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Top Best Free Backlink Sites will be described in this article. Because they all originate from websites with a high Domain Authority, these are some of the best free backlinks for websites that can be built. While some of these links are nofollow links that can still help your site’s backlink profile, some are dofollow links that pass the highest PageRank value for SEO.

With your digital marketing link-building initiatives, this list of free high-quality backlinks can assist you in ranking your website & the higher in the search engines &  like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Top Best Free Backlink Sites In 2024

In this article, you can know about Best Free Backlink Sites here are the details below;

1. Crunchbase

Crunchbase has a high Domain Authority (DA) rating of 81, making it one of the top free backlink sites for link building. You can obtain a high-quality backlink to your website and list your company for free on this website.

2. MyBlogU

Another well-liked resource for free website backlinks is MyBlogU. You may make a profile, add links, and interact with other marketers to exchange concepts and ideas as well as to forge future connections that may result in even more high-quality backlinks.


HARO ranks third on this list of free high-quality backlinks since it’s a great way to obtain high domain authority (DA) from well-known companies across all industries. After creating an account, you will receive three emails per day from journalists eager to cite you as a source for their articles. This is how it works. While responding to news pitches on a daily basis can be a bit tedious, this additional advice on using HARO for backlinks will teach you how to get the most links for your efforts.

4. SourceBottle

Comparable to HARO in terms of connection construction is SourceBottle. By answering media questions from bloggers and journalists, you can obtain free publicity and backlinks for your website.

5. Google Sites

Would you like to utilise one of the top resources for free backlinks that you can put up in a couple of minutes? Then you should use Google Sites. A Google Site can be created by anyone with a Gmail account, and links to their website can be added immediately and for free. Additionally, these kinds of websites are beneficial for raising brand awareness and are rapidly indexed in search engine results pages (SERPs). For more information on search engine optimisation best practices, see this linked Google Sites SEO guide.

6. Google Drive Assets

Why Google shows up twice on this list of free backlinks sites may be a mystery to you. You should take advantage of this chance to obtain high-quality links for your website as soon as you have a better understanding of how Google assets operate. In essence, you may use Google’s own products (such Docs, Sheets, Forms, etc.) to build backlinks to your website and assign some of its strong PR. For a step-by-step explanation on this link-building tactic, check out this comprehensive guide on Google Authority Stacking.

7. BizSugar

On the website BizSugar, entrepreneurs and business owners may vote for and share the greatest online news, trends, and business advice. As a result, creating an account and using the website for link building is highly recommended.

8. GrowthHackers

You can exchange marketing tactics for expanding your company with other digital marketers in the vibrant GrowthHackers community. To increase backlinks, you can publish unique content and syndicate blog posts. The best part is that you may update your account profile and the website with links to each of your individual articles. See this linked guide for a list of websites where articles can be submitted.

9. GitHub

Developers may store, monitor, track, and regulate modifications to their source code with the aid of GitHub, a repository. You can also add a backlink in the about section if you have an application of any kind that you can add to GitHub.

10. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is an online community for artists that showcases GIFs, photography, and artwork. You can upload your artistic creations to our free website to receive a hyperlink to it that will assist build brand recognition for your company.

11. Business 2 Community

With its own online community that offers news and advice on social media, marketing, branding, PR, and other topics, Business 2 Community is comparable to the previously mentioned BizSugar and GrowthHackers. You can include link to the homepage in your account profile and syndicate articles on our platform with backlinks pointing to your website.

12. Mix

Mix is a free website that allows you to rapidly create backlinks for any page on your website and curate content of any kind.

13. Alltop

Alltop is an aggregator service that continuously draws in your blog’s RSS feed. This implies that every time you publish a new blog entry, Alltop will automatically provide it with a high-quality link. Check out this linked tutorial as well, which includes a list of blog submission websites.

14. SoundCloud

Podcasters and musicians are the main users of SoundCloud, an online music sharing and audio distribution platform, to share their work. On the other hand, anyone can use the website to publish audio files of any kind by registering for free. Every song, episode, or show you post to SoundCloud can have a free backlink added to it, which you can use to increase internet visibility for your company.

