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This post will explain marketplaces buy virtual land. Best Market places for buying virtual Land will be described in this article. People are investing in virtual parcels of land more actively now that their yield is comparable to that of the real-world real estate market, and they are also beginning to create sizable passive income. We have collected a list of the top Metaverse planets where you can buy virtual land online to make your search easier. Let’s look at it.

Top 7 Best Marketplaces for Buying Virtual Land

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What Is Virtual Land Differ and How Does it From NFT?

Virtual land is a digital environment that resembles a video game’s virtual world. However, unlike a video game, you can possess virtual virtual land plots that are available for purchase. See our comprehensive guide on how to get started with that if you’re interested in purchasing your own virtual plot.

The fact that these virtual spaces are stored on a blockchain means that all of their files have a distinctive non-fungible signature and are, thus, essentially NFTs. Every piece of virtual real land you buy or sell goes through a smart contract to complete the transaction. The ownership rights to that specific virtual land are transferred to the new owner in this manner.

The distinction is that these NFTs are a component of a wider virtual marketplace where you may buy and sell these digital goods. You might also expand upon it or just start exploring. Given that you can use plots of land to create passive income, this concept adds a lot more value.

Here are the top platforms you should look into if you want to make your first investment in this emerging new market and buy your first piece of virtual real land.

1. Sandbox ($SAND)


Sandbox can be viewed as one of the industry’s pioneers when it comes to virtual land. Since the beginning of the 2000s, they have been in operation. The platform made its debut in 2010 as a mobile game and currently provides over 150,000 land plots for designers and users to use in the creation of various digital experiences.

Each of Sandbox’s land offerings is a distinct Ethereum-based NFT that can be purchased through either Sandbox’s own ecosystem or well-known NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Zora, etc. Additionally, Sandbox has a cryptocurrency token ($SAND) that can be used for land purchases, levelling up, and in-game trades. This is another marketplaces buy virtual land.

However, what really makes this venue so special is VoxEdit. Simply put, it is a 3D model editor & an NFT creator that allows the users to design their own NFTs in the virtual globe. Also, the Sandbox Game Maker is another tool that can be used to design & develop 3D games, and you can share them with your friends and the rest of the world on the robust Sandbox marketplace.

2. Decentraland ($MANA)


Users of the browser-based 3D virtual environment Decentraland can explore and exchange in-game goods. It is constructed using the Ethereum network and offers the $MANA and $LAND token kinds. All you need to do to get started is log in, make an avatar, and then you can start exploring Decentraland, a 3D virtual environment.

Decentraland is unique among other virtual land platforms in that it is not overseen by a single entity. Instead, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization is in charge of overseeing all of its policies (DAO). A marketplace is another feature of Decentraland where users can post their goods for sale through a variety of P2P networks.

This is another marketplaces buy virtual land. Similar to how real estate is sold in the real world, you may use this market to make money by auctioning off virtual land. These exchanges all use the $MANA coin as a foundation. This is a fungible ERC-20 token that is utilised in Decentraland as in-game money.

3. Axie Infinity ($AXS)

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a cryptocurrency game that runs on the Ronin and Ethereum blockchains. Axie Infinity’s idea is pretty similar to that of a Pokemon game, if you’ve ever played one. You have to catch and train “Axies,” or similar species, in this game. Keep in mind that every Axie you catch or buy is a distinct NFT of its own that you can subsequently sell on NFT marketplaces.

Once you have a sufficient number of Axies in your possession, you may also use your collection to challenge other players for awards that can later be converted into cryptocurrency. In the game’s “Adventure Mode,” you can grind against opponents to accumulate experience points and receive passive benefits.

Lunacia, the name of Axie Infinity’s virtual planet, is where you may buy virtual land parcels. You can do so through OpenSea or another marketplace, or you can use their official marketplace.

Mystic, Savannah, Arctic, and Forest are the four different sorts of virtual regions that Axie Infinity offers. Additionally, every piece of land has the potential to provide special Lunacian land goods that can be applied in-game. These land kinds are also determined by where these plots are situated within the game. This is another marketplaces buy virtual land.

In Axie Infinity, you can also buy and stake virtual land plots, earning prizes based on the kind of land you choose. On this platform, the stake system functions a little differently because any land you control will be permanently locked. This maintains the value of the virtual land and satisfies stakeholders by making it a scarce resource.

4. Cryptovoxels ($CVPA)


Cryptovoxels, like Axie Infinity, is influenced by a well-known video game. Cryptovoxels can be compared to Minecraft with a cryptocurrency twist and improved graphics. The Ethereum blockchain powers the game, which enables players to buy, own, and exchange in-game assets like virtual land with other players.

