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Best virtual event platforms will be described in this article. The market for online events is increasing! Market introductions of new platforms continue to increase. It’s difficult to choose what to buy, just like when kids go into a candy store. You and I, as marketers, are asking where to host our virtual events. When choosing the forum for your virtual event, there are numerous factors to take into account.

To assist you with your purchase decision, we studied the main virtual event hosting platforms. First, it should be highlighted that small and major virtual events need to be clearly distinguished from one another.

Where may virtual events be held?

Use platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom to host your brief virtual events. Consider using platforms like Eventcube, Filo, Airmeet, Accelevents, vFairs, Intrado, Hopin, ON24, or Bizzabo to hold your huge virtual events (500+ attendees), depending on your use case.

Your choice of host for small virtual events will be simple. It’s probable that your business already has a licence for Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Larger virtual events, however, make it more challenging. All of them provide various packages and services. Additionally, the price of huge virtual event platforms rises considerably. particularly now that the market is expanding.

Now, we’ve already done some research on the platforms that marketers use most frequently.

Top 15 Brilliant Hosting Platforms for Your Virtual Events In 2024

Top 15 Brilliant Hosting Platforms for Your Virtual Events are explained here.

1. Eventcube


Let’s begin with Eventcube, one of my personal favourites.

They were established in 2014 as an alternative to platforms like Eventbrite, offering white label event ticketing and registration solutions for corporate conferences, university fairs, music festivals, and more.

Since then, Eventcube has greatly expanded its feature set, offering a variety of solutions for event managers, membership clubs, gyms, and other businesses.

The platform allows users to control live streaming, virtual networking, ticketing and registration, hosting, live chat, and more from one convenient location. This makes Eventcube a very alluring tool for event managers all over the world, along with its emphasis on white labelling.

Events from Eventcube as examples.

Virtual Venue

Trade shows, conferences, and exhibits are very profitable worldwide and are now essential to all economic sectors. Such gatherings provide beneficial business networking possibilities, with the experience generally focusing on drawing attention to booths, guest speakers, panels, demos, and networking areas. But how would you reproduce this in a virtual environment? The Virtual Venue from Eventcube really shines in this situation. A virtual events platform called Virtual Venue was created specifically for conferencing, live broadcasting, and interaction. The technology can be used to hold expos, conferences, and more. It was created to reunite audiences during the pandemic. The Virtual Venue software enables customers to participate from the convenience of their homes thanks to its numerous networking spaces, keynote addresses, live streaming, and one-to-one messaging features.

Features of the Virtual Venue include:

  • Live conversation among attendees
  • Networking in groups
  • Individual, private video breakout spaces
  • Integrating LinkedIn
  • Guest privacy messaging
  • Built-in memberships and ticketing event for events
  • Include pre-recorded video, powerpoint presentations, and social media feeds.
  • Internal live streaming studios for production support


Want a more straightforward setup? A different live streaming product from Eventcube is also available, and it’s made to assist you in ticketing your streams and maximising your online events.

The self-service, ticketed video streaming offered by Eventcube’s Broadcast solution is designed for simplicity of use and maximum effectiveness. Create a store, connect your stream, and conduct a ticketed virtual event for a large audience online. Poll the audience, engage them in live chat, and use custom units and performance schedules to boost your content.

Attendee surveys

Unique design

Pay-per-view streaming

Live conversation

White label virtual event hosting

Customization is a crucial component of all of Eventcube’s products. Their programme was created from the ground up to be flexible. To build an event that is entirely yours and that viewers will remember, highlight your own brand, overlay video calls or livestreams with sponsored content, and link the entire experience into your own website.

The virtual event experience always gives guests the impression that it was created exclusively for them by the event hosts, with no indication of a middleman.

Integrate a ticket registration store with ease

Eventcube is more than just a platform for virtual events, as we’ve already explained. It is an entirely integrated platform for event management. It’s likely that you will need some kind of ticketing or registration solution to go along with your virtual event. They can assist here as well. In order to create a cutting-edge ticketing system that actually works, Eventcube has worked with a variety of events throughout the years, including conferences, rodeos, sporting events, nightclubs, festivals, and more.

