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Best Pokémon Go Spoofer Apps will be discussed in this article. In the last few years, Pokémon GO has taken the gaming industry by storm. It has become one of the most addictive gaming apps for mobile gaming enthusiasts, keeping them truly immersed in the game. In this article, we will learn what is a Pokémon Go Spoofer and who needs it.

The fun of playing the Pokémon Go augmented reality-based game is simply unmatchable, as you will have to travel to catch Pokémon and do much more. Since the gaming application works according to your current GPS location, the availability of Pokémon depends mainly on the location.

Top 10 Best Pokémon Go Spoofer Apps For Gamers To Download

In this article, you can know about Pokémon Go Spoofer Apps here are the details below;

The good thing is that Pokémon Go is available in so many cities; hence, the competition is also tough. However, if you live in the outskirts or rural area, you will have a limited choice when it comes to capturing the rare and legendary Pokémon due to the location-specific availability of the game.

To overcome this, gamers utilize Pokémon Go spoofer, which helps them spoof locations and find Pokémon in different locations without going there. Let’s discuss what Pokémon Go spoofers are and some of the best Pokémon Go spoofers for gamers to download.

What Is Spoofing in Video Gaming?

What Is Spoofing in Video Gaming

Spoofing in video gaming is a unique and effective way to change your location and play the game from a different location. It is a popular choice for games like Pokémon Go, which is mainly dependent on location for collecting Pokémon.

It is basically a GPS spoofing technique in games where it allows gamers to navigate to different locations and use the advantage of location change.

This technique is only suitable for games like Pokémon Go, which are highly dependent on location. Through GPS spoofing, you can easily hide your IP address or prevent the game managers from identifying you through your IP address while playing the game.

Spoofing serves as an intelligent way of smartly changing the location of the game and reaping the benefits that the game has available for that location. There are numerous spoofing tools in the market that can help you with spoofing for many games on mobile.

However, you have to be careful with this technique as it basically is a cheat, and if the game developer suspects spoofing activity in your account, they might ban it.

In video game spoofing, you can trick the device or application into thinking that you are in one location while you are actually somewhere else. The main reason many players, especially Pokémon Go players, utilize GPS spoofing is because of the following benefits they offer:

Pokémon Go players have primarily benefited from GPS spoofing because it has allowed them to change location or country while using the application or playing a game without getting detected. This way, they can quickly grab Pokémon from different parts of the world.

Benefits of Game Spoofing

  • It tricks the application or game into thinking that you are in a specific location that you have set and helps you to reap the benefits of that location.
  • There are applications and games that are often released for specific locations or countries and nowhere else. Using GPS spoofing, you can easily use the app or game and enjoy all those features.
  • GPS spoofing comes helpful for gamers to get early access to games that are initially released in certain countries and then later made available for the rest of the world.

Why Is Spoofing Needed in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game that is primarily based on the location where you have to move in the real world to collect Pokémon and complete the game.

That is why spoofing has become a vital requirement for this game, as they help you with many things:

Create movement without actually moving

The game uses your GPS’s location to check your movement and find out whether you are near a Pokémon, gym, or PokeStop.

But it is not possible for everyone to move to different locations to collect them. GPS spoofing tools for Pokémon Go help you wander around different streets, cities, and countries while you are actually relaxing in your home.

Get access to special events

The developers of Pokémon Go schedule various special events available only for specific locations in the world. If your actual location doesn’t give you access to those events, then you can spoof your location to get access to those events.

Not only will you get many special features and chances to explore special Pokémon of those events, but you also get to interact with different players.

Assist in locating gyms and PokeStops in different places

Pokémon Go has been designed to be played in locations where there is high population density. Naturally, most of the gyms and PokeStops are located chiefly in the cities, towns, and suburbs.

However, if you live in the countryside, you can spoof your location to any of the cities or towns and easily find gyms for starting a war or PokeStops for refilling your inventory.

Getting more and rare Pokemons

When you spoof your location while playing Pokémon Go, you can get access to numerous Pokémon from different places. Through GPS spoofing, you can get access to some rare and legendary Pokémon that are located in obscure locations, which can be difficult for you to get there physically.