With monochromatic blocks, you can purchase tracts of virtual land in Cryptovoxels. Your digital estate can later be spiced up with unique designs, photos, movies, GIFs, and other media. The impact of Minecraft is evidently at work here. The capability to create personalised wearables for your avatar and coin them as NFTs on marketplaces is another intriguing feature that distinguishes Cryptovoxels from other platforms.

On this community-based network, you can connect with a lot of talented individuals. The Museum of Crypto Art, B20 Museum, Unique One Art Enclave, & other venues are among the places where you may view their artistic creations. Overall, it’s a simple, enjoyable game that Minecraft players will have no trouble picking up.

The land area of the Cryptovoxels Metaverse is not constrained, unlike most other virtual worlds, and developers can always expand it. It’s quite similar to a cryptocurrency where there is no set limit on the number of tokens that can be issued and developers can create additional tokens whenever they like.

This is another marketplaces buy virtual land. There were 3,026 land parcels in this Metaverse at the time of its inception, and as of the time this article was being written, more than 8,500 parcels had already been created. The demand for land in this virtual globe has been increasing gradually even if there isn’t a set supply.

5. Earth2 ($E)


In the game Earth2, which was made with the help of MapBox technology, players can purchase virtual land parcels known as tiles (accessible via their own marketplace). Depending on where it is, each tile has a distinct value. Depending on the in-game nation, it can range from $4 to as much as $50. Additionally, these valuations are subject to changes in demand and earning potential over time, just like real estate in the real world.

The $E is the official currency of Earth2. The Earth2 developers assert that they intend to create their own token in the future even though it is not currently a recognised coin on the market. Earth2 claims the most convincing simulation of the real world of all the other Metaverse services on our list.

6. Somnium Space (CUBE)

Somnium Space

Open-source virtual land platform Somnium Space was developed in 2017 and offers a VR world-building experience. It is cost-free to sign up and provides a fantastic way to monetise your virtual business. It is also based on the Ethereum blockchain and features a proprietary currency known as Somnium Cubes.

An ERC-20 token called CUBE can be employed for in-game transactions. They can also be used by players as a fee for access into interactive arcades and theme parks on their land.

This is another marketplaces buy virtual land. With new features like web-based access, mobile VR, full-body avatars, and a permalink for all your purchased lands, Somnium Space regularly upgrades its platform. The fact that your VR headsets are supported right out of the box sets it apart from rivals like Second Life. Meaning that you can either connect any VR headsets for an immersive 3D experience or explore the Somnium Space environment in 2D perspective on your PC.

Using the Somnium Space function Object() { [native code] }, which enables users to construct practically whatever they want, you can add to this planet. The world builder is detailed enough for advanced users to upload high-quality animations, finished scenes, and scripting on their virtual plot while yet being simple enough for novice builders to try.

Check out the ads on the OpenSea marketspace if you’re prepared to buy some land in Somnium Space.

7. Matrix World

Matrix World

The multichain virtual environment Matrix World supports both Flow and Ethereum. But what sets it apart is that it arguably offers the greatest VR experience available. A wide variety of tools for makers are also supported in the Matrix universe, including scene editors, automated creation from blueprints, and even programmable NFTs.

Users can construct 3D open-world features like buildings, NFT display portals, and even 3D dapps to link to other apps and services on the platform, for instance. The platform itself is highly comprehensive and constantly getting new features and services added, which undoubtedly puts competition to the test. This is another marketplaces buy virtual land.

There is a certain number of land pieces in the Metaverse of the Matrix World, and these lands can only be purchased during specific times. As of right moment, 10,000 pieces of land totaling all the land in the Matrix universe have been sold in three transactions.

Making an offer to the present land owners on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and BloctoBay is currently the only option to buy land in the Matrix universe. The 3D map of Matrix World can be used to evaluate each plot of land and to directly approach the owner with an offer. Additionally lacking a native coin of its own, Matrix World has conducted all land sales using the Ethereum or Flow blockchains.

Questions and Answers

Where can I advertise the sale of my virtual land?

On the marketplace of the site where you purchased it, you can advertise your virtual land for sale. You can also advertise it on independent NFT marketplaces like Opensea, Rarible, or SuperRare.

How is infrastructure created in a virtual land?

It’s quite easy to construct homes and other structures on your virtual land. The majority of virtual land platforms have a highly dynamic UI-based builder that enables you to drag and drop objects into place. You can also make your things in other 3D modelling programmes and import them as.glb or.gltf models into your virtual land.

How can I use the metaverse to generate passive income?

Here are a few Metaverse opportunities for passive income:

  • Lease your virtual land
  • Make use of your plot to place adverts.
  • Organize virtual gatherings and concerts
  • Open your own business.