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Guide about Spectrum Internet Review will be described in this article. If fiber internet isn’t available in your neighborhood and you need a dependable Wi-Fi connection at home, Spectrum Internet is the best option. Most fiber carriers would offer higher speeds, but Spectrum is much more accessible and still offers great speeds at a competitive cost.

Spectrum Internet Review Everything You Want To Know

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Sakia Anwar, a Spectrum client in Queens, New York, said to Reviews.org in an interview, “I would say it’s standard and reliable.” Anwar choose Spectrum, as do many of its clients, since it’s the quickest and most dependable choice available in her area.

“They’re very good at troubleshooting if I have an issue, and they’re very affordable,” stated Sakia Anwar, a Queens, New York, Spectrum client.

A 5G home internet provider like T-Mobile might be a better choice than Spectrum if you’re trying to save money. However, compared to 5G, Spectrum’s cable connection is significantly more dependable and steady. Additionally, you can benefit from Spectrum’s ongoing promotions and discounts, which include a mobile phone package that offers a year of free Unlimited Mobile service.

Anwar remarked, “They’re really good at troubleshooting, and they’re very affordable.” “They’ll send a technician out right away to fix it if necessary.”

We dug deep into Spectrum Internet and talked to users and industry insiders to find out what it’s all about. Continue reading for our in-depth analysis.

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Depending on your location, Spectrum’s speed tiers and costs change slightly. However, Spectrum’s “hybrid fiber coaxial” network allows users to download files at up to 1,000 Mbps. The majority of Spectrum’s network is covered via cable, but in certain places, users can also access fiber-to-the-home connections. Additionally, small businesses can sign up for Spectrum Business Internet, and Spectrum offers alternatives for bundling internet with TV and mobile (under the Spectrum Mobile brand).

When compared to other comparable cable internet providers, Spectrum offers better terms and comparable costs, so you’re getting a good bargain. The modem appears to have an arbitrary $5 monthly fee for Wi-Fi use, however a $5 monthly AutoPay reduction eliminates that cost. (If you purchase your own modem, the $5 Wi-Fi cost can also be waived.) After a year of service, there is a $20 increase in the monthly fee, but consumers are still free from an annual commitment and receive unlimited data.

What makes this review legit?

Interviews with internet users nationwide form the core of our fact-based research methodology, which enables us to comprehend how online services respond to a range of demands and difficulties.

We conducted phone interviews with six customers and chatted with twenty more on Reddit and other online forums in order to compile this review. We allowed their experiences to direct our investigation and mold our findings. We also got information on Spectrum’s alleged “hybrid fiber coaxial” network and its developing fiber-optic capabilities from a spokesman for the company as well as an internet technology specialist.

the rundown – Spectrum Internet by our cristeria

We provide a grade to each online review based on three primary factors: customer experience, dollar value, and speed and dependability. We then average these ratings to create an overall score.

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Speed and reliability

4.0/5.0 According to Reviews.org’s speed test findings, the typical Spectrum user receives 140 Mbps of speed. That is significantly slower than what you would receive from rival fiber providers like Google Fiber, and it lags behind rival cable providers Cox, Optimum, and Xfinity. However, it’s far faster than a DSL line and by no means slow.

A medium-sized family would benefit more from the 300Mbps speed of the base Spectrum Internet® package, while larger families or content creators would benefit more from Internet Gig. In any case, symmetrical speeds are not obtained, although most users do not require them.

Dollar value

The first year’s lower promotional rates are part of Spectrum’s pricing structure. After that, all plans see a $20/month price increase. If you don’t feel like paying the standard cost, you can move to a different provider or try to negotiate a lower price by calling customer service. Spectrum products do not require an annual contract or an early cancellation charge.

