Every business needs marketing, without marketing your product or brand name there is no use of having a business, especially in today’s digital world. With an increasingly competitive digital sphere, gaining a competitive edge in your approach to expanding your customer base is a key goal for businesses spanning every industry. Small businesses are gaining ground by investing in sales enablement tools, powerful CRMs, and on-page sales solutions such as chatbots and similar AI-driven services.

Video Marketing:

We all know that a visual image is worth a thousand words. Our brain can process these visuals 60,000 times faster than text. That is why we can remember the visuals for a longer time than text. So to market your product or brand video marketing is one of the best opportunities to reach millions. There are many advantages to marketing your business through videos.

• Video displays nonverbal communication:

The body language and our actions play a huge role in videos because we humans are visual creatures. So we can easily understand the meaning and emotions of a particular action or thing. This helps in marketing your product. The more detailed and target-oriented your video, the more people you are going to reach. This is why there are many companies make video marketing business.

• Video Engages more audiences

We all know how video help in capturing the user’s attention. But a simple video can’t make all these, without voice and sound effects videos are nothing. Does video can engage more people? Yes, video can engage more people in all kinds of platforms. You know a person is 30 times more likely to click on a video ad compared to a text ad (standard banner ad). Due to fewer videos on the internet compared to text, our video can rank on top of SERP’s and digital platforms. This is why many people prefer videos to promote their business services.

• All Platforms support Videos

There are many platforms on the internet where we can share our content like videos, images, text, etc. You know 90% of platforms accept video content, so we can promote our business in the maximum part of the internet. All social media platforms engage more views for videos than text content. When it comes to social media, videos will have a big chance of getting 1200% more shares compared to text content. A video has the ability to convey the information very easily. A simple video can consist of an article, a podcast, an image, an info-graphic and text. All types of formats can be combined in videos and there is no other platform with this capability. That is why video marking is my first preference. There are many video marketing tools which help us to make better videos.

Google Ads:

Google Ads, it is one of the best platforms to brand your business online. In the early days if we spend 1000$ also we can’t reach expected customers. But now with 10$, we can estimate the same reach. That is why Google ads got popularity. Later all the ad companies updated their service which shows the estimated reach and views. Google ads have many benefits that help the business to grow faster.

• Increase your Brand Awareness:

Based on your budget and requirements you can run ad campaigns, also Google Ads can help customize your campaigns with targeting specific category customers like age, interests, location and many. This way of marketing helps in increasing your brand to an interested or specific customer.

• Generates Instant Results Compared to SEO

We all know that SEO plays an important role in marketing. Without having good SEO we can’t get the organic traffic. To build a good SEO it takes a lot of time, but when it comes to Google Ad it is easy to get instant results with little efforts. That is why many new companies focus more on ads compared to SEO.

• Different Bidding Strategies help in Better ROI

In Google Ad Words there are different bidding strategies to help you reach specific marketing goals based on your budget.

o CPC bidding: CPC is abbreviated as Cost-Per-Click, it was recommended when your website needs only traffic. Based on each click the money was charged, when a user clicks your link and visited your site. Then the CPC cost will be applied.

o CPM bidding: CPM is abbreviated as Cost per thousand viewable impressions, it was recommended if you’re trying to build brand awareness. By using this method you can choose the cost you pay for 1000 impressions. It was only applicable to the Google Display Network.

o CPA bidding: CPA is abbreviated as Cost per Action, it was recommended when the business needs more conversions. Based on the conversion goal the cost will be varied. It is also important to know how much the conversion goal is worth to your business.

Social Media Engagement:

Now a day’s everyone is a part of social media, from children to business professionals all are using them. This is why social media is used for marketing. In social media anything gets viral it nearly reaches all over the world. So many businesses use social media marketing as the main source of their business. There are many social media platforms that are popular. Now let’s discuss the top platforms which help your business.

• Facebook Ads:

Facebook is one of the popular social media platforms in the world. As per the 2019 second quarter, there are 2.41 billion monthly active users. So many businesses are already invested in Facebook Marketing. Like Google, Facebook also runs ads, based on the business budget the specific ad will be posted on the platform.

• Instagram Ads:

Instagram is a video and photo-sharing network, which has 500 million daily active visitors. From 2012 Instagram was handled by facebook. The ads of Instagram also controlled by facebook Ads manager. We don’t need an Instagram account to run ads on Instagram.

• Twitter Ads:

Twitter is a microblogging network, where we can share short content. It has 330 million monthly active users as per 2019 and 134 million people use twitter on a daily basis. In twitter ads based on the budget and business, we can run the campaign.

Mobile Marketing:

We all know that more than 60% of internet users are mobile users. This is why mobile marketing also plays an important role in top marketing strategies. By doing mobile marketing we can reach millions easily compared to desktop or laptop users. There are many benefits if we use mobile marketing as the main marketing strategy.

• Easy Usage:

It doesn’t matter what campaign we do, it may be SMS or MMS messaging. The message will be conveyed short and simple manner to the users, so it is easy to handle. The user will read the entire text then based on his interest he/she clicks on the followed link, it helps in immediate purchase or sales. To handle these campaigns there is much software available.

• Easy to track:

All our marketing strategy is about ROI. In mobile marketing, we can easily track the user’s action that he has clicked the link or not. Based on CTR (Click through Rate) we can estimate what is the reach of our campaign and take further steps.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is a form of promoting your business using top influencers in the niche but it differs a lot compared to other marketing strategies. When a well-known person suggests a product or service we definitely buy it or at least we check the details of the product. This is how an influencer marketing works. It is a lot better than ads, but choosing a wrong influencer can lead you to loss. So choosing an influencer is also an important task. Influencer marketing will help in all ways like branding, conversions, and traffic.

• Guarantee Exposure:

When a product or service is given to an influencer, the reach will be higher. Based on the budget and the targets the influencer publishes the content. So there is a high chance of getting relevant customers to that particular service.

• Improved ROI:

In Influencer marketing, the returns will be unbelievable if you make it in the right way. Generally, many people think that by investing less we can market our brand using influencer marking. This statement is completely wrong, in influencer marketing; if we invest more we get more (ROI).

• Guest Blogging:

Being invited to contribute content to an established blog is an opportunity to be introduced to someone’s network. When you share useful information and demonstrate command of a subject in this environment, it is a chance to create referrals and even clients.

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The marketing strategies you use and techniques you apply to make your business visible across the digital platforms, all leads to the final conclusion called ROI. So make sure you follow these marketing strategies to attain better results through digital channels.