It includes a plethora of features for event tickets, including:

  • Discounts for buying in bulk
  • Order now, pay later (pay in installments)
  • Analytics for ticket sales
  • Ticket agents
  • Resale of tickets
  • Upsells

Host replays and post-event content

The post-event material portal on Eventcube may be one of its most alluring features. For participants to revisit or rewatch, save the memorable moments from a virtual conference, concert, or live stream online in a hub with restricted access. By merely selling tickets to the hub, you can draw in guests who missed the actual event and gate this content behind a paywall. By doing this, you may maximise post-event revenue and ensure that your audience never misses out! Winner!

Include a membership programme

Eventcube isn’t simply about events, despite its name. They also provide a robust memberships platform and have worked with sports clubs, gyms, and other organisations to manage a retained audience and inform them of forthcoming activities.

You can provide both free and premium plans, member-only events, automated recurring billing, unique content, and many other things.

With the help of Eventcube, you can set up your very own “members portal” where members may browse rewards, information, and chances. It may all be totally customised to your business and is white labelled.

Outstanding Customer Support

For a number of reasons, Eventcube is our preferred virtual event platform. Customer service comes first. Their pleasant staff is always available to answer queries, and their level of technical knowledge is unmatched. Their offering is absolutely unique because of this and the in-house production they provide.

We adore the product’s ability to combine virtual events, ticketing registration, and memberships into a single, well-rounded platform that places user experience and flexible customization at its core.

2. Airmeet


For event planners searching for robust sponsorship and networking options, Airmeet is a great virtual event platform. On Growjo’s list of the world’s fastest-growing firms, Airmeet is presently ranked No. 5. The businesses on this list are among the top 1% of 1 million global startups and companies. This is another virtual event platforms.

Both as an event planner and an event attendee, I found the Airmeet platform to be highly user-friendly. By integrating with Zapier, it was compatible with practically all MarTech tools.

In order to sell tickets for your events and stream the event sessions to platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, Airmeet effortlessly interacts with Stripe.

Up to 100,000 people can attend virtual events hosted by Airmeet, and the platform allows event planners to accept 300 sponsors.

We have a thorough assessment of the Airmeet platform because we are big fans of it.

In this study, we put their components to the test, examined their price structure, timed how long it takes to set up an event, and compared Airmeet to its rivals. Read the complete review of Airmeet here.

3. Filo


Filo is the preferred option for cooperative virtual events since it places a strong emphasis on connection and engagement (i.e. kickoffs, summits, workshops, trainings, Interview Days, Demo Days, etc.)

Interactive event environments that can be customised

One of the most adaptable event platforms we have encountered is Filo. To create unique and dynamic surroundings based on your meeting or virtual event, you can add any number of integrations. This means greater opportunity for various event producers to brand and differentiate the event location. Additional ways to engage participants include creating unique Calls to Action or providing downloadable content.

This implies that all the event-related information can be hosted in one location for a streamlined event experience for many facilitators, such as those presenting kickoffs, summits, or seminars. No longer are guests required to open dozens of tabs. I am able to get in my Zoom meeting, Miro board, Poll Everywhere, Google Docs/Slides, etc. onto ONE SCREEN for a very engaging and interactive experience, as one of Filo’s clients observes on

Integrated Zoom

Zoom is the video conferencing software that Filo utilises. This makes it incredibly user-friendly and offers dependable, high-quality audio and video that can grow to events of any size.

Facilitators and participants may both see where attendees are and how they are moving around thanks to Filo’s interaction with Zoom. Additionally, it makes Filo events seem livelier and more energetic.

You may host an infinite number of Zoom meetings in a single event area with Filo. These rooms may be set up in advance and are persistent, unlike conventional Zoom breakouts, so you can access the chat, resources, live call, and recordings after the event.

Because of this, Filo is a fantastic tool for complicated situations that call for several flights (e.g. Kickoff events, Interview Days, or Demo Days). The ability of Filo to set up the event area in advance is really helpful because managing these using Zoom links and calendar invites is incredibly difficult for facilitators. This is another virtual event platforms.


