Best Alternative To Linux Distributions

This article explains alternative Linux distributions. Do you intend to go from Windows to Linux or from MacOS to Linux? And you’re sick of hunting for better, more powerful, but yet user-friendly Linux distributions to start up your system? Then search no further; here are the best-in-class, top-rated Linux distributions to replace your Windows and macOS.

10 Best Alternative Linux distributions for Windows and macOS in 2022

In this article, you know about alternative Linux distributions here are details below;

Leaving Windows 10 or macOS to experience the Linux environment is becoming increasingly popular among computer aficionados. And the majority of them choose for beginner-friendly Linux distributions like Ubuntu or Linux Mint. They’re fine, but you seem to overlook the fact that there are some fantastic Linux distributions that resemble Windows and macOS and may potentially provide the same user experience to new people switching.

We admit that Windows is user-friendly and simple to operate. However, individuals are becoming increasingly concerned about their privacy and security. People are forced to look for superior alternative operating systems because Windows can only provide improved security apart from user privacy. And, as we all know, Linux is the only operating system that can provide such a stable operating system with improved privacy and security.

Nonetheless, Linux distributions take a very different approach to users than Windows, and new users who are used to Windows’ ease of use may feel uneasy when using Linux for the first time. Fortunately for them, the alternative Linux distributions for Windows described below will enable them to appreciate the Linux environment.

Alternative Linux distributions for Windows and Mac OS X include the following:

1. Zorin Operating System

Zorin Operating System

Zorin OS is a multi-functional operating system that was created with Linux newbies in mind. It’s also a great alternative Linux distribution for Windows and Mac OS X.
Users who are looking for the finest Linux replacement for Windows will feel right at home with Zorin because it has a generalised Windows look. You can use the Seem Changer in Zorin OS to make your desktop look and behave like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, or Linux’s GNOME interface. Zorin OS provides excellent flexibility with this tool and makes it easy for users to manage the desktop, regardless of what operating system they previously used. Also check best photo viewer



By appearances, ChaletOS is one of the best Linux distro choices for Windows users. In a nutshell, ChaletOS is for individuals who miss Windows 7, thanks to its familiar Start Menu.
ChaletOS includes a comprehensive and unique customisation set that is equivalent to Zorin OS but far more broad and consistent throughout the operating system.



Robolinux’s originality will draw users in. You probably already know that you can’t execute Windows apps in a Linux environment without using a virtual machine such as WINE or PlayOnLinux. If you’re seeking for a Linux alternative for Windows that also allows you to bring all of your programmes with you, Robolinux is the way to go.

Robolinux comes with Stealth VM, a virtual machine that claims to be capable of running any Windows programme without lag. Robolinux also includes a utility that lets you clone your whole Windows C drive. This implies you’ll be able to move all of your previous apps and data.

4. Elementary OS

Elementary OS

The most elegant and gorgeous Linux distro alternative for Windows and Mac users is Elementary OS, which is based on Ubuntu. Elementary OS is one of the speedy and well-maintained alternatives you’ll appreciate because it doesn’t have a Windows-like UI — it’s more or less a Mac mimic.



Kubuntu is a free, open-source, and feature-rich alternative to Windows and Mac OS X that includes everything you’ll need to work, play, and share. Kubuntu is an Ubuntu-based operating system that uses the KDE Plasma Desktop rather than the Unity graphical environment. Also check best tools to convert PDF to Word

6.Linux Mint

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is a popular distribution for newcomers that is based on Ubuntu. Linux Mint includes some proprietary software to give full out-of-the-box multimedia capability, as well as a selection of free and open-source apps. Linux Mint is a beautiful, user-friendly operating system that is both powerful and simple to use.

7.Linux Lite

Linux Lite

Linux Lite is designed primarily for Windows users. Its goal is to offer a comprehensive variety of programmes to help users with their daily computing demands. Linux Lite is a beginner-friendly Ubuntu-based Linux system.

8.Pinguy OS

Pinguy OS

Pinguy OS is an Ubuntu-based distribution aimed mostly towards newcomers. It has a nice appearance, performs well, and, most importantly, is simple to use. Pinguy OS is meant for those who are new to Linux; many people who come from a Windows or Mac background will discover a lot of familiar features as well as some new ones that aren’t accessible in either Windows or Mac. It’s one of the best Linux distributions for beginners.

9. Q4OS (Quick4OS)

Q4OS (Quick4OS)

If you prefer Windows XP, Q4OS is the ideal Windows alternative for you. Q4OS is a Linux-distribution based on Debian that aims to provide a classic user experience (Trinity). The Linux distribution has very few hardware requirements, thus it may run on an old computer. It can also be used in virtualization and cloud computing scenarios. Also check best online youtube downloader



ReactOS is an open-source Windows-like operating alternative that can run a wide range of Windows programmes. It’s one of the lightest Linux distributions available, requiring only a 500MB hard drive and 96MB of RAM to breathe new life into your old Windows PC. ReactOS is the only Windows alternative on this list that is not based on Linux and does not share any elements with the UNIX architecture. It is built on the design concepts of the Windows NT architecture.

So, to replace your Windows and Mac, which alternative Linux distribution are you planning to install? All of the Linux distributions listed are simple to use for novices, so pick one and get started.