For example, if you are looking to gather water-based characters, you can spoof your location to any country or city situated by the river or sea.

Now, let’s take a look at the list of best Pokémon Go spoofers that you can utilize to speed up your gaming progress.

1. Tenorshare iAnyGo

Tenorshare iAnyGo

Designed for both iPhone and Android smartphones, Tenorshare iAnyGo serves as a great spoofer for you if you are tired of playing Pokémon Go in your city. With this spoofer, you can freely change GPS location to any of the desired cities or countries with just a click.

Like every top application, it also comes with three movement modes – single-spot, multi-spot, and joystick. Using any of the modes, you can easily move in any location to hunt for rare or legendary Pokémon while sitting in the comfort of your home.

To help you bypass the Pokémon Go soft ban, the spoofer has come up with a cooldown timer where it prevents you from changing your location frequently. While selecting the route for your movement to get characters, you can zoom in or zoom out to properly plan the route The spoofer will cost you $9.95 per month or $39.95 for a year-long license.

2. iToolab AnyGo

iToolab AnyGo

With iToolab AnyGO, get your desired Pokémon character or gym in Pokémon Go without moving out of your house. This application offers an adequate spoofing facility where you can easily fake your Pokémon Go GPS location without getting into any trouble or bans.

You can set your location to anywhere you want and use the two-spot or multi-spot movement to create simulated movement in your desired path. You can also use the joystick for better movement and explore unknown places to look for rare or legendary characters.

The iToolab spoofer provides you the option to customize the speed and pause your movement anytime you want. Through the cooldown timer, the app also saves you from raising suspicion while faking movement in Pokémon Go.

To enjoy all these features, you will have to subscribe to its 1-month plan that costs $9.95 for Windows, while the Mac version will cost $12.95 for a 1-month plan.

3. MocPOGO


Want to play Pokémon Go from the comforts of your home? MocPOGO brings that luxury you can try with its free trial. It allows you to randomly set pins on the map or navigate to a specific location with its name or coordinates. Besides, you get historical records about your adventures and can revisit any place with equal ease.

It has multiple modes (two-spot, multi-spot, teleport, and joystick), helping you simulate real-life movement while spoofing your actual location. MocPOGO also features setting custom speed and walking routes.

To avoid detection, there is a cooldown timer which helps when you try to over-move places. One can also bookmark favorite routes and import GPX route files to easily catch those rare Pokémon.

MocPOGO works effortlessly on cellular and WiFi networks and lets you control up to 15 devices at a time, with simultaneous location changes. And the good thing is you don’t need to jailbreak or root your device, and MocPOGO isn’t just for Pokémon Go and works for many applications (listed on their website).

Except for the limited powered free version, MocPOGO has monthly and one-time payment options with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo is a popular choice when it comes to getting a reliable spoofer for Pokémon Go. This widely compatible spoofer will allow you to modify the GPS location with one tap while you’re playing Pokémon Go on your smartphone. Also check Games Like Sims

What makes this spoofer popular among enthusiasts is that it can be used on both iPhone and Android smartphones with OS versions up to iOS 16 and Android 13.

This application provides the option to create a route where you can move to find new gym spots to start battles. The best thing is that you can set the start and end points through this app and tweak the movement speed to avoid getting detected by the game.

This spoofing app’s starting price is $14.99 per month.

5. WooTechy iMoveGo

WooTechy iMoveGo

If you are living in a landlocked country but want to fill your inventory with some powerful water-based characters in Pokémon Go, WooTechy iMoveGo is the one you should install. This spoofer works efficiently with Pokémon Go, and that too with joystick movement.

It spares you from doing any kind of jailbreak to use it with Pokémon Go, and you can run it smoothly on iPhone, Android, and iPad devices. Using the detailed map view, you can easily set the coordinates of your movement, and during the exploration, you can claim gyms that fall in the way.

A unique feature that makes this spoofer highly effective than normal ones is that it gives you the feature to pause it at any time and also customize cycle time. You can start using the app through its free trial option. If you really like it, you can start by using their one-quarter plan, which costs $19.95.

