uncsetting. has stopped working

This post will explain uncsetting. has stopped working. There are many Windows users who have actually been kept asking us whether the UNCServer.exe is a crucial component of Windows as it is using a big amount of resources & due to this reason, they want to eliminate this executable file from the system.

This concern does not only come from Windows 10 users but it is the same with all Windows variations (Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7). Nevertheless, according to the news, the UNC Server taking in huge computer resources issue is primarily discovered on Lenovo computer system.

[Complete Guide] What Is UNCServer.exe & Should You Remove It?

In this article, you can know about uncsetting. has stopped working here are the details below;

So, if you are likewise among these users, and you need to know what is UNC Server.exe, is it supported for Windows, & should you liquidate it or not, then you must keep studying this short article.
Here, I am working to share all details of the UNC Server executable data & the methods to stop the UNCServer.exe data from running on the system background. Also check audio renderer error.

What is UNC Server?

UNC Server (Universal Naming Convention) is a custom update server module that comes with an executable data UNCServer.exe.
UNC Server also introduces a newer TVSU (ThinkVantage System Update) program which is effective for opening UDP a& nd TCP ports permitting the system to self-update.
Some truths about UNCServer.exe:

– Publisher: Lenovo
– Publisher URL: www.lenovo.com
– File help URL: www.lenovo.com/support
– File Path: C: \ Program Files \ lenovo \ system upgrade \ tvsu.exe.
– File place: C: \ ProgramFiles \ Lenovo \ System Update \ subfolder.
– File size: 13.4 MB.

This UNCServers.exe task appears as a separate job on Windows as soon as the Lenovo System starts its upgrade. You can mark the task UNCServer.exe in Job Manager. It automatically ends its job when the system finishes its update.

However if the UNC Server.exe is always running in the background of your computer system even after the conclusion of the task, then it means the data has some type of bug that is not letting it terminated. In this circumstance, you require to eliminate this executable file from your PC.

List of UNCServer.exe Errors.

Speaking about the UNC Server mistakes, there are some of the typical concerns that users experience with this data. Here is a list of any of the UNCServer.exe mistakes:.
– Mistake beginning program: UNCServer.exe.
– Can not find UNCServer.exe.
– UNCServer.exe stopped working.
– UNCServer.exe is not a valid Win32 application.
– UNCServer.exe Application Mistake.
– UNCServer.exe not discovered.
– UNCServer.exe has actually come across a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the hassle.

Is UNCServer.exe Safe and a Virus & Should I Remove It?

UNCServer.exe is a setup executable file digitally signed by Lenovo however it is not the core file of the Windows os. There are any of the malware itself as.exe data located in C: \ Windows \ System32 folder. So, you require to make sure that the UNCServer.exe file is legitimate software or an infection. Also check intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll.

To examine if the exe file is legitimate or not, include location and Verified Signer column in Task Manager. First, go to Job Supervisor > click on View tab > then click Select Columns > choose Image Path Name and Verified Signer. Now examine the area of the executable file resembles the below-given course or not. C: \ ProgramFiles \ Lenovo \ System Update.
If the Supported Signer value of the executable data is revealing Not able to verify then UNCServer.exe may be an infection.

You can also control the antimalware scan on your computer to examine if this file is legit or is a virus. For this, I recommend using the Spyhunter. It is the innovative antimalware software application that will scan your PC and will discover the harmful file.

How To Remove UNCServer.exe?

If you discovered your system upgrade file UNCServer.exe running is an infection and is keep running in the experience all the time, then you can stop this file & remove it.
Keep in mind: After removing this file, your PC will lose the self-update capability and immediately set up a few of the most recent security spots in your system.

# 1: Uninstall Lenovo System Update.

This approach is the easy and quickest method to eliminate the UNC Server.exe file from Windows PC. But, uninstalling the Lenovo system update will totally get rid of the server module.
So, if you are ok to go forward with this damaging approach, then here are the steps listed below to uninstall the exe file:.
– First, open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R secret.
– Type appwiz.cpl in the Run box and struck Get in.

uncsetting. has stopped working

– In the Programs and Functions window, select Lenovo System Update and right-click on it.
– Then select Uninstall.

uncsetting. has stopped working

– When uninstall process overcomes then restart your PC.

# 2: Disable TVSUUpdateTask.

This is another easy approach of getting rid of UNCServer.exe. You can stop the UNC Server from reducing the network resource by damaging the TVSUUpdateTask from Job Scheduler by following few steps:.
– To open the Run box, press the Windows + R secret.
– Type taskschd.msc in the text field and struck Go into.

uncsetting. has stopped working

– In the Task Scheduler window, broaden the Job Scheduler Library.
– Select TVT from the submenu.
– Then, in the ideal pane, select TVSUUpdateTask in the task list and right-click on it.
– Click on Disable choice to disable the task running in the background.

uncsetting. has stopped working

– Finally, reboot your PC.

How To Repair UNCServer Errors?

In case, if you are dealing with any of the UNCServer errors or problems noted above in this article, then you can easily uninstall the UNCServer.exe data & re-install the most recent Lenovo system upgrade software.
To uninstall the exe data, you can follow the tracks from the above area and continue further by listed below actions:.

– First, click here.
– Click on the Download tool now button under the Where To Download section.
– Then download the system upgrade exe file by clicking on the download icon.
– Click Save File and wait on a while.
– Then click the exe file that you have downloaded and finish the setup procedure by following the on-screen instruction.
Now inspect that UNCServer mistake is repaired or not.


1: What Does UNC Server indicate?

UNC Server is a way of determining servers or some other resources available in a network. UNC means Universal Naming Convention which utilizes backslashes or double slashes to precede the system name.

2: Why Is UNC Server Running?

UNCServer runs in a separate job to process self-update in the Lenovo system. While running it enables incoming bandwidth and opens TCP, UDP ports for the total system update.

3: How do I find my UNC course?

You can easily discover the UNC path, just follow couple of steps:.
– Press Windows + R secret to open the Run dialog box.
– Type cmd in Open field and struck Enter.
– Then type net usage in the command window and struck Get in. It will show the full UNC path details.
– Then you can type Exit and struck Get in to close the Command window.

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So, this is everything about UNCServer.exe which runs on a system background. Make sure to inspect that the running UNCServer.exe file in your system is legitimate software application or not.

If not then remove it otherwise allow running it on the system. You need to not get rid of the exe file if it not affecting your system performance.
I believe this article will be important to you.