008 and is currently based out of two Canadian locations.

Cheeky Monkey was hired by SportMedBC, a sports medicine organisation, to develop a comprehensive web and mobile interface that allows users to access information, contact with doctors, and manage their health. Nearly all of Cheeky Monkey’s web management troubles were resolved along with the updating of their administrative themes.



1UP Digital Marketing enables brands with pay per click marketing, boasting an extremely long list of clients that includes brands like 7-11. This Vancouver-based company places a strong emphasis on assisting brands in bringing about change. This is another digital marketing Companies in Canada.

One instance of 1UP Digital Marketing’s expertise is their work with Vega, a reputable brand internationally. They completely reevaluated their strategy with the aid of 1UP Digital Marketing in order to better target their customer base. Strong involvement and an increase in their perceived authority were the results of this.

What is a a digital marketing plan.

How to increase website traffic, draw in leads, and turn those leads into customers are all covered in a digital marketing plan (or digital marketing strategy). It serves as the cornerstone of all marketing initiatives. It should include a budget, corporate objectives, and the digital marketing techniques required to achieve those objectives.

How Do I Make a Plan for Digital Marketing?

To establish a digital marketing strategy for your company, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Create a list of objectives: Decide what broad goals you want to accomplish with digital marketing.
  2. Identify your unique value: Knowing the distinctive worth of any good or service you’re marketing can help you communicate effectively with leads.
  3. Develop buyer personas. Segment your audience using information about your consumer base. Consider how each audience segment interacts with your company. Which messages would be most appealing to them?
  4. List the marketing platforms you intend to employ: Each digital marketing channel has advantages and disadvantages. Match your objectives and buyer personas with the digital marketing avenues that are most effective for your company.
  5. Create a budget: The amount of money you have to spend on each marketing channel will depend on your budget.

What Else Should Be in a Digital Marketing Plan?

The following should be included in a plan for digital marketing:

  1. SMART Goals: Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives.
  2. SWOT analysis: Examine the benefits, drawbacks, possibilities, and connections between various marketing initiatives to determine which ones are most advantageous for your company.
  3. Analysis of the target audience: Who are they? How do the various audience segments locate and engage with your company? Which message is most effective for each audience?
  4. Marketing Tactics: Make a list of the marketing techniques you’ll employ to achieve your SMART objectives.