Best and most popular Yakuake alternatives will be described in this article. Yakuake is a free SSH client and terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology. It provides a minimalistic interface for accessing the command line interface environment.

The software can be used to tunnel X11 applications over a network connection or can be used as an alternative to GNOME Terminal because it’s currently more advanced.

Yakuake is to provide a convenient terminal emulator with a minimal interface that stays out of your way when you don’t need it but provides quick access to otherwise complicated commands.

There are multiple features on offer that include smoothly rolls down, tabbed interface, configurable dimensions, skinnable, sophisticated D-Bus interface, custom colour definition, and more to add.

Top 15 Best Yakuake Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Yakuake Alternatives in 2022 are explained here.

1. Console2


Console2 is a modern Windows terminal that features different profiles and colour schemes, running as a system service and with support for VIP profiles.

A simple yet powerful configuration tool is provided, which allows you to change all aspects of Console2’s behaviour.

A wide variety of settings allows you to customise it to fit your needs. This is another yakuake alternative.

Currently, Console2 even supports a native SSH connection and enables simple file transfers over the outdated SFTP protocol without the need for special configuration.

Console2’s main objective is to simplify your SSH experience.

It presents your sessions in a tidy tree hierarchy, with different colours available for each session group.

It resembles a native console window more than a UNIX port, in my opinion.

It provides a variety of special features for both inexperienced and seasoned user.

2. WezTerm


WezTerm is a Windows-based SSH client and terminal emulator that supports transparent terminal programmes.

The software also supports full-duplex terminal links through Internet Relay Chat in addition to WYSIWYG-style terminal editors and tunnelling capabilities for encrypted remote access to legacy applications or for secure file transfer. Also check Jonas software 

With WezTerm, you may easily connect to your remote server from a PC or phone.

You can securely access your server over a Virtual Network Connection (VNC) and control your server and apps with mouse clicks using this SSH 2 Terminal Emulator for Windows.

This is another yakuake alternative. Together, WezTerm and WezChat enable your phone to function as a VNC client.

It may be used as a typical SSH client and can run native Linux apps on Windows.

3. WinSSHTerm


WinSSH is a Windows-based client and terminal emulator for SSH, telnet, and Mosh protocols.

As a native Win32 application, it provides a more user-friendly experience while having a similar appearance and feel to the PuTTY terminal emulator.

The SSH, Telnet, and MOSH protocols are supported by WinSSH, which also has connection management tools. You can use it to connect to and log into distant machines that are running SSH servers.

To connect to servers that need a password for authentication, use WinSSH. WinSSH will ask you for the password before allowing you to connect to these servers. It allows you to forward ports as well as connect to distant machines and run instructions from them.

It is open source software that is offered for free in accordance with the GNU GPL.

4. Konsole


The robust terminal emulator programme Konsole enables you to build a desktop environment based on KDE and is supported by a built-in bi-directional text display.

You can alter the tab titles according to the activities or tasks you are performing on your desktop using the tabbed terminal feature that is included with it.

You can choose from a assortment of backgrounds, including transparent alternatives.

You may divide the screen with this programme, which simplifies your job.

It allows you full control over both the key bindings and colour schemes.

The fact that this tool interfaces with many KDE applications and supports a variety of profiles is its strongest feature.

Additionally, the interface is quite straightforward and user-friendly, and the functions are located at the top of the page.

Because Konsole is an open-source programme, you can configure all of its capabilities, making it a complete and strong terminal emulator.

5. ZOC Terminal

ZOC Terminal

The ZOC is a freeware terminal emulator designed to replace the default Windows command prompt and offer an experience that is somewhat reminiscent of the Linux command line.

ZOC’s terminal emulator supports scripting, allows the user to access several servers through SSH, supports multiple windows and tabs, and performs a number of other tasks.

This software is appealing since it can be easily customised to meet your needs and tastes.

Additionally, it gives you access to a scripting language with more than 200 instructions. This is another yakuake alternative.

The extensive logging, complete keyboard remapping, scroll back, automatic actions, macro recorder, file transfer, tabbed sessions, support for auto-login, thorough online documentation, and other features are among the rich features.

6. SuperConsole


Using the mouse and keyboard keys, SuperConsole is an open-source terminal emulator that lets you set up a line command environment on your computer.

It has features that are adaptable, so you can utilise them as you see fit.

You may quickly edit the files using its built-in editor and access its colour options to utilise in your projects.

It is a simple programme that runs without a hitch on every operating system, including Linux, Mac, Windows, etc.

With the help of this tool, you can quickly create folders in your directories and modify files that are located remotely.

Additionally, its editor allows you to import the photographs and change them.

SuperConsole is a great choice if you’re seeking for a straightforward and user-friendly terminal emulator because of all of its entertaining and cool features.

7. YeahConsole


A free and open-source terminal emulator is YeahConsole.

It is a Windows console application with a command-line interface that offers developers and Windows users improved features.

YeahConsole may be set up to operate like a regular console or command prompt and operates in a desktop environment. Also check Typhoo software

Multiple tabs, local echo, sound events, prompt history, auto-completion, drag-and-drop, dockable panels, and session management are additional features that have been added to SecureCRT as a base.