  • Zoom is used for live calls, recordings, and live streaming.
  • Documents, slides, whiteboards, Spotify playlists, etc. that can be included
  • Chat and one-on-one messaging
  • Agendas
  • Configure personalised event environments
  • Specific branding
  • Polling
  • Pages for registration
  • Adaptive Networking
  • Consistent areas (host recordings after the event and allow attendees to come back)
  • Rights and privileges (to tailor specific experiences for groups of attendees)

Past Events

The adaptability of the platform is one of Filo’s distinctive features. Smaller gatherings and meetings, such as product launch training, Executive Briefing Centers, leadership summits, and daily sales collaboration are also used by customers. Filo specialises on empowering training, workshops, deal rooms, and interactive virtual environments for their clients in order to increase the productivity and effectiveness of dispersed and hybrid sales teams.

Do you wish to know more about Filo? Look at our complete evaluation, then.

4. InEvent


1. Fully customizable event management solution

The most customisable virtual event platform in the world is called InEvent. With the help of InEvent, you can personalise every aspect of the attendee experience and bring your brand identity to life, from the event website and registration forms to the email invitations, virtual event atmosphere, and video streaming.

InEvent has thus become the ideal option for companies and organisations who host numerous events annually, such as sizable conventions, conferences, summits, or symposiums.

2. End-to-end event management solution

You can manage, market, and monetize any event with InEvent from a single platform. The platform includes a variety of features that cover every step of the event preparation process, including networking, registration and promotion, live navigation and engagement, and analytics and reporting after the event.

InEvent provides a vast network of service providers in addition to hundreds of capabilities, enabling you to fully manage every aspect of your hybrid, physical, and virtual events. A/V production, speakers, streaming, and entertainment are all areas where InEvent’s network of accredited partners can be of assistance.

3. The most accessible virtual event platform

Organizers can run inclusive and accessible events with the aid of InEvent. Non-native speakers have the option of selecting their preferred language using the audio channels feature and real-time interpretation. Event planners can accommodate deaf and hard of hearing attendees by incorporating live captioning and a sign language channel into their gathering.

4. Virtual event engagement

InEvent, in contrast to webinar platforms, makes events interactive and interesting for the audience. The virtual lobby’s user-friendly design makes it simple for guests to switch between live sessions, previously generated content, and Q&As.

Additionally, event planners may create social content streams, built-in polls and inquiries, 1:1 networking spaces, and group rooms, as well as provide participants with unforgettable experiences.

5. Granular data analytics and monetization

The preferred platform for events with several sponsors and exhibitors is InEvent. Partners may stand out and turn guests into qualified leads and customers with the help of dedicated exhibitor booths and in-session advertisements.

Exhibitors and sponsors can access detailed information on interactions (comments, poll results), engagement (average individual live views per session, viewing time per session), & networking using InEvent’s analytics dashboards (web of connections).

Additionally, event planners can draw in, nurture, and turn prospects into devoted clients thanks to InEvent’s seamless interaction with CRM and marketing automation technologies.

6. Virtual, hybrid and in-person solutions

InEvent offers solutions for hybrid and physical events in addition to a variety of virtual event features.

The mobile app from InEvent enables attendees to sign up, take part in event sessions, and communicate with speakers and sponsors in a fully customised setting.

Additionally, since users can search the attendee list based on their interests, privately communicate with their favourite contacts, and plan 1:1 business meetings, the mobile app promotes connections between virtual and physical attendees.

Ready to give the superior method of event production a try? Break attendance records with the all-inclusive event management system, InEvent, right away.

5. Tame


With the help of the virtual events platform Tame, event planners can design, market, and organise a fully branded experience for attendees of sizable events. As a result, it never appears as though a third party is hosting the event. The development gives users the space to create a totally unique experience with ease of use at its core, making it ideal for when you’re having a large event with up to 10,000 people, such as annual conferences & summits.

Because Tame is flexible, you can zero down on exactly what your event needs since you, as the organiser, are the best person to know what it needs. The platform is structurally designed to meet your needs, whether that be allowing you to be creative with booth design, hosting an infinite number of speakers across your schedules, or allowing attendees to engage with sponsors. You don’t need us to inform you that conferences are complicated, but Tame’s simple layout makes it more comfortable for you to handle all of their various components.

