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Best and demanding Dataedo Alternatives will be described in this article. A strong database management tool is Dataedo. It enables you to keep track of database changes, group modifications made by developers, and do other things. You may manage and consolidate your data using Dataedo. Its dynamic fields are optimally designed, preserving all of your network’s metadata in one location.

Dataedo has drawbacks, though, like a clunky UI and a challenging learning curve.

Fortunately, there are other Dataedo substitutes that address these issues and offer a number of additional alternatives. The top 15 Dataedo alternatives are listed in this post, ranked by our review platform.

Top 16 Best Dataedo Alternatives In 2024

In this article, you can know about Top Dataedo Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Microsoft Azure Data Catalog

Microsoft Azure Data Catalog

A fantastic tool is Dataedo. However, there are certain drawbacks, particularly if you’re seeking for a data cataloguing solution that can be coupled with your BI tools or procedures.

In comparison to Dataedo, Microsoft Azure Data Catalog offers a more complete data cataloguing solution. On many levels, it’s superior to Dataedo in many ways.

The majority of ETL and BI technologies, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Power BI, Power Query, Hadoop, Spark, & many others, are integrated with Azure Data Catalog.

It gives users the option to annotate their submissions with code snippets so that your data engineering teams may easily find them.

In order to combine Azure Data Catalog with any other technology or procedure, it also offers APIs.

Enterprise-grade security is offered by Azure Data Catalog, allowing customers to decide which sections of the catalogue and who can access them. Users have the option to decide who sees the information about their entries, and they can even completely hide entries from some users.

This permits company parties to freely exchange details about their assets without running the risk of disclosing sensitive data like IP addresses or passwords.

It’s free to use Microsoft Azure Data Catalog.

2. Alation Data Catalog

Alation Data Catalog

By curating and maintaining data assets, Alation Data Catalog is a data catalogue solution that intends to assist enterprises in discovering, comprehending, and trusting their data.

Users may search through all of their data sources on this platform, and they can also build comprehensive, useable descriptions of the organization’s data assets, such as tables, columns, fields, and reports.

Similar to Dataedo, Alation enables you to establish a central repository for your data assets and work with your team by sharing documents like glossaries, business rules, and lineage.

In order to document the business logic put forth in the ETL tool or Data Warehouse, it also offers a facility for generating customised data sources.

With this choice, Alation can be used as a tool for creating metadata and as an internal knowledge store for your company.

Alation + 25 creators hosting Alation Data Catalog commands $198.00 a year in subscription.

3. Collibra Data Catalog

Collibra Data Catalog

A business oriented data dictionary with a focus on offering business definitions for all data sources is the Collibra Data Catalog. The catalogue is made to be simple to use and doesn’t call for specialised knowledge like coding or SQL. This is another best dataedo alternatives. Also check Pixabay alternatives

Similar to Dataedo, it offers metadata management, impact analysis, and data governance while enabling customers to document their data assets.

The key advantages of Collibra Data Catalog versus Dataedo are its intuitive interface, ease of use (particularly for non-technical users), and advanced features in the fields of data governance & metadata management.

No matter if the enterprise data sources are on-premises or in the cloud, it is the only product in its category to provide comprehensive coverage across all of them. Structured, semi-structured, unstructured, streaming, and large data sources are all included in this.

On their website, there are no information about prices, but you can get updated prices by contacting support.

4. Informatica


The most frequently used ETL tool is Informatica. It includes a drag and drop user interface, similar to Dataedo, which makes it incredibly simple to use. Additionally, every type of business can use Informatica’s excellent transformation capabilities.

Basically, Informatica enables you to quickly handle the enormous volumes of data that you have gathered from numerous sources and then merge them into a single practical format so that you may utilise it more effectively. To make this workflow as simple as possible, it contains a wide range of functions.

Building documentation for your SQL Server databases with Informatica is an excellent alternative to Dataedo. When you need to document a number of databases that are not kept in the same repository, it is extremely helpful (like on different servers with different authentication options). This is another best dataedo alternatives.

With the help of Informatica, you may connect to several database servers simultaneously and generate documentation for all of your databases at once.

Speak with a sales representative for the most recent price.

5. Erwin Data Intelligence

Erwin Data Intelligence

A data governance platform called erwin Data Intelligence helps businesses to find, handle, and securely share their data assets as well as take charge of data-driven choices. It aids organisations in knowing where, how, and who has access to their data. Also check little snitch alternatives for windows

No matter where your data assets are located, erwin Data Intelligence can gather and manage them all. It provides a unified view of all your metadata and streamlines the process of identifying data links, achieving consistency across sources, and comprehending the commercial significance of data utilisation.

By automatically identifying and correcting duplicate values, erwin Data Intelligence raises the quality of your assets. To improve the clarity of your assistance, you can preserve linkages between business words, descriptions, and definitions.

To share information inside your organisation, the software has the capability to export data into a number of formats, including HTML and PDF.

Click here to view the most recent price.

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6. Semaphore


With its straightforward user interface that enables efficient data administration, Semaphore is a well-known alternative to Dataedo.

