Producing video content for marketing campaigns takes a ton of time and effort – as well as expertise and specialized equipment. For some companies, the answer is to invest in their own in-house team that can produce whatever video content they need. For others, the best option is to hire a production company to do it for them. For example, video production company Charter & Co produces videos for all kinds of brands, and for all kinds of purposes. From creative direction to cutting-edge equipment, they know what it takes to produce the perfect video.

Despite the advantages of hiring someone for the job, some companies prefer the idea of doing it themselves – even if they don’t have an experienced creative team ready to go. Since producing professional-level videos can be pretty pricey, budgetary concerns might be a prime motivator for this decision. However, there are other factors to consider as well, which are discussed in more detail below.

It frees up company resources

Video production companies cost money, that’s for sure – but what would it cost a company to produce their own video? Let’s start with what their team members would be paid during the time they devoted to brainstorming, planning, filming, post-production, etc. That adds up quickly, especially if they aren’t that experienced; this will make the entire process take longer than it probably needs to.

There are also other associated costs, which can amount to a sizeable budget on their own. These include the cost of renting sound and lighting equipment, cameras, and the filming location, plus paying the actors, plus paying for post-production software and labor.

By the time the dust has settled, the company may have spent a good chunk of what a video production company would have charged – especially once they factor in the productivity that was lost while their team members were tied up with this project. By using a video production company, they’ll be able to avoid interruptions and keep overall productivity at normal levels.

They know their way around a lighting setup

This may not sound like that much of a brag – until you consider just how crucial lighting is. Lighting can make or break a video, as it’s needed to draw the viewer’s focus, flatter from key angles, or frame a shot more effectively.

Here’s the catch: the lighting that you see with your eyes doesn’t translate perfectly to video. If an inexperienced team tried to set up the lights for a shoot, they’d probably spend an unreasonable amount of time just trying to get the angles right. Even if they did eventually end up with a decent outcome, it wouldn’t be nearly as sharp and effective as what a video production company could produce.

An experienced team would know the exact equipment to use, and the perfect angles to get the desired effect. From mysterious, to cheerful, to glamorous, all of these can be expressed by the lighting just as much as the color palette or backdrop.

They’ll produce a video that sounds perfect

The main focus of most videos is the visual aspect – no surprises there. And in many cases, this is thanks to the fact that the audio is high-quality, and blends perfectly with the rest of the video. There’s no fuzz, no distracting background noises, and no weird echoes. Just like with lighting, getting good audio takes a ton of expertise and special equipment.

After the audio has been recorded, it’ll need to be mixed. A track that sounds fine on headphones may sound distorted on speakers, but a skilled sound mixer will produce a more balanced result. This won’t just make consumers happier with the end product; it’ll also reflect well on the company.

They’ll have top-notch production equipment

Have you ever tried to complete a project, but without having half of the tools or components you needed? Maybe you were able to rig a solution together, but the results probably didn’t measure up to your expectations. Now imagine doing that with a video ad that was meant to be seen by people across the country. Without precision equipment in the hands of an expert, most consumers will be able to spot the DIY aspects of the content from a mile away.

Sure, it’s possible to buy or rent equipment that films in HD, or cancels out background noises. If you were making content for yourself, that could make your videos look awesome compared to shaky hand-held videos from a mobile phone. However, these videos don’t just have to make you happy; they have to convince thousands (or even millions) of people that this company is worth paying attention to. Even if a video ad is supposed to have a “home video” vibe, that too has to be carefully constructed in order to look believable.  With the advanced filming equipment of a video production company, though, getting the perfect shot is practically a guarantee.

They’ll be fast and efficient

Let’s say that an inexperienced in-house team makes it through the filming process with some decent footage – so far so good. Now it’s time to take on post-production. This process takes an entirely different set of skills, many of which are far less intuitive than even manipulating lighting and camera angles. Effects may need to be added, the audio will have to be matched up to the video, and undesirable elements will have to be removed. Even with many hours poured into post-production, the end result could still be lacking.

A video production company, on the other hand, will be able to speed up the process while also producing a top-notch video. They’ll know which transitions to use, how to perfectly mix the audio, and all the other details that make them the experts.

The takeaway

Just like with anything else, there are both pros and cons to hiring a video production company. However, the benefits outweigh the costs in almost every scenario. If you want a video that looks sleek, professional, and engaging, hiring a video production company is the way to go.