Customizable to match your specific demands certainly sounds amazing, but it implies that it’s very hard and something for the world’s tech gurus. But do not worry. The design of Tame emphasises user-friendliness. There is no requirement for coding expertise to create your virtual event on the platform; all you need to do is utilise the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, and you can alter everything right there on the screen utilizing the pre-made blocks.

The event page builder couldn’t be simpler to use, from the necessities like a page header and speakers list to the extras that give it individuality, such an event countdown and social buttons. Additionally, you can construct a page that matches your corporate website, giving your attendees a really seamless brand experience thanks to the flexibility to include your brand’s same colour scheme throughout. Their helpful customer support service is only a mail away if you have a problem that the Help Centre articles can’t fully resolve.

Events should be interactive, and Tame’s attendance experience gives visitors the freedom to enter and exit rooms and stages, interact with sponsors, and event speakers live on the platform. Tame has obviously taken into account the crucial idea that networking is not lost when your conference is virtual because sponsors and exhibitors can create their own booths at the event and interact with participants.

The appeal of hosting large-scale virtual events on Tame is that you have the option to mix and match the experiences and content you provide your visitors. A combination of recorded and live speeches, various stages, and formats that may be changed over the course of your event’s days will make it dynamic and interesting. The backend is all in one place & can be accessed by several members of your team and your production partner, so you can split the workload if that works for you even though the event itself can vary. Also checkĀ Amazon virtual assistant skills

Tame, which is completely adaptable and created to meet your demands, enables your conferences to be cohesive, distinctive, and fully branded without compromising on usability for you or the end user.

6. Communique conferencing

Communique conferencing

An all-in-one virtual event platform, Communique Conferencing (founded in 2001), assists companies in hosting exceptional virtual events with cutting-edge design and participant interaction. Customers can use dozens of pre-existing templates or develop any kind of unique design they can think of.

According to Forrester Research, Communique is the Best Mid-Sized B2B Virtual Conference Provider. This is another virtual event platforms.

Participants enter a fully customisable lobby when they join a virtual event, where they can be welcomed with a video. Access to the Theater, Exhibit Hall with booths, Resource Center, Networking Lounge, or other rooms is provided by on-screen hotspots. Additional functionality and shortcuts are provided by consistent screen-bottom navigation.

The platform has strong features that encourage participant involvement, such as:

Buying tickets and registering

Personal Agenda with Customization

AI-powered attendee matching and content recommendations.

Planned meeting with booth rep

Conversation areas and breakaway spaces

Swag bag or messenger bag

Small-group and one-on-one video chat

Live or recorded webinars that include interactive elements like polls, surveys, and Q&A

Leaderboard-based gaming

Daytime broadcasts that are live

Translation of languages

ADA compliance

Photo booth, social media wall, and more.

Communique is notable for its devoted customer service as well. A specialised project manager is assigned to each client to assist in creating and implementing successful virtual event experiences. Additionally, speakers, attendees, and organisers have complete assistance throughout live days.

Businesses utilising Communique Conferencing



Lawson Strauss



Americans for Dental Health

Scientific by Thermo Fisher

The virtual event platform from Communique has been set up in a few different ways, some of which are seen here.

LSPAC Helpdesk

SF Theater2

ADA Booth

7. Accelevents


Accelevents is an all-in-one virtual and hybrid events platform that equips marketing experts and event planners to forge sincere human relationships, forge devoted communities, and foster long-term success.

With a user-friendly yet comprehensive collection of customizable and interactive features, Accelevents, a leading event technology platform, is reinventing the way companies communicate with their audiences. Attendees can take part in workshops, connect with virtual exhibitors, network with other attendees, listen to keynote speeches, attend several breakout sessions, download materials, and take part in live conversations.

The Accelevents platform, which focuses on accelerating growth, is made to collect actionable insights from throughout the event ecosystem and translate them into quantifiable marketing and sales performance plans.

