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Best Pushbullet Alternatives will be discussed in this article. One of the greatest utility apps is Pushbullet, which allows you to send SMS messages from your computer, create reminders, and more while transferring files fast and conveniently between your Android mobile and PC. However, compared to the ‘Pro’ version, the free edition of Pushbullet is more limited, which may turn some users away. The following functions are absent from Pushbullet’s free version:

Send files no more than 25 MB, and the maximum storage size is 2 GB.

Priced at $39.99 a year or $4.99 per month, Pushbullet Pro may not be an option for everyone. Users of Pushbullet will need to either pay for the “Pro” subscription or find a substitute. Here are some of the top Pushbullet alternatives you can use if you don’t intend to purchase Pushbullet Pro.

Top 10 Pushbullet Alternatives To Counter Its Free Version Limitations

Without a doubt, AirDroid is the greatest substitute for PushBullet. You can share files, install apps, view notifications, take and place calls, sync SMS and contacts, and respond to WhatsApp messages with AirDroid. Additionally, it enables you to mirror the user interface of your Android device to your PC so that you may control your Android smartphone or tablet directly from your computer.

1. AirDroid


Having said that, AirDroid also has significant drawbacks. Features like link sharing and universal copy & paste are absent from AirDroid. Additionally, it requires a lot of resources, so occasionally you could experience some slowness. Additionally, AirDroid offers a Premium subscription plan for $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year. However, it is less expensive than Pushbullet’s premium plans.

  • Overall, AirDroid is among the top Pushbullet alternatives because it has many of the most crucial Pushbullet capabilities in addition to a few unique extras.
  • Available on: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and AirDroid Web

2. Crono


If you want the multiple useful notification mirroring experience on your PC, Crono is possibly one of the best Pushbullet alternatives—even better than AirDroid. It delivers the same features as Pushbullet but with a much nicer user interface. Similar to Pushbullet, you can react to WhatsApp messages and like Instagram notifications while receiving all of your notifications on your PC. Additionally, call notification is supported, but you cannot take a call. You can, at best, reject phone notifications with immediate SMS replies. Not to mention, Crono will clear your smartphone’s notification clutter if you dismiss a notification on your PC.

Additionally, Crono supports Pushbullet’s universal clipboard sharing, which is one of its best features. With just one click, you may transfer your smartphone’s clipboard to a computer. Having said all of that, the nicest thing about Crono is that it is natively enabled and entirely end-to-end encrypted, exactly like Pushbullet. Therefore, no one can intercept the data packets during any of the communication between your smartphone and computer because it is always safe. Additionally, Crono offers 2400 notifications in its free plan, as opposed to Pushbullet’s 100 notifications every month. It’s fantastic, isn’t it? Therefore, choose Crono as the finest alternative to Pushbullet. It also offers specific programs for Windows and macOS.

  • Accessibility: Web, Windows, macOS, and Android
  • Download Crono (free; $1/month for the premium version).

3. Snapdrop


Snapdrop is a great option if you’re seeking for a Pushbullet substitute for file sharing. It’s the quickest and simplest way to transfer files between different platforms without having to download any software, register for an account, or scan a QR code. An open-source web-based platform that functions on all platforms is called Snapdrop. A standard WiFi access point is all that is required. Simply open snapdrop.net on both of your devices if your PC and smartphone are both connected to the same WiFi network to begin sharing files. By doing a right-click on the gadget, you can easily share links. The finest features of Snapdrop include its lightning-fast speed, ability to share many files at once, and complete lack of advertisements. Not to mention that, like Pushbullet, all of your file transfers are encrypted utilizing the TLS protocol. To sum up, Snapdrop is by far the greatest choice on this list if you use Pushbullet primarily for file transfers. This is another Pushbullet Alternatives. Also check TreeSize Alternatives

  • Accessibility: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Web
  • Website visit (free)

4. My Phone – Windows Companion

My Phone

My Phone, a Windows companion program from Microsoft, exactly what its name says. My Phone is not yet a fully functional device manager, unlike AirDroid. Microsoft claims that they are working to update the app with new features. This is another Pushbullet Alternatives.

For the time being, My Phone can be used to view and transfer images, view and respond to text messages, and check Skype notifications. Yes, it doesn’t have as many features as some other applications, but you may anticipate additional improvements to this program in the future. It’s also important to note that this specific companion is only compatible with Windows and Android. So My Phone is definitely worth checking out if you use an Android phone and a Windows PC.

  • Available for Windows and Android
  • Download My Phone for Windows or Android for free.

5. Easy Join


In the Android ecosystem, EasyJoin is a relatively new app, but among geeks, it has quickly become extremely popular. EasyJoin’s key selling point is that you can perform a lot of crucial tasks that are often only available as part of a paid plan for free. EasyJoin is one of the greatest alternatives to Pushbullet in many respects because it adds a ton of new functionality that not even Pushbullet has. You can link your smartphone to your computer and start receiving notifications right away. Additionally, you can react to messages and carry out functional actions like “mark as read,” “snooze,” etc.

