How To Make An Intro Video For YouTube

As more and more people turn to YouTube for entertainment and information, marketers are using this platform to promote their brand and engage the target audience. Today, video marketing is, no doubt, one of the most powerful tools for any business looking to build an online presence.

The only problem is that more than 500 hours of video content is uploaded on the platform every minute. This means your video should have something that helps it stand out from others and catch attention. YouTube intros are one such technique used by creators to give their videos a professional and polished look.

In this post, let us try to understand how you can create a great intro for your YouTube video.

What Is A YouTube Intro?

It is a short opening clip added to a video to display information about the channel and the creator. The intro section generally consists of attractive graphics combining visually appealing text and images to capture the viewer’s attention and convince him/her to stick to the video instead of moving to the next.

YouTube intros typically include the name of your channel, brand info, signature music, and animation. When you follow a consistent style for the intro, you can add it easily to every video you post and it becomes your brand identifier over time.

An intro should be short and snappy, about 3-7 seconds long is the rule of thumb. The best intros quickly greet viewers, introduce the channel and creator and convey what the content is about.

A well-crafted opening section not only gives your video a professional appearance but also helps increase retention and establish brand identity.

A YouTube intro tells the viewer what they should expect from your channel, videos, and brand, increasing your videos’ chances of retaining new viewers. It also presents your brand and channel as consistent, professional, and reliable in the eyes of your audience.

How To Make A YouTube Intro?

Creating a YouTube intro is pretty simple. You just need an easy-to-use video editing tool, a.k.a.,  the right YouTube intro maker, and some intro templates to choose from.

Most video editors come with pre-designed intros you can quickly customize and add to your videos. Here are the steps to making a great YouTube intro in minutes.

Select The Type of Intro You Want To Add

YouTube intros can have varying styles, lengths, and messages. Look at some other channels in your niche to see what type of intro they are using.

While this can give you some idea, ensure that the intro you create represents your personal brand effectively. Many channels use the opening section to brand their videos with channel names in an engaging way.

Most video editors offer a selection of intro templates to choose from. Pick the template that best suits your needs and customize different elements to add your flair.

Insert Images

Your intro should contain some images and graphics to represent the brand and catch attention. Adding a brand logo, for example, helps tell viewers who is behind the video.

Brand-specific images and art is an excellent way to get your brand on the front. You can also insert a background image that facilitates the transition from the intro to the video. Use your video editor to upload images from your computer to create your intro.

Add Text

There is so much you can add to your intro – channel name, a short description of the channel’s purpose, or other social media platform pages.

Whatever you choose to add, keep the text easy to read and noticeable. Use contrasting colors for the text and background to make it attention-catching. Bright colors not only highlight your text but also increase the chances that a viewer sticks around.

Adjust The Length

An intro should not be lengthy otherwise it can distract the viewers. The ideal length of the opening section should be no longer than 10 seconds but make sure you can effectively convey your message. Use your video editor to cut any unwanted part and streamline it to be concise and clear.

Check That The Style Is Right

When you have finished creating the intro, preview it to see that it aligns with your brand and the way you promote your content on the platform. Spot any mistakes and make changes to get it looking exactly how you wanted.

Add To The Video

Once you have checked everything, combine the intro with the video you are uploading. Ensure a smooth transition between the two so that viewers are not put off.

Be mindful of how the intro fades into the video; important information should be clearly visible to the viewers.

Use the timeline of your video editor to combine the intro with the video. You can alternatively save the intro to use it later.

Tips For Making A Great YouTube Intro

While creating an intro seems straightforward, there is a lot you should pay attention to. Ignoring the smallest detail can drive your viewers away from the channel. Here are some useful tips you should keep in mind while creating YouTube intros.

Keep It Short

As discussed above, your YouTube intro should be less than 10 seconds to be effective. If your intro is too long, crop it to a good length.

The ultimate purpose of your intro is to catch attention while creating an association between the snippet and the content of the video.

If viewers come across a long intro, they might lose patience and hit the back button.

Convey A Clear Message

Making a great YouTube intro is not only about keeping it short but also cutting right to the point. Make sure you avoid using any confusing words; keep every element comprehensive and straightforward. Complicated messages can confuse and drive viewers away.

Create a signature look

An important benefit of using an intro is to build a brand identity. Ensure that you emphasize the brand in your opening video to create a signature look that viewers can instantly identify whenever they see your content across platforms. Add your brand name, logo, branded fonts, colors, and tagline to the intro.

When you use the same elements and style consistently in your videos, viewers will get familiar with your brand over time and associate them with your content.

Choose The Right Music

An amazing way to build a signature style with your YouTube intro is to add a music track or audio that best matches the brand message and channel.

There is no science behind choosing the music but try to pick something easy to recognize with the niche you are working in. Also, ensure that you don’t use copyrighted tracks or you will get into legal troubles.

Final Thoughts

YouTube intros are essential tools for captivating viewers, retaining them for longer on your channel, and converting them into subscribers.

These short yet effective opening sections instill a sense of brand consistency and professionalism when done right.

The guide should help you create great intros for your YouTube videos to enjoy the benefits they come with, making your video marketing strategy a success.