The Accelevents platform has several important features, such as:

Purchase & Registration

Customizing an event

Built-in live streaming

Attendee Participation (1:1 speed networking, group networking, chats, Q&A, polls)

Comprehensive Analytic Reports

Virtual exhibitor booths at the Expo Hall

Potential Sponsorships

24-hour customer service


Pricing that is transparent and flexible (just pay for attendees who really come!)

White Label Approach

Accelevents provides a wide range of conferences, summits, fundraisers, educational seminars, team-building activities, job fairs, community networking events, festivals, and more that are hybrid, online, and physical. Salesforce, Cloudbees, Tom Ferry, and Brown University are a few clients who have confidence in Accelevents to manage their events.

The foundation of Accelevents’ legacy is their dedication to philanthropy. As he prepared for an 850-person charity event in Boston, CEO & Founder Jon Kazarian became aware of a number of shortcomings in the event technology and fundraising platforms that were already in use. By developing a streamlined registration and fundraising experience for both guests and hosts, Jon set out on a quest to revolutionise the end-to-end user journey for fundraising events. Since then, as virtual gatherings have gained popularity and industry-wide acceptability, the platform has consistently changed to accommodate the changing needs of event planners and corporate marketers. While Accelevents today works with a wide range of organisations, including Fortune 500 businesses, associations, and academic institutions, they take great satisfaction in the fact that its roots are in philanthropy.

The Accelevents team is made up of thinkers, creators, and doers who are all driven to provide excellent customer service and improve the learning, bringing together, educating, entertaining, and inspiring experiences at events. They are aware of the difficulties involved in planning and carrying out effective events. In order to reduce technology barriers and improve the event experience for both hosts and guests, the platform was specifically created. They are pleased with their industry-best chat response time and provide round-the-clock customer service. In the spring of 2021, G2 rated them as having “The Highest Quality of Support” and “The Easiest To Deal With.” This is another virtual event platforms.

On the Accelevents platform in February of last year, Growth Blazers held their annual Growth Innovate Conference, which resulted in 6,500 registrations, 2,500 attendance, 900 leads, and 160 new membership sign-ups. They were so pleased that they chose Accelevents to host all of their events in 2021! Find out more about the event in this case study.

Lobby for Accelevents

Expo Hall at Accelevents

Expo Hall at Accelevents

Accelerated events

Breakout session for Accelevents

8. vFairs


Event planners may host exciting, lifelike events with the help of vFairs, an all-in-one virtual events platform. Additionally, it is G2’s top-rated virtual event platform. Rich 3D images and immersive locations make vFairs stand out, giving participants the impression that they are actually within an event site. The simple aesthetics also make navigating events a breeze.

Making your event uniquely yours with complete visual and branding freedom is possible with vFairs. The venue’s abundance of aesthetic appeal provides plenty of room for high-impact visibility for you and your sponsors. You and your sponsors can submit unique graphics and other materials to the virtual lobby areas and show booths. The location could be modelled after your workplace or a location you’ve visited before!

No virtual event can succeed without engaging attendees, thus vFairs provides flexible networking opportunities. Participants may:

Connect with booth staff, attendees, and speakers through chat, audio, or video.

To initiate intriguing conversations with like-minded people, arrange 1:1 meetings or use group networking.

So that customers never have to wait to talk with a representative, make appointments in advance.

To find people who share your interests, use the auto-matching option.

The live webinar Q&As let you participate in interactive webinars.

Additionally, the solution offers potent live and recorded webinars, a lively exhibit hall, breakout sessions, games, event reporting, and many other features. Additionally, they have simple-to-install integrations if you want to add more features like social networking walls and multilingual support. This provides you with countless opportunities to design a special event that delivers value to you, your sponsors, and your attendees. This is another virtual event platforms.

Because of our superior customer service, vFairs stands out. You have your own project management team when working with vFairs, who makes sure everything is done precisely way you want. Your project manager works with you from planning to evaluating post-event reports throughout the entire process. To assure that every customer has a seamless experience using the solution, event support is provided before, during, and after the event.

In contrast to its rivals, vFairs also provides unique features for each of its solution kinds, as well as specialty events like job fairs, trade exhibits, and career fairs. Its job boards for job fairs, sign halls for conferences, & shopping carts for trade exhibits are a few notable examples.