Like other cable companies, Spectrum also charges extra for services that fiber-optic and 5G home providers offer for free. For instance, the self-install kit costs more than $30. Additionally, Spectrum charges $5 per month to access the Wi-Fi even though it doesn’t technically charge for modem rentals. If you bring your own modem, however, you are exempt from paying the cost. Also check Publix passport login

You still receive a good value in spite of the additional costs. When you discontinue your account, there are no early termination penalties or data caps to worry about. A $100 Visa Rewards Card and a $5 monthly Autopay discount are available to new clients. Along with any internet plan, you also receive a complimentary one-year subscription to Unlimited Mobile.

Customer experience

Surveys conducted by the public generally rate Spectrum as average. In the 2023 customer satisfaction survey conducted by HighSpeedInternet.com, the provider received a middle-of-the-pack ranking for overall satisfaction, price, and customer service. In the 2022–2023 ACSI Telecommunications Study, the company received a few points below average.

The majority of the clients Reviews.org spoke with are pleased with their service, yet some have negative things to say about the technical assistance. “Everything is fine. We’ve never experienced an outage, and it’s speedy,” New York City resident Anna Harsanyi remarked. “I hope you don’t require assistance from customer service,” Robyn Straw from St. Cloud, Minnesota, remarked.

Views regarding Spectrum Customers’ experiences with Internet customer care might vary greatly; some claim having dealt with demanding customer service representatives and unreliable support via the My Spectrum app.

Overall quality

For the majority of internet users, Spectrum is a good choice because of its wide range of plan options and dependable cable access, even with the additional costs and restricted fiber availability.

It’s not necessary to expect the provider to surpass your expectations: If Spectrum’s fiber service is unavailable in your location, you won’t be able to access multi-gig or symmetrical speeds. However, you continue to receive a fast, dependable connection with few outages, and the frequent sales help offset the $5 Wi-Fi cost (if you rent a modem) and the increase in price for a 12-month subscription.

Spectrum Internet – What deals and promotions can you get?

Spectrum is working harder to provide clients with a fair price. A $100 Visa Rewards Card is available to new customers who select a plan with speeds of 300Mbps or above. Additionally, Spectrum Internet offers a 90-day trial of Peacock Premium. It is also possible to obtain a complimentary Unlimited Mobile package via Spectrum Mobile, the company’s wireless brand.

Enroll in a qualified Spectrum Internet package to take advantage of this incredible offer. After the first 12 months are up, the phone line costs $29.99 per month.

What do customers think of Spectrum Internet?

The majority of the consumers we spoke with concerning Spectrum opted to join since they were left with no other choice. In the areas where they serve, cable internet providers frequently have a lot of influence, and in many cases, a company like Spectrum is the only one offering high-speed internet in a certain area.

“With regard to download speeds exceeding 100 Mbps, Spectrum was the only provider,” stated Sean Huntley, a documentary producer residing in Glendale, California together with his partner, Alex Brown. Also check Pixelup App Review

What, are you planning to switch water providers? He stated, “It’s a water company.”

Both Huntley and Brown are employed in the film industry (Brown is an editor), and in order to work from home, they need to have a gigabit home internet service. Thus, they choose the quickest Spectrum plan available. Typically, their rates range from 400 to 500 Mbps. That is less than the 1,000 Mbps maximum that their plan states, but it is typical for internet connections to drop short of the maximum speed. Even though uploads take longer, they still have enough bandwidth to handle downloading big video files.

Their outages are infrequent, and setup was easy. Even if they would like fiber, they are generally happy with their service. Huntley quips, “It’s been competent—and compulsory.”

Some users report poor customer service and inconsistent speeds

If there is an outage in his neighborhood, Los Angeles Spectrum user Conrad Burnham won’t have to wait long. “They appear to react promptly and resolve issues quite quickly,” he remarked.

However, some Spectrum users have encountered difficulties that are similar to the company’s mediocre customer service ratings. Sakia Anwar, a customer from New York City, called technical assistance after experiencing a service interruption, but she ended up speaking with an upselling customer service representative. While she hurried to get her internet back up in time for a work call, he attempted to sell her a cable TV plan.

