How to Get Quality Instagram Followers and Keep Them

With 1.074 billion active monthly users in 2021, Instagram can be placed in the same league as big social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube, which have already hit those milestones.

Because Instagram is so popular, it is the perfect place to promote your business, and it’s amazing how this social networking site used by teens in the past, has become one of the most popular business promotions networks around the world. In fact, the platform’s viewership and reach are rapidly expanding and gaining popularity outside of the US.

Choose wisely how you will increase the number of your Instagram followers because although the automation process sounds great, many users of growth tools like Nitreo were disappointed with the unsatisfactory level of popularity and followers they gained. That’s why you need to choose a service and tool that will bring you real and legitimate followers that will help you grow your business.

Getting the Right Instagram Followers

To sell more stuff, you need Instagram followers, but not any kind of followers. If you buy followers, you’ll just get a bunch of fake accounts that won’t do anything for you. You want to grow your following organically so that you have good data to accurately predict your sales.

If you have thousands of Instagram followers, but they never engage with your account, they’re not doing you any good. Your effort should be focused on high-quality followers rather than quantity. Otherwise, as you move leads further down the funnel, your data will be inaccurate.

Brands can get real Instagram followers by collaborating with influencers, using strategic hashtags, and advertising through other channels. Here are a few ways to ensure you are getting real followers.

Using Instagram to Interact With Your Followers

Once you’ve gained followers, it’s time to stay in touch. Social media engagement is the first step in building a relationship with them. It can bring a lot of benefits, such as social proof, brand awareness, and expanding your reach. After all, a sales funnel is all about numbers — and that’s why we need to track our engagement rate for Instagram.

How to Get Quality Instagram Followers and Keep Them

Crafting an exciting brand story is vital. Begin by telling the backstory of your company. Be real and authentic, but also tell a compelling story, and then weave your business goals into it. A great story will compel potential customers to listen, and if you can add emotion, that’s even better!

Whenever you post to Instagram, make sure you include a strong call to action. You can ask your followers to do several different things: like the photo, tag a friend, leave a comment, or visit the link in your bio. You can also ask them to view a product or watch a video.

Another great way to increase engagement on Instagram is by asking questions, providing polls, and running contests. Questions are a popular feature that allows you to seek direct feedback from your audience. Polls also help you crowdsource ideas and have fun as well.

Using a Lead Magnet to Convert Your Instagram Followers

After your Instagram sales funnel has been set up, the next step is to create a lead magnet. It should be gated content, which requires visitors to fill out a form or enter their email address to receive it.

To begin, consider what kind of content you want to provide. For example, do you want to share a white paper, an eBook, a video, or a discount? Then, assess whether your potential customers will find that content valuable.

When you have a limited marketing budget, think small. One of your audience’s common pain points is the best place to start. If that’s not possible, find a pain point that is both big and small. If you don’t have the resources in-house, hire freelancers to write and design your lead magnet.

If your Instagram followers click on your lead magnet, they should be directed to a landing page specifically for Instagram. This landing page is the bottom of your Instagram funnel. The visuals and messaging on the page must be tailored for Instagram users.

Final Words

In reality, capturing and converting leads on Instagram can be very simple if you follow the proper procedures in the correct order. The goal for any small business with a thriving Instagram account is to get a high engagement level

If a company does this, they will find that they have access to more Instagram followers. Before you can start offering a lead magnet, you’ll need to make sure that you have a high engagement level.