It is perfect for Windows users that need to access their UNIX/Linux systems or connect to servers.

To test, troubleshoot, or simply explore your remote servers in Windows, you can use this client to establish a secure connection.

8. Take command

Take command

Take command is a terminal emulator and SSH client that enables remote network interaction.

By taking control, remote actions like running a command, transferring data between computers, and altering server settings are made quick and simple.

In order to run network services safely across an unsecured network, it provides the secure Shell (SSH) cryptographic network protocol.

This is another yakuake alternative. It is a potent Windows terminal emulator that has a straightforward graphical user interface and allows you to establish connections to distant servers through SSH, Telnet, and serial connections.

You can immediately access your remote server’s command-line using Take Command’s user-friendly interface through the accustomed Explorer-style interface.

In comparison to typing terminal commands on a keyboard, it is quicker, simpler to use, and more secure.

9. Fig Terminal

Fig Terminal

Fig Terminal is a web-based emulator software programme that enables you to view the many Heroku applications and includes the fig in your current terminal in the form of an IDE style.

You are able to open many tabs on a single screen and search through large folders to discover your stuff.

Using commands will make it simple for you to order and prioritise your papers.

This software’s ability to browse the Docker registry and configure your containers is one of its strongest features.

It effectively integrates a variety of add-ons into your terminal and speeds up that terminal.

Additionally, it allows you to utilise a mouse after first using the keyboard.

It complies with all security requirements and forbids data tracking.

In conclusion, Fig Terminal offers you adjustable options and addresses every area of a quick and simple terminal.

10. CLIX


A free, compact, and straightforward terminal emulator for Windows is called CLIX.

In Windows, it functions primarily like a Linux/Unix terminal.

It offers you access to the console and lets you run Unix/Linux commands like a system administrator because it is a terminal emulator. This is another yakuake alternative.

CLIX is software made to give your computer access to an X terminal emulator and an SSH client.

Like any remote desktop application, it enables you to move files across remote servers and run programmes on them.

Every keystroke you make and every click you make is completely secure because all communication takes place through encrypted channels.

Clix is a Windows-specific SSH client and terminal emulator.

The SSH2 protocol is implemented by CLIX, which also supports the RSA, DSA, and ECDSA key formats.

11. PieTTY


PieTTY offers a terminal emulator with an SSH client to make your life simpler.

It allows for numerous accounts and the simultaneous sending of orders to all active sessions.

It is committed to accessibility, user interface simplification, and multilingual environments.

The SSH client’s extensive features include: Glass window mode, drag and drop SCP, HW acceleration, SSH public key authentication, customisable theming support, Alpha blending, and more.

12. SSH Terminal Emulator

SSH Terminal Emulator

A application called SSH Terminal Emulator imitates the operations of a mainframe terminal. It gives you a easy way to connect to the server using Windows. This is another yakuake alternative.

You can connect to the server using this programme in the same way that you would with a computer. You are provided with a CMD-like interface by the SSH programme.

All of your favourite commands, like as ls, cd, mount, etc., are available. It is user-friendly because of its simple UI. With the use of this utility, many servers can even be connected.

You can use it to connect to a distant machine and run commands, as well as tunnel other protocols or move files.

13. ExtraPuTTY


A strong SSH client and terminal emulator for Windows is called ExtraPuTTY.

With features like X forwarding, port forwarding, reattachment, local and remote command prompting, local and remote file transfers, password caching, auto-scaling, multi-tabbed terminal sessions, full-screen mode, and more, it has everything you need to securely connect to remote servers and use your favourite programmes from a distance.

It is a software programme that enables you to use an SSH client and a software terminal to write lengthy documents.

The SSH protocol and all of its features are fully implemented for your convenience, and you also have the option to send special characters using local hotkeys. Also check forms automation software

14. Wsl-terminal


This is another yakuake alternative. A Windows terminal emulator that complies with all of the Unix Systems Laboratories’ criteria is called WSL-terminal.

The goal of the scheme is to introduce a user space native Windows console programme on Windows.

You can connect to the distant network and execute instructions on a remote host thanks to Windows Secure Shell’s secure channel, which is based on SSH.

SSH protocol, which offers user authentication and secure data transmission, is used to secure the connection.

It has all the required functionality, including an SSH client, environment variables, automatic pty discovery, compatibility with tmux and screens, colours, and much more.

You can create cross-platform applications, manage IT infrastructure without leaving your Windows machine, and have the best access to the Linux terminal on Windows with it.

15. Qonsole


Windows users can use Qonsole, a free and open-source SSH client and terminal emulator.

It has a terminal and a mechanism that enables graphical programmes (like PuTTY) to run in the terminal.

It is intended to be a contemporary Windows terminal with good legibility and a simple, inviting look and feel.

Each tab in a Qonsole window has the ability to be further subdivided into many panes.

It will establish a connection with the distant server and run commands in the working directory.

On the server, you can run programmes, move files back and forth, and transmit command output to a local console. This is another yakuake alternative.

A custom hotkey, slide up and down animation, Ctrl+v console pasting support, transparency choices, background screen dimming, an internal update check, and more features are supported by this programme.