15. Blogger

Another Google property that can be used for link development is Blogger. To further boost Page Authority for those URLs, you may simply create a free blog for your company and link to your greatest content. For a list of more high DA backlinks similar to Blogger that you may develop for your website, view this related tutorial.

16. Wix

You can use Wix, a free website builder, to make another online presence for your company. In order to move up to two or more spots in the SERPs, many SEOs use it for link building and to create optimised content that may rank for specific target keywords.

17. Weebly

Wix and Weebly are comparable. You may create Web 2.0 backlinks with this free website building tool.

18. Yola

With Yola, you can quickly and easily create a free, professional website. If you decide to use this platform, be sure to read this other advice on building Web 2.0 backlinks so you can properly set it up to deliver the best PageRank for SEO to your target site and maintain the account’s activity.

19. WordPress

Without including WordPress, no list of free backlink sites could be considered complete. WordPress is used by more than 400 million websites as their content management system (CMS). But before you install the CMS on your hosting platform, you can test it out by creating a free website on WordPress is the preferred platform for developing high-quality backlinks quickly and for free, according to several link builders.

20. Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that has been considered one of the greatest websites for free backlinks due to its ability to give a target site a significant amount of link equity. Some people used to be able to rank microniche websites simply by utilising backlinks from Tumblr. Although it’s a little out of date now as a link-building tactic, you can still rapidly and for free add links to your website. For a comprehensive list of microblogging websites that you may utilise for microblog marketing, check out our linked guide.

21. Live Journal

With Live Journal, you may maintain a blog, journal, or diary where you can post articles related to any subject and link back to your website.

22. Google my Business Profile

Any serious business owner should create Google My Business profile. Linking your brand to a Google-owned company not only helps you rank higher in the local search results pages (SERPs), but it also helps you establish greater authority for your website. See this other advice on adding keywords to Google My Business to get the most out of your GMB profile.

23. Yelp

Yelp is another excellent website for building a local business’s internet profile, which is why it is included in this list of free backlink sites. However, you need to have a verifiable local address in order to be accepted. After verification, you will receive a free, high-quality backlink.

24. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is an online customer review platform that features reviews of companies all over the world. You can register, add a backlink, and have your company featured. After that, you may focus on encouraging users to provide reviews on your website in order to raise the authority of your brand within your industry.

25. TripAdvisor

In order to give people guidance and recommendations on travel-related services, TripAdvisor was founded. This wonderful website is a great place to obtain customer reviews and backlinks if you own a restaurant, hotel, airline, car rental service, or other business that travellers use or visit.

26. LinkedIn

Any website owner or niche will find LinkedIn to be a valuable resource. You can network with other experts who are interested in your material by using this platform. For more on all the methods you may use to build LinkedIn backlinks for SEO, see this linked guide.

27. Medium

Many journalists, thought-leaders, and professionals provide original and syndicated content to Medium, a free online publishing platform. To get the most out of your links, check out this other website that contains detailed instructions on how to establish Medium backlinks for SEO.

28. Quora

Quora is the next website on this free backlink sites list. Another useful website for increasing brand recognition and high-quality backlinks that can drive relevant traffic to your website is Quora. For additional information on utilising Quora for off-page search engine optimisation, read our special article on the topic.

29. Reddit

If used properly, Reddit can be a fantastic resource for high quality backlinks and a huge amount of free website traffic. Viral content on the platform has the potential to produce unexpected surges in the number of leads, customers, and sales. But you can’t anticipate good results by simply adding links on the website. Because Redditors police the website and have zero tolerance for individuals who are simply on the network for digital marketing objectives, you need to be extremely smart about where and when you add links. Check out this comprehensive article on Reddit backlinks for SEO to acquire an effective link-building plan.

30. Facebook

Though there are many methods to use Facebook as a source of links, it might not immediately spring to mind as one of the best websites for free backlinks. To get as much link equity out of Facebook as you can, you can master every technique for constructing backlinks on this other website for SEO purposes.

