surveys increase ecommerce sales

Ways to Use Surveys to Increase Ecommerce Sales will be described in this article. The survey is a mainstay of our civilization and was originally employed in 1824 to determine public interest in the impending presidential election.

Since then, surveys have been used to conduct research, assess a person’s effectiveness, and determine a customer’s degree of satisfaction. The final one in particular has the greatest bearing on ecommerce.

3 Ways to Use Surveys to Increase Ecommerce Sales

In this article, you can know about 3 Ways to Use Surveys to Increase Ecommerce Sales here are the details below;

Key data points from surveys can tell you a lot about how your store’s customers feel about it. As a result, you may optimise the operations of your store and incorporate customer input, which will boost brand recognition and sales.

The Art of Survey Creation

The Art of Survey Creation

Prior to sending out customer surveys, the first thing you must do is select the right platform for your needs. There are several choices available, giving you time to investigate each one and form an opinion. Look for a survey system that can accommodate your size and strengths. For instance, if your business is still in startup mode, you don’t want to be forced to use a programme created for multinational corporations. Additionally, you can check at platform design templates to determine whether the themes and hues match your brand. You must now develop survey content after selecting your survey software. When you send out a survey, you usually want to be as succinct as you can. You must write a succinct title line that describes the purpose of the survey to the reader. Try to keep surveys under 10 minutes in length for the questions itself. Customers should stay alert and focused so that their feedback is pertinent. Also check Automic Automation Alternatives

They will probably stop taking the survey in the middle or get sidetracked if it is too long and difficult. Consider additional approaches to get people to complete your surveys. Consider including a giveaway or discount with each survey to hasten the process of building your response database. Your data will be more accurate the more questions you have. After all, using a small sample size will cause the aggregate to be biassed in an unfavourable manner.

Finding out which products the customers want

Finding out which products the customers want

It’s simple to determine what kinds of products best resonate with your audience by using online surveys. You can utilise this information to change the focus of your product line or identify new opportunities that might appeal to customers. Online pet toy retailer PrideBites was able to use surveys to determine essential characteristics pet owners search for when buying toys after studying a Google Consumer Surveys case study. Nine questions on the distributed survey included the average projected cost of pet toys, key features, and usual uses for toys.

PrideBites looked at all the data after the survey was distributed and thousands of responses were received, and they then started to offer new items to meet the needs and expectations of its clients.

For instance, the business discovered that owners rarely let their dogs play in the water. Waterproof attributes were hence no longer given top priority. Additionally, poll findings revealed that respondents anticipated the typical toy to cost somewhere in the $10 to $20 range. Theoretically, you can use this information to your product line by downplaying high-end, luxuries goods. Finally, PrideBites discovered that the most desired feature in a toy was durability, which ranked first (41.7%). The business was already aware of durability from broad data, but not to this degree. Rubber toys naturally started to take up more space in the eCommerce business.

Eliminating Problems before They Appear Again

Eliminating Problems before They Appear Again

Some Dodge dealerships started sending clients online surveys as soon as their transactions were complete, according to a Key Survey case study involving National Dodge. The right questions were asked by these dealerships in order to find out if people’s experiences with the car-buying procedure were as easy as possible.

  • How long did waits last?
  • How do you feel about our pricing?
  • Was the delivery error-free?

In the end, National Dodge created a customer visit profile that highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of each Dodge dealership.

By posing inquiries about the online shopping experience, you can use this method in ecommerce. Also check Hegic review

Have your customers comment on how quickly your site loads and handles transactions rather than asking about pricing.

Since visitors are prone to abandoning their carts when a website takes a long time to load, site optimization is truly a crucial component of your store.

You can find out which agents perform best and deploy them during high leverage situations if you inquire about the level of client service.

Customers can also comment on your mobile website to determine which elements are most effective when viewed on a mobile device.

It is totally up to you what questions you ask your customers, but surveys are a terrific way to pinpoint certain areas of weakness.

Market Intelligence on the Cheap

It’s likely that you don’t have the funding for a professional market research study if you own a tiny internet store.

You can have your finger on the market’s pulse by using online surveys to fill the gap.

Timbuk2, a manufacturer of messenger bags, conducted surveys to learn how its customers felt about the company’s brand. Customers were questioned about their experiences with the Timbuk2 brand and their general knowledge of the store’s offerings. After analysing the answers to these two questions, the business focused its marketing efforts on the most productive areas. Particularly in Google Consumer Surveys, responses can be sorted according to a variety of user-specified factors, such as age and gender. If you want to make a push for a certain demographic, do it this way.

You can also inquire as to why clients choose your brand over that of your rivals. By doing this, you can understand the factors influencing client loyalty. Smaller factors like pricing and word-of-mouth to much larger trends like changes in consumer attitude and a wider market could be the answers to this. If it turns out that a client only visits your store because there aren’t any alternatives, that customer will likely switch to the other shift as soon as a substitute becomes available. Knowing your net promoter score is crucial since it indicates how satisfied your clients are and how likely they are to recommend you to others.


Without having to expend a bunch of money, online surveys are an excellent method to gather information from your consumer base. Also check Website personalization for podcast marketing

You may quickly learn how to enhance your ecommerce operations, identify the products that appeal to your clients the most, and discover strategies for enhancing the customer experience.

However, your survey activities will require some time and work.

Prior to starting a survey campaign, attempt to identify some objectives and choose a survey platform that will work best for your business.

The next step is to create smart questions and a plan to encourage individuals to contribute their responses.

In the end, surveys are a terrific method to show clients that you value their opinions and are interested in what they have to say.