Best Zoom Alternatives

This post will explain the best zoom alternatives. Zoom ended up being the most popular video conferencing app this lockdown. Nevertheless, with the growing fame came a great deal of backlash regarding security loopholes and database mismanagement. So, much so that several peoples had to prohibit use in internal conferences. Zoom being user-friendly and scalable, individuals still stuck with it.

Top 5 Best Zoom Alternatives You Can Use In 2021

In this article, you can know about zoom alternative reddit here are the details below;

We just recently had two big statements. Initially, Google made its premium video conferencing service free, and second, Facebook announced its web conferencing system, Messenger Rooms, for developers. So, with these statements, we are finally looking at zoom options in the truest sense. Here are all of them.

Best Zoom Alternatives

Before we begin with the options, three main points led to Zoom’s popularity.

  • – Ease– The ease with which you might hold meetings with around 100 individuals for free.
  • – Scalability– Zoom not only permitted you to host conferences with 100 people however looked rather while doing it. At the time of lockdown, how many applications let you host conferences with 100 people for free?
  • – Moderation– Although Zoombombing was a big concern, I felt Zoom had sufficient meeting roles and moderation.

Hence, while taking a look at perfect Zoom options, we didn’t consist of Discord, Riot IM, and Microsoft Teams in this list since those are more collaborative and interaction tools. Let’s get to the first one.

1. Google Meet

Google Meet

Participant Limit: 100 people

Google was the latest to go into the video conferencing fight. On May 8th, 2020, it becames accessible to everybody who has a Google report. Till 30th September 2020, there would be no time-limitson meetings or limitations of any sort. Office that, video calls will have a credit limit of 60 minutes.

Compared to Zoom, Google Meetshas a simpler UI. There are only two buttons on the web pages. One is to begin a meeting, and the other is to sign up with one. Now, unlikes Zoom, you need to have a Google account to sign up with or host a conference. By default, the host requires to permit everyone to sign up for a meeting. Apart from this, you can unmutes and disconnect other individuals from the meeting.

Google Meet is a perfect option when compared to the ease and scalability of Zoom. Nevertheless, it lacks the meeting recording function. It’s available only for GSuite users. Furthermore, there’s no inbuilt whiteboard, waiting for space, breakout room, and so on.

. What’s excellent?

– Easy to host conferences for as much as 100 participants free of charge

– No meeting time-limit currently up until Sept 30, 2020

What’s not?

– No alternative to tape-record the conference for fundamental Gmail users

– No breakout spaces, waiting for space, etc.

– No native whiteboards for collaboration.

2. Facebook Messenger Rooms.

Facebook Messenger Rooms

Participant Limit: 50 individuals.

The next zoom option we have is the recently introduced– ‘Messenger spaces’ from Facebook. Currently, it has n0t rolled to every Messenger user, but we were lucky enoughs to have early access. Messenger Rooms currently enables 50 users to sign up with Facebook video conferences. Unlike Google Meet, you do not require to have a Facebook accounts5 to join a video conference.

In the messenger application, just below your Profile, you have a link called “Create a Room.” It will immediately create a video conference signed up with by others from even a web internet browser without a Facebook account. We have utilized it for a while, and the video quality is great.

Now, about small amounts, you choose to pick whether the individual needs to have a Fb account to sign up with the meeting. Overall, Rooms is a good Zoom alternatives where most have a Facebook account. And it plans to integrate with Instagram, WhatsApp, and Portal in the future. However, you understand when it comes to FB, the issue might not be outdoors but within the app itself. However, let’s provide the service with a fair share of time and see how things roll out.

What’s good?

– Video conferences with approximately 50 individuals.

– Participants require not to have a FB account or messenger app.

– AR emojis from Fb Messenger throughout video chat.

What’s not?

– No real moderation or collaborative tools.

3. Jitsi Meet.

Jitsi Meet

Participant Limit: 75 people.

Now, Facebook and Googles both have their fair share of personal privacy issues in the past, so if you are looking for something open-source– Jitsi Meet is the answer. It’s comparable to Zoom, and another open-source video conferencing app called BigBlueButton. Nevertheless, there are three important reasons to select Jitsi Meet over any other open-source video conferencing app.

– Jitsi Meet has devoted mobile apps.

– Similar to Zoom, Jitsi Meet is rather easy to use and requires little-to-no onboarding.

– It enables you to straight live stream on YouTube from within Jitsi Meet.

Apart from this, Jitsi Meet supports video conferences with approximately 75 individuals, and there’s no time-limit on the meetings. The only issue with Jitsi Meet is that there’s no small amounts. No one’s host and nobody’s individual. Meaning, anyone can kicks you out of the meeting or silence you. In our screening, the video quality was not as good as the previous two applications or even Zoom. However, the developments is currently a lot active, and you can learn more on their blog.

What’s good?

– Can hold up to 75 individuals and endless meetings.

– Option to tape meetings and share screen.

– Ability to hold YouTube live current from within the application.

– Dedicated Android and iOS applications, unlike other open-source options.

What’s not?

– No moderation whatsoever in the conferences.

– Video quality is slightly average based on our testing.

4. Skype.


Participant Limit: 49 people.

Skype was not considered in recent times as Zoom options. Mostly because it was hard to produce video conferences for non-Skype individuals. To add to that, MS abandoned Skype in pursuit of Microsoft Teams. But, up until recently, it has presented Skype Meet. It’s an easy web app that needs no sign-up to either host or sign up with a conference.

Skype Meet is also mixed into the Skype application, wherein you will see this “Meet Now” button on the web page. Apart from this, you also get groups polls, which are paid in Zoom. Furthermore, on Skype, anybody can tape-record the meeting, and the recording is shared at the end of the call. There’s no host or delegation of obligations. You can unmute individuals, and that’s practically it.

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What’s good?

– Option to host and sign up with a conference without Skype ID.

– Up to 49 individuals.

– Allows cloud recording of the meeting.

– Other features likes file sharing, screen sharing, group polls, etc

. What’s not?

– No small amounts of the meeting.

– Doesn’t have a waiting.

5. Cisco Webex.

Cisco Webex

Participant Limit: 100 people.

The last zoom alternative we have is Cisco Webex. It was among the first apps to go free in order to assist people working from the house. So, the perks you get in the complimentary variant are as follows.

– Foremost, you can schedule conferences with 100 participants, and meetings can last as long as you require.

– WebEx enables screen sharing and recording of meetings in your area.

Compared to the other applications in this list, Cisco WebEx does have better small amounts. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Now, similar to Zoom, Cisco WebEx likewise has a personal meeting room. In case you’re holding a conference with random people, don’t use your individual meeting ID. It doesn’t have a password. You would be betters off arranging a conference that has a random password by default.

Unlike Zoom, there is no waiting rooms in WebEx. So, a person who clicks the link would be straight rerouted to the conference room. However, by default, WebEx locks the meeting room afters 10 minutes. So, once the conference is locked, you will need to allow everybody individually to the meeting room.

What’s Good?

– Ability to host meetings with 100 individuals.

– Group surveys and regional recording of conferences.

– Option to entrust host and leave the conference.

What’s not?

– Personal conference room doesn’t have a password by default.

– No option to enable waiting room in conferences.

– No Linux App.

– The web app doesn’t permit the recording of meetings and group polls.

Closing Words.

In General, Google Meet and Facebook Rooms are the real options. And, if you want super personal privacy, then do try Jitsi Meet. Functions fantastic! These are the ones that carry out flawlessly in our weeks of screening. If many people in your group are already Skype users and only a few of them don’t have an account, then opt for Skype meetings.