6. iPogo


If you have been playing Pokémon Go for a long time, then you know how hard it is to physically wander to different places to get rare characters or set up a gym. With iPogo on your smartphone or tablet, you can easily wander around all your desired spots in your country from your home.

iPogo is a highly intuitive tool that offers a unique feature – Block Non-Shiny,  where the tool will prevent you from getting any Pokémon that is not shiny and doesn’t have 100IV.

This spoofer is explicitly designed to cater to Pokémon Go players as it also comes with features like Spawn Booster, which indicates all the Pokémon that are located further away from you. The AutoCatch/Spin is another exciting feature that will make your playing experience much more enjoyable.

iPogo offers a free subscription plan and another VIP plan costing $4.99 per month.

7. UltFone


UltFone for iPhone is an excellent choice if you want to spoof your location while playing Pokémon Go. This spoofer will easily let you fake your GPS location on your iPhone without any hassles.

Whether you are playing Pokémon Go on iPhone or the latest iPhone 14 Series, it won’t matter, as it will help you hunt down PokeStop at far-out places from the comfort of your sofa.

To help you collect characters easily, it provides you with two-spot movement where you can select start & end points, & the app will automatically generate the route. If you are planning to make stops at the gym as well as PokeStop, then you can utilize the multi-movement feature, which lets you plan the route and speed according to the stops.

To make the app affordable for everyone, UltFone has kept the pricing at $14.95 for the monthly plan and $59.95 for the yearly plan.

8. PGSharp


PGSharp is a unique spoofing application that is designed specifically to cater to Pokémon Go players who want to fake their GPS location and wander to faraway places.

Whether you want to get to a gym or capture some legendary Pokémon from a different city, this app will help you with all your adventure.

The chance of getting detected by the Pokémon Go game for spoofing is relatively minimal because this app utilizes custom speed, tap-to-walk function, and cooldown timer to minimize any suspicion.

Moreover, PGSharp offers a complete customization option where you can block non-shiny characters, turn on the joystick option, hide the trainer name, use enhanced throws, etc. One of the most significant benefits of this app is the quick catch feature, which will skip catch and help you go back to the map screen.

PGSharp offers a free version with limited options. Or, you can go for the Standard Edition, which costs $5 per month.

9. Dr.Fone


Dr.Fone lets you teleport your location and helps you grab characters in Pokémon Go from different places. It is designed to serve both iOS and Android platforms, so you can freely use it on your smartphone to change your location in Pokémon Go.

Like every top Pokémon Go spoofer, it also comes with a one-stop route, multi-spot route, and jump teleport mode, ensuring proper simulated movement along your desired route.

While looking for PokeStops or rare Pokémon in unknown locations, you can utilize the joystick to simulate GPS movement and have the fun of simulated movement.

Moreover, it offers a speed range between 3.6 km/hr and 108 km/hr, which is an excellent choice as you can simulate vehicle movement while looking for characters.

Just pay a nominal monthly fee of $9.95 or a yearly fee of $39.95 to enjoy all the features of this app.

10. Spooferx


SpooferX is a specialized spoofing app that is designed to help gamers playing AR games spoof their location to somewhere else. Not only does it let you fake your GPS coordinates and teleport to your desired location, but it also helps you simulate various movements.

It may not be a feature-rich spoofing application, but it gets the job done. While making fake movements through Pokémon Go, this app saves all your location history and routes so that you can utilize them in the future to get better characters.

It is a free to use app that you can download straight from the site & install on your device. While installing it, you won’t require any technical expertise, and you can simply spoof your location while playing the game. Also check Games Like Bum Simulator


Pokémon Go is a hugely popular game across the world. However, it requires you to catch Pokémon from different places, which becomes tough, especially if you are playing from the outskirts.

With the best Pokémon Go spoofers listed above, you can seamlessly change your GPS location while playing without actually moving an inch. These applications are designed to work effectively with AR games like Pokemon Go so you can teleport to different places without raising any suspicion.

Most importantly, the spoofers are geared with all the necessary features, which makes them extremely easy to use. These applications come with the necessary instructions, so seating them on your iOS or Android machine won’t be a daunting task.