With EasyJoin integration and a specific Windows software, you can also make and receive calls on your computer, but this functionality is only accessible with a premium plan. In addition, you may access the universal clipboard, send files from one device to another, set alarms, and manage other devices’ volume. You don’t have to spend a thing to get any of these features. But our work is not yet done. By default, all file transfers, voice calls, texts, notifications, and notifications are end-to-end encrypted. Taking everything into account, EasyJoin appears to be a strong Pushbullet substitute, so you should absolutely give it a try. This is another Pushbullet Alternatives.

  • Accessibility: Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, and Web
  • Download EasyJoin (free; $15 one-time fee for the Pro version).

6. Mighty Text


One of the most effective PushBullet substitutes is MightyText. Mighty Text syncs your text messages and allows you to reply to them directly from your PC, much like Pushbullet does. Additionally, it mimics your notifications and allows you to call, ring, uninstall, send photos and videos, check the battery level, and more directly from the MightyText app.

The free edition of Mighty Text includes a monthly text message cap of 500, which is five times more than the free version of Pushbullet. Additionally, Mighty Text has a subscription edition that includes features like the ability to schedule messages, remove advertisements, sync up to 100 GB of photographs and videos, and more. MightyText’s Pro edition costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year. If you don’t mind the 500 messages per month limit in the free edition of Mighty Text, you might want to look into some other options.

7. Join


Although Join can replace Pushbullet, its user interface is not the best. Therefore, Join is a great option if you want a dependable program and don’t care about the UI/UX. It’s very clean, has no adverts or monitoring, and notifies the user of new content on their smartphone quite quickly. You can distribute data, URLs, and locations to various devices using it. Your notifications and messages are also mirrored, and you may reply to messages and take other useful actions directly from your computer. Additionally, if you use Tasker, you will value the app’s extensive Tasker integration. Additionally, you can distribute your clipboard around numerous devices. Not to add that, like Pushbullet, Join is completely end-to-end encrypted if you decide to set a password. To be clear, choose Join if you have some experience with Android. This is another Pushbullet Alternatives.

Alternatives to AirDroid join

Android, Windows, and the Web

Download Join (Free, $1.49 for the full version).

8.kDE Connect

KDE Connect

KDE Connect is a lot better option than Pushbullet if you use Linux. You may use it to easily connect your smartphone with your PC and it is totally free and open-source. Additionally, you may transmit remote input, manage media playback, send files, URLs, and, of course, access all alerts, including those from other parties. Furthermore, it’s fantastic that you can reply to messages. You can receive a notification but not a call when it comes to contact support. The ability to change the track, pause, and mute playback of a song that is now playing on your laptop is KDE Connect’s best feature, though. Additionally, KDE Connect is end-to-end encrypted just like Pushbullet, which is fantastic. All I would suggest is that you should certainly use KDE Connect instead of Pushbullet because it is a great tool on Linux. Also check WinDirStat Alternatives

Install KDE Connect for nothing.

9. Bridge


Another option with a strategy extremely similar to Pushbullet is Bridge. Even though it lacks several functionality, such as call support and file sharing, you can receive notifications, can respond to messages, and can access the clipboard on other devices. It features a web-based portal where all the notifications are maintained for your inspection, unlike extensions. If you use Bridge on numerous devices, all of your device notifications are collected here. The best part is that when you reply to a notification, it is also deleted from your smartphone. Bridge has a web-based portal, so it’s critical that the security standards stay high. Bridge is entirely compatible with end-to-end encryption as a result, which is a commendable achievement. Bridge is relatively reasonable in contrast to Pusbullet, which is why I recommend it. You can acquire a lifetime membership to the app for just $3.99 when you purchase it once. So feel free to attempt Bridge.

Download Bridge (Free Trial for 7 Days; $3.99 One-Time Fee for Full Version).

10. Pushover


While Pushbullet is mostly recognized for its link sharing and support for notifications on computers, it also has an automation component that works with IFTTT and other apps. And Pushbullet provides free access tokens to use its APIs for this, however the free plan has some limitations. So, Pushover is the greatest option on our list if you’re seeking for a Pushbullet substitute for token access in the cloud. You may utilize Pushover’s user key to control your PC with Google Assistant, as well as IFTTT, Tasker, and many other services. That is not all, though. The best thing about Pushover is that it has a $4.99 one-time purchase instead than Pushbullet’s $39.99 yearly subscription fee. So why are you still waiting? Use Pushover without any limitations and for a fraction of the cost for all your automation needs. This is another Pushbullet Alternatives.

These Are the Best Pushbullet Alternatives to Use

Although Pushbullet is a fantastic software, if you cannot pay the premium version, you can use one of the many other strong apps in its place. Even though not all of these options are as feature-rich as Pushbullet, most users will find them to be enough. Even though the majority of them are premium services, they nevertheless provide a respectable free plan that is significantly superior to Pushbullet’s. Check them out, then share your thoughts in the comments section below.