Because it makes it easier to manage data for most types of databases, it has emerged as analysts’ and developers’ go-to tool. This is another best dataedo alternatives.

Semaphore offers on-premises and cloud installations. There are two versions available: the free Starter version and the premium Pro version.

The free edition has a few restrictions, including 10 projects per user, unlimited users, 5 concurrent builds, 2GB RAM/2 CPU, and 2 hours of build time per month.

Free, standard, and premium subscription plans are available from Semaphore. Two private projects, five active jobs, and unlimited monthly minutes are all included in the free plan.

7. IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

In order to speed up their analytics initiatives, analysts and scientists can find, comprehend, and trust the data they need with the aid of IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog, an enterprise knowledge catalogue.

Metadata can be added to every piece of data in an organisation, which can subsequently be catalogued. You can create your own catalogues or use ones that are industry-specific (e.g., finance or healthcare).

It offers a variety of tools for exploring data and interacting on it, and it has built-in connectors to various data sources (including databases, cloud storage, and social media).

To assist you in managing compliance needs, the solution has built-in features for data quality control, data governance, data lineage, & audit powers.

It gives data teams a centralised location to gather, curate, control, share, and work together on their data assets. This is another best dataedo alternatives.

The IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog is designed for businesses that wish to give their data teams access to a more reliable, useful, and productive working environment.

8. ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence

ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence

ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence and Solution (ASG DI) is software that enables businesses to learn from their data by utilising distributed data processing and storage.

ASG DI utilises patent-pending technology to do analytics at speeds that are close to real-time.

It keeps the scalability and flexibility of a distributed system while combining the high version of in-memory solutions with the data industry of on-disk systems.

As a result, you may perform batch analytics and real-time analytics using the same system.

All enterprise data may be accessed, integrated, and analysed with ASG DI from a single platform. Data scientists can use it as a one-stop shop to drive insights, enhance decisions, and suggest actions in real-time by utilising the power of advanced analytics.

It gathers data from various systems, both organised and unstructured, and integrates it. To gain access to particular user types, it makes use of linkages between data, including user roles and entitlements (e.g., analysts and end-users).

ASG DI can be used, for instance, to gather data on customer complaints from a customer relationship management system, product return rates from a web analytics system, and suppliers’ quality performance indicators from an enterprise resource planning system.

9. Talend for Metadata Management

Talend for Metadata Management

A complete, real-time solution for enterprise metadata management is offered by Talend for Metadata Management, a pre-built solution powered by Talend’s market-leading integration platform.

Through enhanced visibility, teamwork, and governance mechanisms, this solution streamlines and expedites the data management process.

Because metadata is the cornerstone of business intelligence and data management projects, it is crucial to decision-making.

Talend offers total visibility into all data items throughout an organisation by enabling users to manage metadata throughout the full data lifecycle.

You may define and catalogue all data assets related to the sources and goals of your company using Talend for Metadata Management, track their consumption, put best practises into effect, and guarantee quality. Additionally, it guarantees centralised administration of and access to all essential data governance papers.

Talend creates uniform business rules that can be handled from a single point of management and automatically distributed to all apps taking part in production processing.

By doing rid of the manual processes that come with conventional solutions, it streamlines time-consuming operations like manual coding and system transfers. Also check credit karma alternative sites apps

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10. Octopai


In order to locate and comprehend their enterprise data, analysts, business users, and data experts can use the automated metadata management platform Octopai.

It is far superior to Dataedo because it is a single metadata management platform that helps businesses to find, comprehend, analyse, regulate, and manage all of their enterprise data assets. Here’s why:

Organizations can use Octopai to monitor changes to the definitions of the tables over time and track table-level lineage.

Octopai offers thorough traceability from source databases to business reports and dashboards, passing through the BI layer (such as data marts). It locates tables that are inactive or are still being utilised by outmoded programmes. This is another best dataedo alternatives.

Octopai automatically locates and displays all pertinent details on the data sources and the items contained inside those sources.

Octopai interfaces with a variety of data sources, including relational databases that are installed locally, including Teradata, Netezza, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, SAP HANA, or Snowflake, as well as cloud-based analytical systems, like Amazon Redshift or Google Big Query.

Website Octopai offers a special AI-based algorithm that makes use of deep learning technology to increase the accuracy of evaluating company data assets, unlike Dataedo.

11. Accuracy Software Suite

Accuracy Software Suite

An effective solution like Accurity Software Suite can alter the way you conduct business. It provides you with a thorough overview of your whole business, making it simple for you to locate the information you require at any time.

You don’t need to spend time sifting through mountains of paper or interacting with uncooperative IT employees. Simply use any device and obtain the information you require from anywhere in the world.

You can improve profitability & run your business more successfully using the Accurity Software Suite. You don’t require to be an professional to utilise it because it is simple and intuitive.

The suite provides financial administration features including billing, accounts payable, and invoicing. Along with support facilities like FAQs, self-help literature, and user forums, it also offers project management tools like task lists, time tracking, and milestones.

The Accurity Software Suite sets itself apart from other software programmes like Dataedo by offering a combination of incredibly hard-to-find skills in a single company.

