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This post will explain Best Remote Access Software. Remote access to another computer is a frequent function these days and not a difficult task. When selecting the best remote management software, however, numerous variables must be considered. Cost, security, and file transfer are all critical considerations. In 2022, this article will assist you in determining the best remote access software.

Top 10 Best Remote Access Software In 2022

In this article, you can know about Best Remote Access Software here are the details below;

In 2022, the best remote access software will be

1. RemotePC



RemotePC, one of the best remote access software used around the world, is available at a 50% discount for the first year, making it only $22.12 for two machines. Because it is built on cloud technology, this app can be used for both personal and professional purposes. Other characteristics include: • User-friendly web application • Desktop and mobile app compatibility

  • HIPAA and GDPR Security Compliance, as well as Voice Chat and Instant Messenger.

Price: $29.50 for home use and $249.50 for business use each year.

Free trial version for 7 days

Pros: • Flexible web application • Plans for all groups

  • Cost-effectiveness

Cons: • It takes time & effort to set up • It has less features than competitors

2. ZOHO Assist



The next best remote management software on the list is Zoho Assist, which, like its predecessor, is a cloud-based service. Once installed, this software allows the user to access a variety of devices. It provides targeted remote support as well as unattended access plans to update workflow processes. • Simple to UI is one of the other characteristics. Also check best free file backup software

  • Security integrations for sensitive data • Video chat • Diagnostic tools built-in
  • 256-bit AES encryption, 2FA, and SSL

Standard ($8/month), Professional ($13/month), and Enterprise ($21/month) pricing are available.

Trial Version: A 15-day free trial is available.

Pros: • Lowest prices on the list • Advanced features such as video chat • Strong security

Drawbacks: • Expensive

3. Splashtop



Splashtop, which is farther down the list of best remote access software, may impress anyone with its numerous capabilities. It offers a simple & intuitive user interface and is available on all four of the most popular platforms: Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android. • Remote session recording and file transfer capabilities are among the other features.

  • TLS and AES 256-bit encryption
  • Integration with Active Directory

Pricing: $60 per year for two computers, $99 per year for ten computers, and more specific plans such as $30 per year for teachers with up to 40 students for free.

Yes, there is a trial version.

  • Compatible with nearly all major devices
  • Recording of remote sessions
  • Expensive • Not all functions are available on all platforms

4. Parallels Access



Parallels Access is one of the best remote management software options available, as it allows for remote access to a PC from mobile devices. However, this does not rule out the possibility of a PC-to-PC connection. This was created to allow consumers to carry the remote with them on the go, thus the mobile version has more functionality. Other characteristics include: • A clean and tidy user interface; • A mobile-friendly application.

  • Allows file transfer and multitasking • Supports Samsung DeX and S Pen

The basic edition costs $19, while the PRO version costs $99 dollars.

Free trial version for 7 days

Pros: • Simple to use • Mobile-friendly

  • Not all characteristics are comparable to others.

5. LogMeIn Pro


LogMeIn Pro is one of the oldest kids on the block, as well as one of the best remote access tools available. It is widely utilised by large enterprises, including Microsoft, and provides the best set of features for enterprise users. Individual users may have a significant financial disadvantage. Other features include: Also check USB Data Recovery Softwares

  • File transfers are possible.
  • 1 TB of storage with 256-bit AES encryption and multi-monitor capability. • Simple to use with 24/7 live support

Individuals pay $30 per month, $55 per month for five users, and $129 per month for ten machines.

Free trial version for 14 days

  • Provides the best features
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Provides a no-cost application LastPass

Cons: • It’s quite pricey

6. Connectwise Control

Connectwise Control

ConnectWise is the best remote management software. It offers video conferencing and provides remote access solutions for various and specific users. It provides numerous technologies that assist IT employees in remotely resolving difficulties. Other features include: • File transfer support • Cross-platform compatibility • 2FA and SSL authentication • Extension marketplace

Pricing: A basic plan for one computer costs $19, $35 for three computers, and $45 for ten computers.

Yes, there is a trial version.

