Don’t Lose Your Grip on Reality | Best Ways to Stay Productive Online

Productivity is a well-known concept in the workforce – it refers to the ability to use scarce resources as efficiently as possible to optimize output. Truth be told, productivity is sacrosanct across all areas of life, including work, study, and social life. A balance needs to be struck between tasks, duties, responsibilities, and downtime.

The Internet presents a double-edged sword. It is a productivity dynamo, given the multitude of tools, resources, and enhancements it brings to the table. At the same time, cyberspace is the Grand Central of distractions for workers, students, and casual browsers. A cornucopia of news, entertainment, and networking content abound.

How is it possible to strike the optimal balance in a virtual candy store of delightful distractions? If we can achieve more with less, we are being productive. The objective is to limit time wasted on unproductive activities by focusing on the tasks at hand. That’s our point of departure in today’s guide.  We are seeking harmony between focus and technology by adopting the right approach with the right set of tools.

What’s Happening to Our Attention Spans with all this Technology?

An increasing number of scholars and experts believe that rapid technological advancement is leading to diminishing concentration levels. According to the Pew Research Center, some 2500 educators were quizzed, and the overwhelming majority of them – 77% – believes that the Internet was mostly positive for students, but 87% believe that modern-day tech was creating an environment conducive to distractions with limited attention spans.


Despite these studies, there isn’t any conclusive evidence to support the notion that technology is degrading our attention span. Our ability to concentrate on tasks can be enhanced through the use of the right technical tools and resources. A learning consultant behaviorist who authored Generation Y: Inside Out found a strong correlation between diminished emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and communication skills among individuals who spent too much time alone using technology. High levels of concentration are certainly possible while using technology for long periods of time.

Productivity enhancing tools are capable of swinging the pendulum. Productivity is a function of time management and focus. Therefore experts recommend taking a proactive stance to work, study, and life balance. Our concentration levels can remain high, provided we channel our energy in the right direction. Oftentimes, productivity is hampered by bad habits. These include veering off course by focusing on distractions.

Now that you are ready to learn how to increase productivity, it’s important to identify some of the key distractions that are likely to hamper your progress. Technology brings plenty of entertainment into our personal space when we should be engaged in productive activities. Social media, sports, news, music, and film are but a few of the many bugbears to productivity. Our productivity hinges upon a wide range of behaviors, habits, activities, patterns, and priorities. Sometimes, it’s a simple matter of prioritizing what needs to be done by demoting those activities that don’t add value to the equation.

 How to Boost Your Productivity While Using Technology?

It’s really important to put your plan on paper. By mapping out everything that needs to be done, we can focus on the tactical goals and strategic objectives. With everything laid out, we can work backward to create an optimal pathway to success. Goals should be defined and achievable. Open-ended goals are pointless. Naturally, time management is sacrosanct. Effective management of resources ensures that an optimal amount of time is dedicated to specific components of tasks, duties, and responsibilities.

A positive mindset is the most beneficial resource for productivity. Your energy, enthusiasm, and creativity will inspire you and motivate you to get the job done. Put things into perspective. By all means utilize all available technologies to fast-track mundane and repetitive tasks, to make it easier for you to focus on the big picture. Take regular breaks to stay fresh, and use the wide range of productivity tools that are available to you. Nowadays, these tools include AI-powered content generators, grammar checkers, time management systems, and much more. Harness the power of technology to achieve your goals!