Although many companies have outstanding technological and business expertise, they frequently lack execution or operational experience. Similar to this, many businesses possess strong operations knowledge but fail to recognise the strategic significance of technological advancements.

12. Syniti Knowledge Platform

Syniti Knowledge Platform

Business users and developers may find, comprehend, and manage the data assets of their organisation with the aid of the data catalogue tool Syniti Knowledge Platform.

There are three primary parts to the Syniti Knowledge Platform:

Data Intelligence: Look for pertinent information in repositories of both structured and unstructured data. In order to enhance search performance, this component makes use of AI-based search and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies.

Discover metadata across all enterprise data assets with the help of the data catalogue, which will give the company a single source of reality. Tools for manual and automatic metadata curation are both included in this component.

Manage access to corporate data assets using tools like linkage mapping and effect analysis of changes to corporate data assets (e.g., ETL transformations).

Syniti Knowledge Platform may assist boost productivity, enhance data quality and dependability, lower risk, and expedite digital transformation initiatives by enabling quicker time to insight and automation. This is another best dataedo alternatives.

13. Anzo


A graph database is Anzo. This implies that instead of operating tables and rows, it stores data using nodes and edges. Many of the same features found in other graph databases that you are already familiar with and adore are also present in AnzoGraph.

Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with graph databases; we’ll go through everything you need to know.

SPARQL is a potent query language used by AnzoGraph. Due to the fact that it enables you to make use of AnzoGraph’s distributed features and optimizations, this method of database interaction is advised.

It produces HTML5 documentation, exports data dictionaries to PDF, and draws diagrams. Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, & SQLite are all used by Anzo.

Because it supports more database types and is easier to use than Dataedo, it is a great substitute.

You can use it to record information from databases and other sources like Excel or CSV files. Static HTML documentation can be created by Anzo and uploaded to your website.

14. Adaptive Metadata Manger

Adaptive Metadata Manger

The enterprise-grade metadata management tool and data integration platform Adaptive Metadata Manager.

By cataloguing all the metadata from databases, BI systems, data warehouses, data lakes, and other systems on-premises or in the cloud, it is intended to assist you with both data discovery and governance.

Adaptive Metadata Manager gives a single source for all of your metadata so that you may have a thorough picture of your data environment and data assets.

This is another best dataedo alternatives. In addition to managing and enhancing asset descriptions, defining glossary terms and relationships, creating custom catalogue content views (for various departments or projects), generating reports on any metadata component (such as database table structures and column definitions), and automating numerous metadata management processes, you can use it to navigate through the metadata hierarchy.

You may make reusable metadata packages using the Adaptive Metadata Manager tool.

It employs the same modelling methods as Dataedo, but its key benefit is the ability to store and change huge amounts of metadata in a database.



Complete datasets, file storage, and limitless public projects are now available to all users of, a social network for data scientists.

Organizations and individuals can host their data on so that it can be transferred and used by others.

Additionally, it provides data cataloguing, profiling, and finding capabilities. Coding-free recommendation engines are also available to help you find new datasets based on the ones you presently use.

Data is kept in an unique metadata-enabled open-source format (CSV) that other applications like Tableau, Microsoft Excel, and even simple SQL databases may use.

You may manage who can access your data via privacy settings, and subscription options enable private sharing. There is even a built-in community forum where individuals from all around the world can ask questions. This is another best dataedo alternatives.

Data professionals may find, use, and work together on projects at It is a knowledge resource of data projects and datasets as well as a social network for data professionals.

Create stunning interactive visualisations, receive meaningful insights from your data, and connect with your team in a fun way using what they call “the Wikipedia of data”!

While the service is still under beta testing, everything is currently free, at least as a preview.

Paid plans range in price from $50k per year to $150k. Inquire with them about personalised price as well.

16. Solidatus



Solidatus is a data lineage tool, therefore it displays a diagram of all your data sources and their connections. This implies that you can track the movement of data throughout your company. This is another best dataedo alternatives.

With Solidatus, users can create their own metadata model from scratch.

It also enables a wide range of integration possibilities with other enterprise systems. This makes it possible to map your existing data architecture within Solidatus quite well.

To find bottlenecks and chances for scaling up or down, the tool lets you trace every stage of your data flow.

To understand how your data moves around the company, use Solidatus to visualise your data linkages and data lineage.

Solidatus, in contrast to Dataedo, offers a built-in viewer that makes it simple to browse through data. When you first sign up for their website, it shows you how to utilise their tool, making it incredibly simple to make connections between one object and another.

Determine any problems with data quality and interact with the business to learn what is and is not performing properly and what needs to be changed.

Make choices regarding whether maintaining outdated systems is cost-effective or whether updating would be more beneficial.

Bottom Line

Azure Data Catalog should be your first choice based on your business requirements because it enables you to manage and integrate your complete data estate using straightforward groupings.

Additionally, it facilitates the quick creation of reports based on pre-defined parameters and organises datasets using customers, apps, and authorizations.

Although there will eventually be a paid upgrade option, it is also free. You might wish to think about this option instead of Dataedo. The decision is ultimately up to you.