TreeSize Alternatives

Best TreeSize Alternatives will be discussed in this article. For a while now, Windows users have been able to inspect and clean their disks with the aid of TreeSize. But as it ages, this program becomes less effective as a disk diagnostic and cleanup tool. Many people are looking for TreeSize alternatives as a result in order to complete their tasks.

You should continue reading this page if you fall into this category. The top TreeSize alternatives to this hard disk statistic scanner are about to be found. These substitutes perform as well as, if not better than, TreeSize. Navigate through!

Top 10 Best TreeSize Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about TreeSize Alternatives here are the details below;

Disk analyzer and cleaner solutions are numerous, and TreeSize is one of them. However, if you find this program annoying, the list of TreeSize alternatives below can be of assistance. Locate the ideal replacement for your Windows or Mac computer.

1. Disk Analyzer Pro

Disk Analyzer Pro

A fantastic technique to manage files and free up disk space is to use Disk Analyzer Pro. Hard drive space on your Windows or Mac computer could be overrun with rubbish and useless files when it becomes sluggish. This tool aids in scanning and analyzing the disk to determine utilization so that the proper course of action can be taken.

Disk Analyzer Pro gives you the same ability to remove unnecessary files and outdated data as WinDirStat. As a result, you can increase system performance and recover storage space. Not to mention that it organizes and manages data storage.

The biggest directories and oldest files can also be found with Disk Analyzer Pro. You might need to delete both files to make room because they both take up space. You can wisely manage disk space with the help of a detailed report on disk space utilization.

2. SpaceSniffer


WinDirStat can be effectively replaced by SpaceSniffer for organizing the space disk on your Windows machine. This free software is small and gentle on your computer, so it won’t use up a lot of data resources. It will instead aid in improving the computer’s performance.

The portable scanning tool has a ton of capabilities, including a zoomable user interface and parts that let you explore just like a web browser. Supporting drag and drop, it is quite simple to analyze and clean your drive.

This program also has a pop-up menu for Windows folders, strong filtering to limit the content that may be seen, clever cache checking, and many other capabilities. Additionally, it can scan NTFS.

3. WizTree


WizTree should be on your radar if you need a fast-scanning WinDirStat substitute. It promises to scan 46 times faster than WinDirStat, saving you time while locating hard drive “space hogs.” Its ability to read the Master File table (MFT) from the disk is the key to its quick scan.

WizTree emphasizes great accuracy in addition to quick scanning because it doesn’t count the same hard linked files again. The program is able to appropriately distribute space because to this distinguishing feature. Additionally, you can access the visual tree map to determine the sizes of all files, even the enormous ones.

You don’t necessarily need to put more effort into utilizing this software because it automatically arranges directories. WizTree is free to use for private purposes. However, you’ll have to pay for commercial use.

4. Disk Recon

Disk Recon

Blacksun Software’s Disk Recon is a product that aids in disc space information disclosure. The likelihood that the hard disk space runs out increases when your machine slows down. You can use this tool to determine where it has gone and how to get it back.

Thanks to a number of features that provide various operations from file searching to discovering duplicate files, managing hard disk is made easier. Additionally, you may create custom filters, find out file size, and rename files in mass. Also check find large files Windows

Among other programs like WinDirStat, Disk Recon is inexpensive and lightweight. Additionally, it includes an easy-to-use interface that is good for beginners. Having this application on your PC enables you to maintain the machine’s performance.

5. SpaceMonger


Use SpaceMonger to fix a sluggish PC. The goal of this disk cleaning tool is to swiftly release hard disk space on shared networks and computers. Once downloaded, a quick single-click scan of the machine is possible. Examine the outcome to determine what action needs to be taken.

SpaceMonger can copy and delete files to free up disk space in addition to scanning, mapping, and maintaining your hard drive. Thanks to the clear Treemap visualizations, it is also effective at finding huge files and folders.

Flexible search makes it easy to find files. Files may be quickly found using custom criteria, size, and kind. Windows XP and later versions work well with SpaceMonger. This program need to be on your list if you’re seeking for a lightweight and user-friendly disk analyzer.

6. DiskSavvy


To fix storage problems on your computer, this disk space analyzer is useful. It provides a clear and uncomplicated design that makes it easy to handle and scan your hard drive. There are many functions in this tool, including a disk analyzer and a file finder.

Its excellent customizability choices are a crucial component that makes it suitable for personal use. Not only can you filter files by categories like modification time, accessed time, extension, and even username, but you can also examine the hard drive space utilization.

This WinDirStat substitute includes pie charts and data to make the most of the user’s experience. In order to add extra functionality, it also supports plugins. But you’ll need to pay to the premium edition if you want to take use of more sophisticated features like command line and network drive support.

7. JDiskReport


To quickly determine how much space your files take up on your hard drive, try JDiskReport. Numerous simple features assist you in controlling and evaluating disk space so you can figure out how to resolve performance issues. Utilizing this program won’t be challenging because to its slick interface.

JDiskReport helps you to locate unused and obsolete files or folders, just like other disk analyzer applications. Additionally, it analyzes disk devices and displays statistics in tables or charts. Additionally, it offers a top 50 section that lets you examine 50 big files in different places.

Additionally, it has pre-installed themes for improved visualization. Change the user interface to get a different hard disk management experience. This ad-free freebie is the best of the season. On Windows, Linux, and Mac, you can analyze the disk without interruption.

8. HDGraph


The interactive disk analyzer HDGraph, which is made for Windows OS, provides a special technique to make room on your hard drive. It includes a recognizable circular ring chart that displays information about your disk space. The largest data is in the center, and as it spreads away, the size of the data decreases.

This is a rare technique to display data that is unique to this display. As each area may be double-clicked for additional research, things are becoming better. If tabular or standard charts are getting old to you, HDGraph has some cool, customisable charts.

The application functions well with network folders, CDs, and USB drives in addition to hard drives. When you discover huge, unneeded files or folders, pick delete to save up storage space. In conclusion, HDGraph is an application that is highly suggested, especially if you require a disk analysis tool with a modest download size. Also check WinDirStat Alternatives

9. TweakNow DiskAnalyzer

TweakNow DiskAnalyzer

The next item on the list is TweakNow DiskAnalyzer, which reveals what is using up a lot of space on your hard drive. Due to the simple and intuitive layout, using this program is simple as pie even without reading the instructions. You can analyze your hard drive in a matter of minutes!

This utility is divided into two primary sections: Summary and General. The management should be done in the Summary area rather than the General section, which lists and shows facts together with their size. Additionally, you can locate the 20 largest files on your hard disk and choose what to do with them.

TweakNow gives you the option to erase any unneeded files you discover throughout the investigation in order to clear up disk space. The fact that this program creates reports with a straightforward visualization is one of its best features. You may quickly determine which file consumes the most space on the disk with the aid of a straightforward bar graph.