31. Twitter

All different kinds of Internet marketers use Twitter, which is a prominent platform for everyday backlink acquisition. By reading this article on Twitter backlinks for SEO, you may learn all the methods you can use this platform to build high-quality connections to your website.

32. You Tube

Any digital marketing plan that involves link development should incorporate YouTube. Why? Because the platform increases brand awareness for your business and allows you to produce both dofollow and nofollow connections. This YouTube backlinks for SEO page explains all five of the different link types that you may build on the platform. Also check Best Blogger Outreach Tools

33. Vimeo

Vimeo is more geared towards professional video producers than YouTube, but it is still a platform where you may post and share videos. To keep your account active, you must submit high-quality content such as documentaries, business presentations, motion graphics, and advertisements. If not, they might close it and all the backlinks you built on the website will be gone.

34. Pinterest

One of the greatest websites in the past for obtaining free backlinks on a large scale was Pinterest. To attract targeted traffic to your website, all you had to do was make a single pin image, including a link to your website, and keep using this method. But now that Pinterest is aware of this link-building tactic, the system requires you to produce new pin images for each backlink. It’s also favouring story pins and video content, so be sure to incorporate these into your digital marketing plan. For additional information on leveraging Pinterest for business, refer to our backlinks for SEO tutorial.

35. Wattpad

Wattpad is a social media site where users may read books, compose original tales, and interact with other writers. A free backlink can be added to the account profile page.

36. SlideShare

You may post infographics and presentations to SlideShare for others to see and share. Both on the files themselves and in your descriptions, you can include backlinks. Visit these websites to submit PowerPoints for additional inspiration like this one.

37. Issuu

You can upload PDF files to Issuu, a digital publishing site, and have them converted into flipbooks. Links can be embedded in PDF files and you can add free backlinks from websites to your profile.

38. Unsplash

You can utilise Unsplash, an image-sharing website, to locate high-quality photographs for your material. Additionally, you can use this free website to register and publish your own photos for public use. Additionally, the account profile page allows you to include a backlink to your website.

39. Flickr

Another free image-sharing website where you may upload films is called Flickr. You can add backlinks to your profile, descriptions, and other areas of the platform.

40. Scoopit

With the help of the content curation website Scoopit, you can quickly build backlinks to the URLs of your web pages so that other Scoopit users can find them and they will be indexed by the search engines like the Google Yahoo, and Bing.

41. Wikipedia

Wikipedia has a high Domain Authority score of 97 and is available for free online. Even though this website’s backlinks are nofollow, you can still obtain high quality backlinks for your website from them because they can pass credibility and authority signals for search engine optimisation. However, because Wikipedia editors are harsh when it comes to removing link spam, you have to be really clever in order to get your links published there. See this comprehensive guide for information on obtaining backlinks from Wikipedia.

42. Industry Blogs

Gaining backlinks from websites and pages that are thematically relevant will assist your website’s authority, trust, and expertise (E-A-T) grow. Consequently, you want to make a concerted effort to obtain links through editorial and guest posting from reputable websites within your sector. To learn how to create these kinds of links for improved off-page SEO, check out this guest post link building guide. Also check How To Update Your Old Blog Posts For Maximum Traffic

43. Resource Pages

Another free technique to develop links is to have your URL and website mentioned on pertinent resource pages on other websites. To use this strategy, you must locate these kinds of pages and then get in contact with the website owners to request that they include your link. If you would want more inspiration for this tactic, you may see this other advice on building backlinks for free. And this other page that contains a collection of websites that accept directory submissions.

Resource Pages

Free Website Backlinks Summary

I hope this collection of free backlink websites was enjoyable.

As you found, you can obtain a lot of free backlinks for your website from high Domain Authority websites; some of these links are nofollow links, while others are dofollow links. Regardless of the follow status, every website on this list of free high-quality backlinks can still help your site by giving it PageRank value for SEO and enhancing its backlink profile. Simply select the websites that you like the most from this list and want to use in your link-building campaigns for digital marketing.