Pros: • Simple to Setup and Use • Numerous Features

Cons: • Poor performance • Slowness and lag

7. TeamViewer


Teamviewer is the best free remote access software on this list. Although there is a paid edition for corporations and professionals, the basic version is free for individuals. This powerful tool can let users link various devices such as PCs, mobile phones, network machines, and more. Other advantages include: • IoT connectivity • Mobile device access

  • 4K Monitor Support and File Transfer
  • Ticket Management with ServiceCamp

Prices start at $49 per month and go up from there.

Yes, there is a trial version.

Pros: • Easiest to use on the list • Support for multiple platforms

  • Individual users can utilise the free version.
  • The Pro Plans are costly.
  • Only with sluggish connections has lag been noted. Remote Desktop in

8. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is another app that fits under the category of best free remote access software. This software is only available through the Google Chrome browser and is compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows, and mobile devices such as iOS and Android. Although the features are limited in contrast to the other apps on this list, it is one of the most popular options because it is free. • Available as a browser extension • Cross-Platform Support • Easy To Set Up • Can be used with ease on mobile devices are some of the other advantages. Also check Time and billing software

Pricing: $0

Trial: N/A

Pros: • Free to use for both business and personal purposes • Support for multiple platforms

  • Simple and practical
  • Many features are missing.
  • Chrome browser is required.

9. Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager

Next on our check-list of the best remote access software is Remote Desktop Manager, a professional app for corporate and commercial use. One of the most important characteristics is that it works with Android and iOS devices like no other programme, eliminating the need for a PC. Aside from that, the advanced security features are extremely outstanding.

  • Logs can be audited by users.
  • Multiple 2FA • Password management and account brokering Security

Individual licences are $199 per year, while company licences are $4999.99.

Free 30-day trial version Trial

  • Most Secure Remote App • Simple to Use

Drawbacks: • Expensive

10. Remote Utilities for Windows 10

Remote Utilities for Windows 10

The Remote Utilities for Windows, which is a cheap best remote management software, is the final inclusion on this list. Many capabilities are available, including file sharing, session recording, and video calls.

  • Active Directory support
  • 2FA Security

Pricing: Licenses for up to ten PCs are available for $99 and more.

Yes, there is a trial version.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Several features

Cons: • Only supports Windows Platform

  • Setting up the system takes time and effort.

Cloud Tuneup Pro is a bonus.

Cloud TuneUp Pro allows customers to optimise the PCs on their network without having to log into a remote session. The network administrator or IT expert can clean, manage, and optimise PCs remotely using a dashboard with automatic functionality. Here are a few highlights:

  • From your PC, optimise machines at multiple physical locations.
  • Manage starting programmes and improve overall system performance.
  • Fix and remove problems, restore the Registry, and uninstall unnecessary software.
  • Remove harmful software, as well as temp, garbage, and big files, freeing up valuable hard drive space in the process.

One-year subscription is $49.95.

30 Day Trial Version

Pros: • Simple to set up • Clear and straightforward dashboard • Task scheduling support

  • Compatible with all Windows versions Version

Cons: • The free trial is limited to three devices • It is only available for Windows

FAQ’s –

A) How safe is Remote Desktop?

Remote Desktop is safe because all access is done through encrypted channels. Although all remote access applications guarantee security, some remote access apps are more secure than others.

B) How do I make remote access possible?

If you are using third-party remote access software, you do not need to enable it because the app you have installed will take care of it automatically. If you’re utilising the Windows remote access capability and the default app, you’ll need to enable it. To learn more about the Windows Remote Access Desktop function, go here.

C) What is the procedure for resetting remote access?

Although there is no way to reset remote access, you can always disconnect and reconnect using any software, which will reset remote access.

What’s the Last Word on Choosing the Best Remote Access Software in 2021?

Selecting the best remote access software is a challenging task, but with the above list and features, you may be able to accomplish it. Google Chrome offers a completely free remote solution, but it has limited features and may not be sufficient for sophisticated demands. Aside from that, LogMeIn has grown in popularity over time and is now used by numerous companies around the world.

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