How to travel and stay in a dream place, Jumeirah Village Circle, in Dubai?

The attractive migration policy and high standard of living attract expats from all over the world to Dubai. As a rule, the desire to stay in this country comes after a certain tourist experience. You can fall in love with Dubai after your first visit, seeing all the great places for tourists and learning more about expat life. You can buy property in Jumeirah Village Circle for expats, like a good investment option. If you have never been to Dubai, here is a list of the travel destinations you should consider.

Burj Khalifa

On a business or tourist trip around the United Arab Emirates, you must visit the most interesting places that have become famous worldwide. Among them is the famous skyscraper Burj Khalifa, whose height of 828 meters is still unsurpassed. The tallest building on the planet is a real city in the sky, and its upper floors and spire are often covered with clouds.

The architectural object is built in the form of gradually rising stalagmites. Up to one and a half hundred floors of a skyscraper include a huge hotel that occupies several levels and 900 residential apartments, many of which are rented out. There are also offices of wealthy companies, luxury restaurants, service businesses, and a large parking lot, which occupies three levels, including underground. Several dozen elevators take visitors to the 124th and 148th floors, with unique viewing platforms. The view from the height of a skyscraper allows you to see most of the buildings of the modern metropolis and magnificent seascapes.

Legoland Park

One of the largest theme parks in the world is Legoland in Dubai, the emirate’s capital. Unique entertainment for children is collected in 40 attractions and 6 developmental areas. Children under 12 especially like it here, as their favorite and recognizable Lego figures are collected in large quantities. Some of the theme park structures are built from large parts. Children and adults can see the entire process of making elements of the popular game, and at the end, they will receive an exclusive plastic module with an individual inscription as a gift.

Several sectors were created from the details of the designer, including a factory, a play town, and a fairy-tale kingdom where children can see medieval castles with beauties, knights, and dragons. A small colorful train rides kids around the park and magical caves. In the very middle, the most famous buildings of modern Dubai are recreated, including the 17-meter model Burj Khalifa. Family tourists have something to do in the Adventure and Imagination sections of the park, as there you can participate in the games for children with their parents.

Butterfly Park

One of the attractions of Dubai, which is worth a look at, is an amazing and unusual park inhabited by various types of butterflies. More than 15 thousand varieties of winged beauties live here in conditions close to nature. The area is about 2.6 thousand square meters is located under 9 domes that protect valuable insects from the scorching sun of the desert and weather changes. The park is the place to visit with children so that they get acquainted with the life of butterflies and their transformation from caterpillars into attractive beauties with elegant wings. Excursions around the territory are accompanied by interesting lectures with translation, from which you can learn unique facts about insects.

Glowing Garden

Dubai is filled with numerous attractions, many of which amaze the imagination of local residents and visitors to the United Arab Emirates. A worthy place among them is occupied by a bright and impressive park, which contains many luminous figurines. All colors and beautiful forms are embodied here in creative sculptures, each attractive. The glowing park is divided into themed areas, and the entry price does not exceed the cost of tickets to other attractions in Dubai in 2023.

How can you stay in Dubai?

Have you decided to make Dubai your home? For a long stay in the UAE, you will need a resident visa, which gives you the right to stay there for up to 10 years. There are several ways to get such a visa to live in Dubai:

  • Work in the UAE under the contract. After an interview and approval of the candidacy, a foreigner enters the emirate’s territory on a work visa, valid for no more than a month. During this period, the employer independently issues a new employee a visa valid for up to 2 years.
  • Studying at an Emirates University. Among the conditions are fluency in English and tuition fees immediately after admission for the year ($5,000-10,000). A foreigner receives a visa only for the study period, and working in the UAE in parallel is prohibited.
  • Investments in the economy. An expat has the right to open a company (except offshore) in the free zone of the city and apply for a resident visa. How long can a foreigner live in Dubai with such a business visa? 3 years. There are nuances – the official registration of a business, the payment of fees prescribed by law, and an investment of at least 19 thousand dollars. The entrepreneur’s spouse and children automatically receive a visa, but they cannot officially work on it in the country.
  • Buying a property. How long can you live in Dubai after purchasing a property? The validity of a resident visa depends on the value of the object, and it can also be extended. An important plus of such a resident visa is the opportunity to work in local companies.

Since 2022, there have been several more programs for obtaining resident visas in the UAE. So, large investors can stay in Dubai (the amount is determined on an individual basis), prominent scientists, doctors, artists, talented students, and freelancers with sufficient level earnings.Do you want to invest profitably in real estate in Dubai and become a resident of one of the most successful and safest countries in the world? Check the Emirates Estate portal!