When to choose vFairs as your virtual event platform

You want to host a sizable event that is jam-packed with a variety of unique features.

You wish to host medium-sized to big events. Scalability is a strength of vFairs.

You want to run a virtual event that looks realistic in 3D.

You require interactive elements like networking and games.

9. Orbits


A preferred virtual event for events. Let’s face it, the majority of us have undoubtedly played The Sims in the past or perhaps currently do.

Imagine a platform for a virtual event where you can move around like you would in The Sims. You can also engage with different elements of the virtual venue, such sponsorship booths or virtual coffee shops, to communicate with the actual audience. This is another virtual event platforms.

Orbits specifically provides this.

Virtual Event Platform Orbits

An example of a virtual space is orbits.

Over the years, I’ve participated in and hosted a lot of virtual events, but this is the only one that I’ve actively suggested to other people. Also check virtual assistant services

Giving your audience something to remember is the key to holding effective virtual events. We’ve all used those online platforms for virtual events that resemble modern websites. Attending a virtual event held on Orbits will bring back a lot of memories for many viewers.

The platform appears attractive in the image, of course, but what about some of the functional needs that businesses have in order to maximise the value of their events?

Sponsorship opportunities

Both event organisers and businesses looking for possibilities to build their brands and generate leads can benefit greatly from sponsoring virtual events.

It is the duty of event planners to offer sponsorship opportunities that allow sponsors to get adequate returns on their investments. Even with gamification, you will find that typical virtual event platforms have little interest in the virtual sponsorship booths.

Orbits simulates an actual event location, and they have even digitally recreated some renowned actual event locations.

Booths for virtual sponsorship at Orbits

Orbital sponsorship booths

The audience can browse the virtual sponsorship booths before selecting one. The audience will be offered with a few alternatives after clicking on the booth, including:

Plan a one-on-one encounter;

Converse with a representative;

View the resources at the booth.

The benefit of Orbits is that other attendees can actually tell if your booth is crowded. You’ll attract a genuine throng to your booth. Therefore, if you have a successful booth approach, more visitors will inevitably wonder why your booth is so crowded.

It goes without saying that Orbits also offers additional sponsorship opportunities, such as sponsoring conferences, meeting spaces, and virtual coffee shops!

Virtual platforms and breakout sessions

Consider attending a live event. As you approach the main stage, you notice a number of circular tables.

Others who are attending the event will join you at the pleasant table you choose. As the keynote address begins, you periodically have conversations with those seated at your table about what is being presented. This is another virtual event platforms.

Orbits accurately simulate this. When you approach the main stage on the Orbits platform and click on a table, you are given two choices:

Watch the keynote address on your own;

Join the group of individuals seated at a table.

If you choose option 2, you will join a few other guests at the event, and the environment will resemble a Zoom conference. The other restaurants at your table will be visible to you, and you can converse with them using your microphone. This allows you to interact with the content being presented and creates the impression that you are physically present at the event.

Main Stage of Orbits

Keynote talks about orbits

Now, if you invite me, this is a really good feature that enhances the memory of a virtual event.

Auxiliary activities like tastings

There are a tonne of additional things that you may take part in whenever you go to a live tradeshow.

It’s crucial to entertain your audience during the entire event. Especially when there are several distractions and event fatigue present during virtual events.

On the Orbits platform, you can host auxiliary events like wine tasting sessions, which are similar to in-person events.

Naturally, this calls for sending the sample supplies to your audience before the event.

Now, members of your audience can travel on the Orbits platform to the tasting event and take part. So that people might attend many times, you would have an expert available for the entire day.

The key to audience happiness during your virtual events is to provide some type of entertainment. Here are some more suggestions for audience involvement.

A tasting of orbits

On Orbits, a tasting area

Event for hybrid events

We’ve discussed the benefits and drawbacks of holding hybrid events. The benefits generally outweigh the drawbacks.

You must therefore evaluate the hybrid capabilities of the platform if you’re looking for a virtual event platform.

Orbits does provide hybrid event functionality, and based on your budget, they can even virtually recreate the physical venue. Hence, both your in-person and virtual event attendees will be moving around the same space.

