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Best and most reliable advertising agencies will be discussed in this article. Additionally, you might be searching for a UK advertising agency with a certain area of expertise.

This is the reason we wrote this article: to give you a list of the most reputable and trustworthy agencies that can help your business grow.

What Makes A Top Advertising Agency

It’s crucial to understand what to specifically look for when choosing an advertising agency and why we’ve put the agencies to the list in the first place before diving into the entire list of agencies.

The agencies on the list were hand-chosen based on the following standards:


The secret to getting successful outcomes is making sure they are aware of your sector and sort of business. They might excel in B2C enterprises, but if you’re in the B2B space, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll know how to make you successful.

You may get a basic notion of the kinds of companies and industries they have experience with by looking at examples of clients they have worked with.

Proven outcomes

Looking at what they have accomplished for previous clients is the only surefire way to determine if they can produce quality outcomes. You’ll get a general notion of what they could do for your business from this.

Case studies are an excellent resource to look into because they go into great detail about the client’s needs, the work that was done, and the outcomes that were obtained.

Channel knowledge

Nowadays, advertising is possible practically everywhere. You should generally aim for one agency or another whether you’re seeking for offline or online advertising.

Additionally, it’s always crucial to look at previous advertising efforts and any badgers and certifications the firm may have to demonstrate their experience, bearing in mind that there are numerous formats and platforms on which to sell oneself online.


Working closely and productively to produce quality results requires good communication.

The agency need to seem like an extension of your staff, one that knows and understands what decisions are best for your business.

Now that you are aware of the qualities to consider when choosing an advertising agency, let’s move on to the UK’s Top Advertising Agencies.

Top 15 Best Advertising Agencies in the UK in 2022

Top 15 Best Advertising Agencies UK in 2022 are explained here.

1. The Social Shepherd

The Social Shepherd

We are one of the top social media advertising agencies in the UK, and yes, this is us.

We are partners with Google and Meta Business, making us one of the top UK agencies for Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads. However, we also make sure to diversify the sources of our clients’ consumer acquisition across all social platforms, such as:

  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

As a result, we have devoted account managers at each platform who make sure we always stay current on best practises, get priority assistance, and have access to beta products. Also check SEO software tools

This is another advertising agencies UK. We also recognise the value of creative, which has a big impact on how well your Paid Social campaigns succeed. Our creative and paid media teams collaborate closely to create effective ads that increase consumer conversion and decrease cost per acquisition.

Additionally, we’ve demonstrated our success through a number of case studies, received the UK Biddable Media Awards’ “Best Paid Social Campaign of the Year” award, won not one, but two Paid Media Awards UK in 2022 for “Best Integrated Paid Media Campaign” & “Best Use of Facebook/Instagram Ads” with our client Passenger Clothing, and received high praise at the Performance Marketing Awards.

In order to boost our potential to scale and achieve better outcomes, we also recognise the value of diversifying our customer acquisition channels and launching advertising campaigns across many platforms.

2. Yours Sincerely

Yours Sincerely

A Bristol-based organisation called Yours Sincerely provides Paid Social Advertising as well as PR, Strategy, and Marketing services.

They have worked with companies like Fathom, Children’s Air Ambulance, and Gunner&Co. They manage social media advertising campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

3. Wildfire London

Wildfire London

London-based Wildfire is an advertising and marketing business that provides a range of services, but which is distinguished by the quality of its creative work. This is another advertising agencies UK.

They have collaborated with companies like M&S, ASCOT, Amazon, and a number of UK football clubs.

4. BBH Global

BBH Global

BBH is a multinational, creative advertising agency with offices all over the world including one in London that was established in that city in 1982.

They are highly known for their tasteful creativity and have received numerous honours as a result. Among their customers include Tesco, Barbie, and Alpen.

5. Fifth by Five

Fifth by Five

This is another advertising agencies UK. A creative advertising firm that specialises in product launches, Five by Five was established in Southampton in 1979. They collaborate with Activision, Bacardi, and B&Q, among other customers.

6. Disrupt Marketing

Disrupt Marketing

A London-based eCommerce and social media agency is called Disrupt Marketing. They offer several forms of advertising, including paid social, influencers, and young marketing.

They were established in 2010 and are currently a part of Tomorrow Group. Their clientele includes Absolut, Vinted, and Ecco.

7. Push Team

Push Team

Push Group is a company that specialises in online advertising and has offices in the UK, Greece, the USA, and the UAE, among other places.

Although they are pleased to showcase their many achievements, they remain mum about the businesses they collaborate with. This is another advertising agencies UK. Also check SEO strategy

8. The Croc

The Croc

The Croc is an agency that offers B2B businesses media planning, buying, and other services from offices in the UK and the USA.

Cisco, Sohonet, and Sitecore are a few of their clients. They were also nominated for Best Multichannel Campaign and Best B2B Campaign at the 2021 B2B Awards and 2021 ARF David Ogilvy Awards.

9. Contentology


Manchester-based Contentology is an advertising and digital marketing firm that provides B2B businesses with marketing and content strategy. They count Pearson, Samsung, and Sibelco among its clientele. This is another advertising agencies UK.

10. Global


Top Outdoor & Out-of-Home advertising Agencies 10. A multi-media corporation with its main office in London was established in 2007. They are a market leader in outdoor advertising in locations including busy streets and malls, among others.

11. Because Creative Experience

Because Creative Experience

Because Creative Experience is a UK-based marketing strategy firm with a focus on advertising and exterior design. This is another advertising agencies UK.

They collaborate with companies like Ritter Sport, Weber, and Jaffa Cakes as clients.

12. Digital Media Team

Digital Media Team

DMT is a Manchester-based advertising business that specialises in paid search and media for online retailers.

They serve MissyEmpire, MuscleFood, and Eatlean as clients.

13. Loud Mouth Media

Loud Mouth Media

Belfast-based Loud Mouth Media is a digital advertising firm with locations in Glasgow and Dublin. PPC and social media services are their areas of expertise. This is another advertising agencies UK. Also check Best free keyword research tool

Harry Corry, Belleek Pottery, and Four Star Pizza are a few of their clients.

14. Warpline


Five people make up the Warpline crew, which began producing videos for small businesses back in 2013. Since then, brands like People Stark, North Row, and WebExpenses have added to their clientele.

They provide artistic services like photography, video production, and design and branding.

15. Skylark Media

Skylark Media

A Bristol-based creative agency called Skylark Media produces videos that uplift viewers and increase sales. This is another advertising agencies UK.

Additionally, they have expertise in a variety of video formats (animation, TV commercials, product explainers, etc.) and business sizes.

Why hire one of the best Advertising Agencies?

Your brand deserves the finest, to put it simply. To get outstanding results and advance your business, it’s critical to select an agency with sufficient experience and skills. Nothing is worse than hiring an advertising company that spends your money and time on ineffective strategies.

We at The Social Shepherd have a history of producing paid media & social campaigns that work, always taking care to scale businesses successfully. Therefore, get in contact right away if you’re seeking for the top paid media and social advertising agencies.