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This post will explain gmail old compose. In these months, Gmail web interfaces in addition to its mobile applications have gotten a lot of modifications and features in the core! Significant ones are the addition of categorized e-mails– such as Personal, social, updates, promos, forums and so on that has made the user experience never ever like in the past and of course simpler than your expectations. Utilizing the function is much efficient in handling different sort of email because you do not need to search all your mails if you want to discover the personal mail, sent by your friends or acquaintance. However, we need to also mention that not all new features of Gmail is very little efficient, especially the new user interface of Email compose window, which was incorporated to the web-based interface of Gmail as a result Google’s acquisition of Sparrow, among the e-mail customers for Mac-based gadgets.

How to Get Old Gmail Compose Window Using Extension for Chrome

In this article, you can know about gmail old compose here are the details below;

Undoubtedly, the brand-new compose window is one of the worst features (according to different user evaluations) that Gmail has incorporated to their interface! As in some of your cases, you might be having severe issues due to the shift to the brand-new compose window, which works like a chat window, from the usual full-screen window of Gmail. Undoubtedly, there are numerous problems with the editor due to the lack of tools for appropriate modifying, formatting etc. Although Gmail had permitted users to keep the old editor after the beta launch of brand-new compose window, the feature was soon cut off from Gmail. Also check apache zookeeper alternatives

Therefore, currently, there is no way to get the old compose page back unless you are familiar with the Google Chrome extension for the function. Here, we like to present you an amazing Chrome extension, using which you can return the old compose window of Gmail. Resembling its function, this complimentary Chrome extension is named as Old Compose, which can be set up from Chrome Web Store in seconds. As we said, setup and use of this extension is extremely easy, especially if you can follow our pointers.

 Installing Old Compose in Google Chrome

gmail old compose

Just like you set up any other extension in Google Chrome, for setting up Old Compose, first, you require to go to the authentic Chrome Web Store page of Old Compose Now, click on the include button to set up the extension in your web browser. It will not take more than 2 seconds for the extension to complete the setup procedure.

However, unlike other extension, you can not see an icon or options page for Old compose other than in the extensions page of Chrome. This indicates that Old Compose will be running in your chrome in background without disrupting your other tasks. Well, yes, we have actually finished the installation of Old Compose. Also check school projector

 Result of Old Compose.

Now, to see the impact of the extension, you need to first see Obviously, you can not observe any change in the window. Now, click on the ‘Compose’ button to see the magic of Old Compose. Quickly, you can see your old compose page of Gmail in the window, just as displayed in the following image.

Nonetheless, a minimum of in many cases, the extension will not work instantaneously! In such circumstances, you will have to just close your Chrome browser and after that start it once again. Moreover, after the installation, your Gmail account will be refreshed. So, what are you waiting for? Simply give details and send your mail to gain back the same of emailing experience. As we said you previously, the extension will reveal no icons or options page but it will start operating in the background whenever you begin your Chrome browser. And the extension will be triggered when you gain access to

In addition, for the sake of user-friendliness, the extension does not require the regular sign-up procedure for each Gmail account however it will work for each Gmail account you access through the Chrome profile, which is of course big deal! If in case, you are getting tired of this old method of emailing, and would like to return the small-but-new area for making up emails, you can simply uninstall the extension from your Google chrome. Instead of just bringing the old mailing user interface back, Old Compose is damn helpful, specifically if you have extensions in your web browser such as Rapportive, which gives information about socials media and so on associated with the e-mail ID. Apparently, in the little compose box, using such tools is an additional strain. For this reason, by keeping the old compose window, you can smoothen the running procedure of such extensions.


We hope that majority of you would be interested in setting up the extension in your chrome as you are bored of the small-and-weird compose box of Gmail. As far as we have tested, the extension works like magic and does not make any contributions to slowing down your Chrome web browser. So, what do you think about this beneficial extensions? Isn’t it awesome when the easiness of email composing matters? Do let us understand your viewpoint by means of comments. Also check sublime text alternative.