Your capacity to connect the in-person and virtual audience is one of the most crucial elements of successfully organising hybrid events.

For instance, you can have coffee stalls both electronically and physically on Orbits. This practically means that you can go to a coffee shop in person and there will be a camera and a microphone waiting for you. Your virtual audience can go over to the same coffee shop, where they can interact with the in-person attendees while watching the webcam.

This incredibly good function makes it easier to connect the two worlds. Naturally, there are a lot of factors to take into account when trying to make hybrid events successful. Visit this post to learn how to organise successful hybrid events.

My overall impression of Orbits is that it offers something new to the market that consumers haven’t yet encountered. They will be eager to communicate it with others because it is an experience they will enjoy.

It’s a whiff of new air in comparison to the endless Zoom meetings that the majority of us attend. This is another virtual event platforms.

Aside: I attempted to use certain Orbits cheat codes, but I was unsuccessful in leaving the event with infinite funds. Here are a few more instances of virtual events that have been held on Orbits.



10. Zoom


Zoom is a fantastic virtual event platform for small virtual events, as mentioned in several articles on Markletic. Up to 500 people can attend virtual events you host with Zoom without any problems.

You stop looking for a place to host small virtual gatherings if your business already uses Zoom as a video conferencing platform. The answer is right there, waiting for you.

You can hold two different types of virtual events using Zoom, namely:

Virtual interactions with open mics;

Virtual meetings akin to webinars where participants must raise their hands to talk.

On Zoom, I’ve hosted virtual meetings with audiences ranging from 10 to 150 individuals.

You could question how that’s manageable as the audience size increases. Zoom does, in fact, have a breakout room feature. This implies that you can divide the entire audience into smaller groups by assigning them to breakout rooms.

Check out some of my before posts if you want to host virtual gatherings utilising Zoom.

How to use Zoom as a platform for virtual roundtables

How to Configure Breakout Rooms for a Virtual Event

11. Windows Teams

Windows Teams


Usually, there will be just one video conferencing platform for your firm. This can be Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, or Zoom. Smaller virtual events can be held on any of these video conferencing platforms without issue.

Therefore, if your business has a Microsoft Teams licence, you’ve found the location for hosting smaller virtual events for your business.

Microsoft Teams has the same ability to organise breakout sessions as Zoom. Your audience will become easier to control as a result. This is another virtual event platforms.

You can easily host virtual gatherings for up to 100 participants using Microsoft Teams. Zoom’s breakout functionality is a little bit more sophisticated, which explains why they can accommodate more individuals. Event administration is made simpler as a result.

To ensure that everyone can attend virtual events with more than 100 participants, I advise organising parallel sessions or holding the event more than once.

The enjoyable part is now! From this point on, we’ll only discuss providers who cater to huge virtual events (500+ people).

This is also when the article starts to become a little more complex. There are a tonne of options available from the providers listed below where you can hold sizable virtual events. Of course, a lot of the functionality they provide overlap.

Your use case and organisation size will determine the platform that is best for you. I’ll also provide you a list of businesses that are already utilising each platform so you can compare them.

12. Intrado


Enterprise firms can host their virtual events on the Intrado platform. The event platform almost entirely allows for customization, which is wonderful if branding is crucial to you.

The amazing thing about Intrado is that the website is still available for many months after your virtual event. This is another virtual event platforms.

In essence, this means that you can continue to use your virtual event as event of your demand creation efforts for several months after it has ended. It brings a lot of labor to set up a virtual event, so being able to reap the rewards of your labour for several months is very advantageous.

You have a wide range of sponsorship options with Intrado. Sponsors can personalise their virtual event booth, and live chat is available.

When to choose Intrado as your virtual event platform:

You need robust virtual sponsorship features including chat functionality and booth designs.

There is no lid on the digit of attendees.

You must have on-demand access to the virtual event platform.

Real-time reporting is necessary.

You require strong audience engagement skills.

Video content syndication is necessary.

The event platform must be responsive to mobile devices.

You must use gaming.

You require multilingual assistance.

You are a business organisation.

Need completely configurable page building features

Businesses utilising Intrado



Web Services from Amazon




Here are a few instances of how other businesses have set up Intrado’s virtual event platform.

