This post will explain Ammoseek. Recently we had the delight of interviewing Mike & Marc, the owners of to hear regarding their course in creating a one stop shop for getting the top prices for in stock ammunition beyond many retailers.

What is AmmoSeek ? Is Ammoseek Not Working or Down ?

In this article, you can kno about Ammoseek here are the details below;

How long have you been in business and when was it began?

We started community on the website back in 2009 and “authorised” launched in February 2010 with barely 20 retailers. We now list covering 120 retailers.

What services does AmmoSeek provide?

We are a one stop shopping portal for ammunition & gun related products. Other than just doing a comparison shopping search engine we have some value added features for enrolled users. Registered users are ready to save customized searches as well as set price alerts at the cost per round level. For illustration, if I needed to buy some 22lr at 6 cents per round and not a copper more, I could search for 22lr then save that search in my account with the threshold set to 6 cents. Also check Crackstreams alternatives.

I then store my email address & mobile number. Once a result (or products) matches that threshold I’ll get an email and a text message informing me. I can then speed over to the retailer & make my purchase at my price point. AmmoSeek puts the consumer in a dominant site in finding the very best prices on precisely what they are watching for.

Why did you start AmmoSeek?

Marc & Mike had recently visited their first gun training class and purchased their primary firearms. Marc purchased a Springfield XDM 9mm. Mike bought a Springfield XDM 40S&W. Since Marc minds leaving his house for any reason, he started combing the web for online retailers that had 9mm ammo in property at reasonable prices and ready for shipment. At that time the new headquarters in the White House produced fear within the gun community causing market for ammo to skyrocket & thus supply dwindled. This naturally caused prices to increase. It was very tough to find 9mm ammo (and many other calibers) in-stock & ready for shopping at online retailers (much less at reasonable prices).

One day after spending many frustrating hours going from one online website to another just to find nearly everything sold out, Marc thought it sure would be nice to have any automated means of providing people with an updated list of retailers with ammo in stock. He got the idea to Mike, they put their heads commonly, and soon was born.

How is AmmoSeek strongly than other businesses who may offer a similar service?

There are a few points that we have now (and several upcoming) that make us different and “greater” than other comparable sites. First, we list over 120 retailers & have over 330 calibers in our database. Many of the other sites have a restricted number of calibers and/or retailers. Our results are updated pretty literally every second of every day. We pride personally on having the most up-to-date events possible.

Additionally, we present a shipping cost rating for all retailer. Since it is not available to provide exact shipping costs we utilize an in house algorithm to determine shipping and handling costs for all retailer relative to their peers. We use this knowledge to show a rating next to each outcome. We also allow AmmoSeekers to refine their search results on this number. For example, if I wanted to dodge paying high shipping costs I can tell AmmoSeek to only show me results from retailers that have an average passenger rating or lower.

What have you appreciated most about beginning AmmoSeek?

There certainly is too many to list. Head, being able to work with someone who you have been buddies with for over 25 years is extremely special. Also, hearing the positive feedback we collect nearly every day from AmmoSeekers all over the US (and Canada) truly keeps us fueled to stay working at making AmmoSeek the very best tool of its kind. Last but not least, grasping that something we built from scratch that is done by many thousands of frames every single day gives enormous pleasure.

What is the next important thing you are working on, if you can let us in on it?

We don’t usually want to announce “big” things ahead of time, but we are constantly working on new pieces. One thing I can consider is that we are going with our mobile application developer to add some of the new features that have previously been implemented on the website into the mobile application on both Android and Apple iOS. The site forever gets the meaty new features, then it moves out to the mobile application versions. Also check Ammoseek.


Thank you Marc and Mike for sitting down & answering our questions. If you are watching for certain calibers of ammunition at a good price, head over to or download their application so you can AmmoSeek whenever you want!