Anwar remembers, “I told him three or four times, ‘No, I am not interested,’ and he just would not stop.” “I believe he was reading something from a script. “Oh, okay, thank you for your feedback,” he would say before continuing. My desire was to strike him in the throat.

“I told [the customer service representative] ‘No, I am not interested’ three or four times, and he just would not stop.” – Client Sakia Anwar

Throughout the summer of 2023, Robyn Straw, a Spectrum member in St. Cloud, encountered regular disruptions that required hours to resolve. She is frustrated with the lengthy wait times while contacting customer service via the My Spectrum app since she has missed work calls over Zoom.

“It’s not very customer friendly,” she remarked, adding that she’s thinking about moving to Starlink, a satellite provider.

Need to content spectrum customer service or tech support?

  • Contact customer care from Monday through Friday at +1-888-369-2408.
  • Messages can be sent using the chat support.
  • Get the My Spectrum App here.

Digging deeper: Does Spectrum have fiber internet?

The internet service provider, Spectrum, utilizes a network known as “hybrid fiber coaxial.” That’s a fancy way of saying that a typical cable internet network consists of fiber-optic infrastructure for the regional backbone of the provider, and coaxial cable for the “last mile,” or delivering data to users’ homes. This is not the same as fiber-optic internet service, often known as fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), which provides internet access exclusively via a fiber network.

Although the majority of its clients only receive cable internet, Spectrum has been providing fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service in some areas of the nation. It is a true phenomenon. The business installs it in “green” markets that other fiber carriers have not claimed,” according to Kevin Parrish, a staff writer at HighSpeedInternet.com and a devoted Spectrum subscriber. “In areas where cable internet is already available, it does not install FTTH.”

“It’s a real thing.” Kevin Parrish, an internet specialist, on Spectrum fiber

The number of households that Spectrum has currently connected to fiber is unknown; a representative declined to provide Reviews.org with a precise figure. Spectrum’s cable products may someday match fiber’s strength, regardless of network capacity, as the firm strives to enhance its core network to accommodate 10Gbps symmetrical speeds.

In an email to Reviews.org, Charter Communications Vice President of Communications Bret Picciolo states, “We will be able to deliver symmetrical and multi-gigabit speeds across our entire footprint in the coming years thanks to our multiyear network evolution that is currently underway.”

We look forward to hearing from internet users regarding their experiences using Wi-Fi at home. Send us an email at [email protected] with your ideas, suggestions, and spicy tips.

Where is Spectrum Internet available?

Following Charter’s 2016 acquisition of Time Warner Cable, Spectrum has grown to rank among the most accessible internet service providers in the US. See if you can locate it where you live by entering your zip code below.

Spectrum Internet vs. the competetion

Spectrum still falls behind of fiber-optic competitors like Verizon or Google Fiber in terms of speed or cost, despite its aspirations to compete with fiber.

Customers of Spectrum’s cable internet service simply do not receive the same symmetrical upload speeds as those of its fiber internet service. When you upload huge files, share content on social media, or conduct a livestream, slower uploads result in longer wait times and increased buffering. Additionally, a lot of fiber internet providers don’t raise the cost of their services, which means that over time, you’ll spend less than you would with a cable company like Spectrum.

Teavoo, a Reddit user, stated to Reviews.org that Spectrum “needs to get rid of promo rates and drastically lower their regular rates to be competitive in areas with fiber.” “To give up fiber for Spectrum, I would need a very big discount, like maybe $35 [per month] on a regular [rate], not a promo rate.”

A less expensive option to Spectrum is 5G home internet. Additionally, Spectrum is more expensive than Verizon or T-Mobile’s 5G home internet plans. But, if you require dependable connectivity and quick speeds, Spectrum is a superior option.

Customers wind up paying more for Spectrum’s services than for a 5G plan, which typically has a set price for a minimum of two years, due to price spikes built into the package. Additionally, there are no additional costs for 5G home internet related to equipment or installation.

When it comes to speed, Spectrum still outperforms 5G; a cable connection is far more reliable than a wireless connection that is beaming from a cell tower.