Where to host virtual events on Intrado and AWS

On Intrado, AWS

Where can virtual events be hosted? – Intrado – VMware

On Intrado, VMware

13. ON24


I have some good news if you’re considering where to hold your virtual events but are already aware with ON24’s webinar features.

On24 is mostly known for its webinar platform. Companies all across the world have embraced this webinar platform.

A virtual event platform is also offered by ON24. If there are no more than 5000 live attendees, the platform performs well. This shouldn’t be a problem for the majority of events.

Attendees are provided with all the networking resources they want, including fun gamification features, by ON24. A WYSIWYG editor is used to configure the virtual event platform.

The event platform lets you connect data to your marketing automation platforms similarly to their webinar. This is another virtual event platforms.

The platform will soon be enhanced with features including support for numerous presenters, a more immersive user experience, and the launching of a mobile app thanks to ON24’s active investment in it.

When to choose ON24 as your virtual event platform

Up to 5000 people could attend;

Need to gamify

You require multilingual assistance.

You must have networking skills.

You require break-out areas.

You require strong sponsorship skills.

You must integrate marketing automation seamlessly.

Setting up the virtual event platform and session recordings requires a lot of assistance.

Employers of ON24






Several instances of how businesses used the ON24 platform for their virtual events are provided below.

Atlassian’s ON24: Where to hold virtual events

ON24 Atlassian

Where to hold virtual events? – ON24 – SAP


Siemens on ON24: Where to hold virtual events

Siemens’ ON24 page

14. Bizzabo


You can utilise the event platform Bizzabo for both physical and virtual events. At the moment this report was being written, it was perhaps the most cutting-edge platform.

You may occasionally need to run both a virtual and offline event at the same time. Another name for this is a hybrid event. When your audience, for instance, has travel restrictions, hybrid events are fantastic.

Look no farther if you’re unsure about where to hold your hybrid events.

Everything from registrations to agenda management to analytics may be handled using Bizzabo. It’s one of the most user-friendly platforms available, and G2 Crowd has named them the market leader.

When to choose Bizzabo as your virtual event platform You must have the bare minimum sponsorship and exhibitor skills. Your audience must be able to message each other directly. You require your CRM or marketing automation solutions to be seamlessly integrated.

Must have the ability to send push notifications. Must use multiple-track agendas. There must always be attendees. You require multilingual assistance. Your company is small to medium-sized. Require rudimentary page building features

You’ll be hosting a hybrid event.

Businesses utilising Bizzabo

  • Hubspot
  • Adobe
  • Forbes
  • Outreach
  • Coindesk
  • Uber
  • Drift
  • A list of all of their features is provided below.
  • Website Features

15. Hopin


Hopin is a fantastic virtual event platform that emphasises networking more than other platforms. A speed network algorithm developed by Hopin matches users according to their pre-selected criteria. This is another virtual event platforms. Also check marketplaces buy virtual land

Hopin performs a fantastic job at simulating networking, which is the key to in-person events’ impact. Hopin may be used for virtual conferences, and you can completely brand the platform with your logo.

Excellent one-on-one encounters are possible during the Hopin breakout sessions. It resembles a Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting in feel.

When to choose Hopin as your virtual event platform

You must have strong networking skills, including the ability to meet people one-on-one.

You require a virtual stage;

It’s necessary to have a virtual backstage where hosts and speakers can gather before speaking live.

  • You must host a comprehensive virtual event with a stage, breakout workshops, and a hall for sponsor exhibits.
  • Full flexibility is required in terms of branding.
  • Up to 2000 live attendees are required.
  • Employers of Hopin
  • Dell
  • Unilever
  • Slack
  • Product Search
  • TechCrunch
  • The Hopin platform is described in some detail below.
  • Where to hold virtual events: Hopin’s Expo
  • Hopin
  • Where to hold virtual events: Hopin – CMX Global
  • Global CMX on Hopin

It can be inquiring to choose the best platform for your virtual events. This article should have given you more information about possible locations for your virtual events.

The first step is to decide where to hold your virtual events. The next crucial step is audience development. The greatest techniques to advertise your virtual events are listed below.