Top 11 Best WinDirStat Alternatives In 2023

Best WinDirStat Alternatives will be discussed in this article. WinDirStat has been around for a while helping Windows users analyze and clean their disk. However, this utility starts to slow down and it is no longer the best option for disk analyzer and cleanup. For this reason, many people are trying to find WinDirStat alternatives to get the job done.

If you are among this group, you should read the page further. You are about to find the best and most recommended WinDirStat alternatives to this hard disk statistic scanner. These alternatives work similarly to WinDirStat, even better. Scroll through!

Top 11 Best WinDirStat Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about WinDirStat Alternatives here are the details below;

There are several choices when it arrives to disk analyzer and cleaner, including WinDirStat. But if you are irritated by this tool, the following list of WinDirStat alternatives will help you out. Find the best alternative for your Windows and Mac computer.

1. Disk Analyzer Pro

Disk Analyzer Pro

Disk Analyzer Pro offers a great way to free up disk space and organize files. When your Windows or Mac computer gets sluggish, hard disk space may be flooded with junk and unnecessary files. This utility helps scan and analyze the disk to figure out the usage so you can take the right actions.

Similar to WinDirStat, Disk Analyzer Pro enables you to delete unwanted files and obsolete data. Thus, you can recover disk space and boost up system performance. Not to mention it also helps manage data storage to make it organized.

Another thing Disk Analyzer Pro can do is locating the biggest folders and oldest files. Both files are space consuming so you may need to delete them and free up space. With a detailed report of disk space consumption, it enables you to manage disk space prudently.

2. TreeSize


When junk files and obsolete data eat up much space on your hard disk, it’s time for TreeSize to clear the issues. This utility monitors disk space by scanning your volumes in a few seconds and delivers efficient reporting. Thus you know what steps to take the next time.

If you find a lot of trash and unused files, TreeSize cleans up your disk quickly. Thanks to the integrated Windows Explorer menu and keyboard shortcuts that helps you get rid of unwanted files within seconds. Disk spring cleaning is getting better with stunning visualization of customizable treemap.

While WinDirStat doesn’t allow you to save scan reports, TreeSize offers an export function that enables you to export scan results. The report can be exported to PDF format so you can print it when needed. Best of all, it features an intuitive touch interface if you are using touchscreen devices.

3. SpaceSniffer


SpaceSniffer is a powerful alternative to WinDirStat for organizing the space disk of your Windows computer. This freeware is lightweight and friendly to your machine so it won’t consume a lot of data resources. Instead, it will help boost the computer’s performance.

The portable scanning utility comes packed with abundant features, from user-friendly interface to zoomable elements that allows you to navigate just like a web browser. Supporting drag and drop functionality, analyzing and decluttering your disk is so much easy.

There are many other features to find in this tool, such as customization options, powerful filtering to restrict the view content, smart cache scanning, and pop up menu for Windows folders. Plus, it has the ability to scan NTFS.

4. WizTree


If you need a WinDirStat alternative with fast scanning, WizTree should be on the list. It boasts 46x faster scanning than WinDirStat, so you can save time to locate ‘space hogs’ from the hard drive. The key secret of its fast scan is that it reads the Master File table (MFT) from the disk.

In addition to fast scanning, WizTree highlights high accuracy as it doesn’t count the same hard linked files twice. This distinctive feature enables the program to allocate space accurately. It also lets you find the sizes of all files including the large ones from the visual tree map. Also check Fixes for Slow Context Menu on Windows 

When using this software, you don’t necessarily need to put more efforts since it automatically sorts directories. For personal use, WizTree is available for free. But for commercial use, you will need to make a purchase.

5. Disk Recon

Disk Recon

Disk Recon is a product by Blacksun Software that helps reveal information about your disk space. When your computer is slowing down, chances are the hard disk space runs out. This utility allows you to find out where it is gone and how you can recover it.

Managing hard disk comes simple, thanks to a bunch of features that offer various functions from searching file to finding duplicate files. You can also monitor files, rename file in a bulk, find out file size, and custom filters.

Among other software similar to WinDirStat, Disk Recon is lightweight and cost-effective. It also has a simple and clean interface that is friendly for beginners. Having this program on your PC helps you maintain the performance of the machine.

6. SpaceMonger


Get rid of sluggish PC with SpaceMonger. This disk cleaning utility is designed to quickly free up hard disk space on shared-network and PC. Once downloaded, you can easily scan the computer in a single click. Analyze the result and decide what you need to do with it.

In addition to scanning, mapping, and managing your hard disk, SpaceMonger has the ability to copy and delete files to recover your disk space. It also works well to locate large files and folders, thanks to Treemap visuals that are easy to read.

Finding files is made simple with flexible search. You can easily locate files by type, size, and custom criteria. SpaceMonger runs well on Windows XP and above. If you are looking for a user-friendly and lightweight disk analyzer, this software should be on the list.

7. DiskSavvy


This disk space analyzer comes in handy to resolve storage issues on your computer. It delivers a straightforward and clean design, allowing you to scan and manage hard disk without putting extra efforts. In this program, you can find a bunch of features like disk analyzer and file finder. Also check Blue Screen Error on Windows

Great customization options are a key feature that makes it sufficient for personal use. Not only can you analyze hard disk space usage, you can also filter files by categories like modification time, accessed time, extension, and even username.

In order to leverage the user’s experience, this WinDirStat alternative comes with pie charts and statistics. It also helps plugins to add more features. But if you wish to enjoy more advanced features like command line and network drive support, you will need to upgrade to the premium version.

8. JDiskReport


JDiskReport is a simple alternative to find out how much files consume space on your hard disk. Dozens of easy-to-use features help you with analyzing and managing disk space so you know how to get rid of performance issue. With a sleek interface, using this tool will not be difficult.

Similar to other disk analyzer utilities, JDiskReport allows you to find obsolete and unused files or folders. It also analyses disk drives and present statistics in charts or tables. Plus, it has top 50 section that allows you to view 50 large files in various locations.

What’s more, it features built-in themes for a better visualization. Change the user interface and get a different experience when managing your hard disk. The best of fall, this freeware is ad-free. You can analyze the disk without interruption on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

9. HDGraph


Designed for Windows OS, HDGraph is an interactive disk analyzer that offers a unique way to free up space on your hard disk. It comes with a distinct circular ring chart showing data of your disk space. The largest data comes in the middle and as it moves outward, data size is getting smaller. Also check Steam Keeps Crashing on Windows

This is an uncommon way to display data that you cannot find anywhere else. Things are getting better as each section can be double-clicked for a further investigation. If you are bored with table or ordinary charts, HDGraph offers cool, customizable charts.

The utility works well not only with hard disk drive but also with the network folder, CD, and USB. Once you find unwanted files or folders with large size, choose delete to recover your disk space. Overall, HDGraph is a recommended program especially if you need a disk analyzing tool with a small download size.

10. SequoiaView


As a reliable disk analyzing utility, SequoiaView helps you analyze the hard disk and find out what is consuming a lot of space. This freeware offers a great way to locate files and folders that take up space on the hard disk and cause performance slowdown.

It comes with cushion treemaps, a visualization technique that displays all contents of your hard drive in a single picture. This technique allows you to find large files and folders so you can manage them. Unlike standard treemaps, it offers a distinct visualization for a better approach.

Once SequoiaView displays the result, you can select, inspect, and open files and directories. However, it doesn’t allow you to modify the files directly. You can also filter the search by categories like size, name, or modification date.

To sum up, there are many WinDirStat alternatives to help analyze your disk and free up space. Since every user has different needs and preferences, you can choose a program that suits you best.

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