Having a steady and fast internet connection can make your whole day better. Singapore has one of the highest penetration rates and the internet service market is competitive. Three big telecoms (M1, StarHub, and Singtel) dominated the early internet days. However, several virtual operators who have to manage to create a foothold in the market provide similar services at comparable rates.

Virtual operators like Whizcomms do not own fiber-optic network infrastructure, but they buy network access wholesale from companies like Singtel and their bandwidth comes at more cost-effective prices to end consumers.

Even though this is beneficial to consumers, it can mean that you have to deal with many different prices and marketing messages. It can be overwhelming to sort all through the marketing messages and prices when looking for the best internet home fiber broadband messages. The following are the best internet service providers in Singapore.


Starhub can be a great match if you need a cost-effective fiber broadband plan with a stable and fast connection. It costs 62.9 per month and you can enjoy using the internet at a speed of 2 gigabytes per second. This way, you can play games, browse Facebook or stream videos without interruptions. The connection is powered by a high-speed, reliable, and stable fiber-optic network. You will never experience a slow connection again while using Smarthub. If you sign up for the firm’s 24-month contract, you will receive a bonus of using it for free for 2 months. In addition, its service installation and activation come free. It also comes with a free ROG gaming router and 24-hour customer service.


Singtel is regarded as one of the leading internet providers, which provide the best broadband. If you sign up for this fiber broadband, you will enjoy internet speeds of 1 gigabyte per second for 44.90 per month. In addition, Singtel is reputed for providing stable internet connections. Therefore, you do not have to worry about losing connections as you work or watch a series on Netflix. If you have currently subscribed to Singtel, you will be entitled to ten percent of your mobile subscription plan. If you are a new subscriber, you will get free registration, a 10% discount, and an AC router to their mobile subscription.


This company was established in 2016 and has been enhancing the lives of people in Singapore by offering stable and superfast connections at a cost-effective price. Therefore, if you want to enjoy superfast speeds without getting beyond your budget, then ensure that you choose its fiber broadband plan.

One of the goals of WhizComms is to offer high-quality services at a cost-effective price to allow many people to benefit from its services to enable more individuals to enjoy its services. All the products and services of the firm meet high-quality standards so customers can get value for money. You can get internet speeds of up to 1 gigabyte per second for $34 per month. You can choose a 24- or 12-month contract. The 12-month contract is cheaper.


Singapore has many gamers. Therefore, it created a fiber broadband plan that caters to gamer’s needs. It is a great option for casual and professional gamers. It costs $52 per month. Even though it is slightly more expensive than other options, it is suitable for people who want seamless uninterrupted play. Some of its features include lower latency, dedicated network, and managed routing.

By choosing any one of these internet providers, you will never experience unstable or slow internet connections. These fiber broadbands are excellent for browsing social media, gaming, video streaming, and school research. With this list of fiber broadbands, you do not have to struggle to search for the right provider.