Best free antivirus for Android phone 2021

This post will explain Best free antivirus for Android phone 2021. Antivirus is a necessary utility application for any system to keep it safe and safe. However with the increase of Android smart devices, nowadays different anti-viruses are likewise readily available for Android phones. Different antivirus includes various features. However with numerous antiviruses available, the users frequently get puzzled about which one to choose.

Top 10 Free Antivirus for your Android Mobile In 2021

In this article, you can know about Best free antivirus for Android phone 2021 here are the details below;

Are you sure that your Android phone is safe? When your Android device is linked to the internet all-time and downloads various files in your Android phone, it typically risks its security and privacy of data. If you are one of those who is trying to find the very best antivirus for Android phones and is confused about which antivirus to select, then you are in the best location. Also check best free antivirus software.

Here you order get to understand in detail about the leading 10 best antiviruses for your Android gadget. So before picking one, inspect the info about them in detail and then make your option.

 List of 10 Best Antiviruses for your Android:

With so many antiviruses available in the market, it is rather tough to select the best that suits your needs. So the question is which antivirus to use that provides the best security to your system? Hope this post will help you to pick the very best antivirus for your Android gadget which matches your requirements.

Here we have provided a list of top 10 anti-viruses that are commonly utilized by people all around the world.

 – Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender antivirus is among the best anti-viruses that are readily available to you totally free. Besides, it also has the capability to secure your system with very little effect on resources. Bitdefender utilizes high-detection engines and likewise includes in-the-cloud scanning capabilities. With this software, you will experience the simplest user interface to work. And simply by releasing the app and tapping on Scan, you can scan any file or application on your phone.

Bitdefender automatically scans all the new files or applications that are being downloaded, in real-time. Besides, it features no advertisements and likewise does not impact the performance of the phone in addition to the battery life.

Nevertheless, it seems lack some characteristics such as theft protection, online account security or safe browsing, etc. So, if you don’t want any of these features, then you can easily go for this antivirus.

 – McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is another popular antivirus that is utilized by many PC users. However, this is available for your Android phone as well. McAfee Mobile security comes with some substantial features such as anti-theft functions. Besides, the McAfee likewise provide security versus any sort of spamming or spyware. And it comes loaded with increase functions to increase the performance of the phone.

The anti-theft function of the McAfee comes free of charge so that you can track your device when lost. In accordance with that, it enables you to lock your gadget and wipe out the files from another location when the phone is lost. Furthermore, it also takes a photo of the thief and record areas prior to the phone is shut down. Also check Kaspersky free alternative.

So, if you are looking for the very best free Android antivirus and desire such strong anti-theft functions, then it will be a sensible idea to select McAfee Mobile Security.

 – Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky Mobile antivirus is a well-reputed antivirus from the PC world and is now offered for your Android smart device. It likewise comes totally free and with some extensive functions. However, Kaspersky is very good at discovering the malware on your phone, with a detection rate of 99.9%.

Kaspersky obstructs all sort of harmful sites or links prior to you access it. Therefore, prevents your phone from any more infection. Among the best features of Kaspersky is that it supports Android Wear and in return, it streamlines security management. In addition to this, it gives extra security features like automatic scan, anti-phishing and also text filtering.

So, if you want to avail all the features consisting of the Android Wear function for your Android Phone, then you can go for the Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus.

 – Avast Mobile Security

One of the recognized giant anti-viruses in the PC world is the Avast. However, with its significant skills, the manufacturers have made an app for Android users. Avast Mobile Security used to be a paid app and now it is available for free. Besides being a free antivirus, it features some remarkable functions such as Call Blocking, firewall, and anti-theft steps. Possibly, it permits you to remotely lock or wipe the data from the mobile if the mobile is lost or goes missing. Though it’s free, yet it is Ad-supported.

Another premium feature of this antivirus is its in-app locking function. Therefore, here you can set pins or passwords for any selective application in your mobile to keep it safe. This feature blocks the malware to introduce apps such as Internet Banking. Hence, download Avast antivirus if you likewise want to avail these functions.

 – AVG Antivirus

AVG antivirus for mobile includes a fantastic series of functions. This free app will let you scan your gadget for infections and other malware. Besides, you can likewise scan Wi-fi networks for security vulnerabilities and testing Wi-Fi speed. Also check best antivirus software for mac.

Nevertheless, some additional security functions consist of locking your phone when somebody tries to change the sim. Also, you can avail some extra personal privacy settings such as for call blocking and a VPN is also consisted of for confidential browsing. With all such terrific functions, there’s no doubt that this antivirus is available in the list of some of the very best apps though you will get a couple of extra ads.

 – Norton Security and Antivirus for Mobile

The only mobile antivirus that has the capability to detect 100% of all the Android malware when benchmarked by AV-Test. Besides, it has a scanner that can scan and find the viruses inside any apps or files, then erase them instantly.

Another best function of Norton Security and Antivirus is that you can just lock your phone with an SMS or the phone gets locked when the SIM is removed. Perhaps, you can also choose to from another location lock the gadget if the phone is missing out on or have it lock after 10 unsuccessful efforts of the passcode. Another advantage of the Norton Security and Antivirus is that it is readily available free of charge and is suggested by professionals as the best free antivirus for Android mobile.

 – Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security is popular for its best personal privacy security. Some of the popular functions of this antivirus are the Permission Manager (It keeps track of how apps will access the data); Identity Protection (It will continue examining if your email address has been taken in a data breach); App lock, including security to your personal Apps.

However, the Avira features ransomware defense. Although the software application is free, it costs additional for safe web surfing and also displays advertisements.

 – ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus

ESET mobile security is another popular antivirus that supplies a wide variety of free functions. Out of that, it also consists of the scanning gadget for viruses and malware, locates the device by means of GPS, and securely browse the web.

The best function of ESET Mobile Security and antivirus is phishing defense. Fake phishing sites deceive you to share your passwords and individual details. Therefore, it will save you from such fake phishing websites. So, you can quickly go with this antivirus is you are looking for to use among the very best mobile antiviruses.

 – Malwarebytes Security

One of the very best antiviruses in the PC world is Malwarebytes Security. It has the best resources for supplying security to your system. However, now Malwarebytes is readily available for your Android phone with respectable features.

Malwarebytes has the best Android security app infection database and it likewise supports the malware and ransomware detection. Besides, it can scan messages from various social media network apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook for any possible unsafe links.

 – Google Play Protect

Lastly, Google Play Protect is a typical antivirus that comes preinstalled on the phone. Though the Google Play Protect scans and compares any set up app on the phone to the Google Play version of the app. It is a free app that develops a barrier to security.


While picking the very best antivirus for your Android device, you can opt for any of those pointed out above. As the majority of them are available free of charge and are popular for their remarkable features to secure your Android device. However before choosing any antivirus, it is recommended to initially set your concerns and check your requirements. Then attempt to match it with the functions of your chosen antivirus.