Top 8 Best Pikahd Alternatives In 2024

Best Pikahd Alternatives will be described in this article. PikaHD is a useful online streaming service that lets you view dramas, TV shows, and movies of your choice. This portal offers a variety of regional movies to view that require a strong internet connection, including anime, Asian, Japanese, Korean, Kdramas, Chinese shows, and many others.

PikaHD also features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to access content fast and is compatible with a variety of platforms, including smartphones and operating systems like Linux, macOS, Android, and Windows. Additionally, consumers may browse from the comfort of their homes using this platform, which provides high-quality downloading access, including 480p, 720p, and higher. PikaHD supports many different languages and translates users’ watched content into dubbed versions for simple comprehension.


  • Daily updates and high-quality content available for download for free browsing
  • Various genres available for consumers to choose from
  • Easily accessible from numerous devices
  • Support for multiple languages and easily readable subtitles


  • Amiable interface
  • Use of the search bar
  • Popular films
  • Superior streaming service


  • Not trustworthy
  • Certain nations’ strategy
  • Heavy traffic slows things down

Top 8 Best Pikahd Alternatives In 2024

In this article, you can know about Pikahd Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Ouhvod


One of the top platforms for people to access Chinese-language video media is Ouhvod. Customers of this portal can access vast high-definition videos for TV episodes and movies produced by the Chinese film industry. It can even give its customers access to the vast library, which has a variety of both classic and recent releases, so they can cover their earlier work without any restrictions. Also included with Ouhvod.

2. Nkiri


One of the most popular platforms where you can instantly stream and download Korean dramas is Nkiri. The website claims to have one of the most comprehensive collections of dramas and to be updated every day with hundreds of fresh choices. Users of Nkiri can also download a large range of movies & TV shows from Hollywood & Korea for free. The most popular movies from Korea and Hollywood are both available for purchase. This is another Pikahd Alternatives. Also check Moviestars Alternatives 

3. OnDramaNice


Users of OnDramanice can view Asian dramas & films with English subtitles that have been released in a combination of languages, including Korean, Thai and Taiwanese, Japanese, Hong Kong, and Chinese. Even for its consumers around the world, the portal regularly adds the newest books and films. OnDramaNice also makes it easier for viewers to enjoy viewing dramas and films in a variety of genres, such as action and the comedy, science fiction, erotic thrillers and romantic, adventure, fantasy, family, and many more. Juvenile Justice, Cuzpid’s Last Wish, Cherry, and other of their most well-liked series.

4. HanCinema


HanCinema is an online store that may provide customers with access to a database of Korean films and dramas. customers can use this database to search films, dramas, actors, and other updated information on Korean content with ease. For each new article, editorial, review, etc., users can receive immediate notifications. HanCinema could become the only English-language site based on Korean cinema thanks to the availability of hundreds of thousands of pieces of range in the database. This is another Pikahd Alternatives.

5. NewAsianTV


Users can watch & download a combination of videos, including dramas, movies, and much more, at NewasianTv, an online video provider. Anyone can view movies and dramas on the platform in a variety of genres based on the location, including Thai, Philippine, Chinese, Taiwanese, and many more. Users have entry to tens of thousands of movies on NewAsianTV. They cannot choose the finest among them based on their prior searches, therefore it may also suggest. This is another Pikahd Alternatives. Also check GMovies alternatives

6. DramaGo


DramaGo is a torrent-based website that allows users to upload nearly any type of illegal content. He can import his preferred movies as quickly as he wishes because anybody can choose from the movie groups. For streaming movies, users must enter the exact domain name when accessing the internet. A huge selection of Korean films are available to viewers on DramaGo, another website that hosts pirated content. The vast list makes it simple for people to watch and stream movies by including both the newest releases and classics. This is another Pikahd Alternatives.

7. Kshow123


Kshow123 is a website that lets users view Asian dramas, movies, and TV series in high definition with English subtitles. Since most drama boxsets contain millions of episodes, the main providers even spread all of the dramas or films in 720p or 1080p HD. Because the content is supplied at the best price and is updated regularly, Kshow123 also offers the most recent surfing. The user can subscribe to receive real-time notifications anytime it uploads.

8. Viu


The popular and most recent Korean Dramas can be legally seen on Viu, an internet streaming service that launched in 2015. This platform enables users to download apps straight from the Apple AppStore & the Google PlayStore. Viu expands its content sources to numerous other nations, like Hong Kong, Thailand, etc., in addition to offering dramas, films, & variety shows to Korea. The platform has even reached an agreement to gain access to the bulk of the content. This is another Pikahd Alternatives.

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