Wireshark alternatives

This post will explain Wireshark alternatives. Wondering which are the best Wireshark alternatives? Have a look at this list that include 8 similar software that is complimentary, deal with Windows, mac and deal similar functions. If you are the network administrator, you would understand how essential is Wireshark for network monitoring, troubleshooting, or as a software analyzer.

This popular network sniffer works as a handy tool whenever there is a requirement for packet/network analysis. The program generally, develops a promiscuous mode for your network card allowing the computer to gather all network data. Nevertheless, it can not be used for sending out the network data.

Top 8 Best Wireshark Alternatives For Better Network Traffic Analysis In 2022

In this article, you can know about Wireshark alternatives here are the details below;

The greatest drawback of this program is that it can be quickly hacked and thus, causing trouble for the network administrators. For that reason, users frequently search for safer alternatives and there are undoubtedly lots of them.

¬†Here’s a quick list of a few of the top Wireshark alternatives:

1. Savvius Omnipeek

Savvius Omnipeek

While it’s not totally free software application like the Wireshark, it’s referred to as the most powerful network protocol analyzer in the world. With the facility to decipher more than 1000 protocols, it provides the fastest network troubleshooting and diagnostics for those abrupt network problems. Also check Benefits of File Sharing in Project Management Software


– From 1/10/40/ 100 Gigabit, 802.11, to voice and video over IP– and for every level of network traffic, it works as a real-time network packet analyzer for all kinds of a network segment.

– Furthermore, it offers responsive visualization and efficient forensics for quicker resolutions for any performance or security problems related to networks and applications.

– Popular for the network analysis process in the market, the program helps drill down, compare, find, look across, and ultimately save the MTTR (mean-time-to-resolution), easily.

– Omnipeek can also extend network analysis and visibility using that may assist to troubleshoot the issue

– It likewise provides effortless troubleshooting for its WiFi adapter that’s developed for cordless packet capture.

– In addition, it allows live monitoring and troubleshooting for voice and video over IP traffic. It consists of top-level multi-media summary data, in-depth signaling, and media examination, and call playback.

– The Ominipeek Remote Assistant (ORA), on the other hand, makes it possible for an engineer to repair end-user gadgets, from another location, securely, and effortlessly utilizing password-protected files.

– The expert system beneath advises the possible root cause interpretation for numerous common network issues.

– It also notifies you instantly about any potential network concerns based upon professional views.

– Best of all, the LiveNX feature lets you change from flow analysis to package analysis quite quickly.

Rate: Free trial available

2. SolarWinds Deep Packet Examination and Analysis tool


This network analysis tool helps you find the real factor behind the slow network. From quickly searching for the reason behind the sluggish network to calculate the reaction time for more than 1200 applications, or immediately categorizing network traffic, SolarWinds Deep Packet Examination and Analysis tool are one of the best alternatives to Wireshark.


– The entire motto of the tool is to rapidly recognize and resolve the real reason for the network sluggishness.

– Deep Package Assessment likewise finds the affected applications.

– Automatically calculates the reaction time for various applications for you such as Facebook, Skype, and more. This assists examine the general impact on user experience.

– Through packet analysis, it assists classify the traffic into different categories. The category is based upon the destination server IP addresses, ports in use, and likewise the amount of overall relative volumes of traffic for each variant.

Cost: Free trial readily available

3. Zabbix


Network monitoring is among the many services provided by Zabbix. This enterprise-ready software application offers a full-grown, and business-level platform that assists keep a check on large-scale IT setups. It monitors over 100, 000 hosts and over 100, 000, 000 metrics. With dispersed tracking, it can keep an examine multiple branches and from the back of the firewall. Furthermore, it works under powerful security with end-to-end password protection, and confirmation.

Key Functions:

– Offers intelligent and top-level automated metric collection.

– Equipped with innovative design templates

– Comes with agents for the majority of the platforms

– Offers auto-discovery mode

– Ability to discover problems with innovative techniques such as pattern prediction, detection of abnormalities, and predicting issues

– Notifies you and discovers solutions wisely like event connection, adaptable escalation situation, and remote command execution.

Rate: complimentary

4. PRTG Monitor

PRTG Monitor

PRTG Display is possibly one of the best network monitoring tools on the list as it keeps a look at all systems, gadgets, traffic, and applications of an IT business. The best part is, it does not even need to be set up and it features all that you require.

Secret Features:

– Ability to scan network packets by pinging distinct IP varies that aid recognize a number of gadgets and systems immediately. This further assists to produce sensors from pre-programmed gadget templates. Also check top erp software

– PRTG Maps allow you to make websites with current tracking information that are available openly.

– You look out when it identifies warnings or irregular metrics.

– From Traffic, bandwidth, databases, packets, or applications to IPs, IoT devices, ports, cloud services, or uptime, the tool keeps an eye on all your IT facilities you can consider.

– PRTG supplies assistance for most of the technologies that consist of PowerShell, Python, Circulation Technologies, VB, Batch Scripting, all versions of SNMP, WMI, Ping, SQL, and more.

– It’s compatible with all platforms consisting of Windows and hosted variations.

– It utilizes an AJAX web user interface or desktop customer for keeping track of functions.

– Also compatible with numerous mobile phones.

– Can be launched within minutes

Cost: starts from $1600 for 500 sensing units and 1 server installation

5. NetStumbler


Created specifically for Windows, NetStumbler is a program that lets you learn any WLANs (Wireless Area Networks) utilizing 802.11 b, 802.11 a, and 802.11 g. Finding this info helps you find more information and adjustments to help you configure your network.

Key Functions:

– The primary use of the tool is wardriving, however, it also assists verify network settings.

– The tool allows you to identify weak signal locations quickly within a WLAN.

– Companies can utilize this to find unauthorized WLANs offering access to outside users causing trespassing.

– Assists you choose the specific location for your WiFi router easily with the vital set of tools. This helps you with a correct site examination.

– Simple and easy-to-use GUI with similarly basic window, menu, button bar, and 2 panels. You can discover the searching features and wireless LAN information here.

– Provides extensive details related to networks found and their associated routers and gain access to points.

– Chose from the list view or graph view to check the signal strength, signal loss, and sound level.

– Set the scan speed from the options window along with the Vehicle Adjust Using GPS option.

– Usage Angle Format within the screen location to configure your GPS device, trigger MIDI output of SNR, or handle Scripting.

Cost: free

6. Sysdig


Sysdig is the very first of its kind platform with consolidated cloud-native exposure and security. This multi-platform and open-source tool provides effective and versatile system keeping an eye on abilities. It likewise assists in repairing for the Linux environment. Nevertheless, it’s also suitable with Windows and Mac OSX though, with minimal functions. It can also be utilized to analyze systems, survey, and debug.

Key Functions:

– Sysdig integrates the mix of all the Linux monitoring and debugging jobs in one. For example, it provides a mix of all the tools that consist of, strace, tcpdump, netstat, htop, iftop, and isof in one single program.

– Quick, steady, and easy to use with a detailed method.

– Uses built-in assistance for container technologies like Docker, etc – Provides assistance for useful filtering of output, and tracing of system and application.

– Permits you to capture, shop, filter, and examine the real behavior of the Linux system together with the containers.

– Integrates quickly with Puppet, Logstash, and Ansible.

– Offers the wealthiest data source with the data-first approach that helps provide trustworthy, and safe applications (containerized).

– It works as a container security app that runs over the cloud-native visibility and security platform.

– It provides business-level container tracking with enhanced software dependability while speeding up the problem fixing capability using sophisticated container troubleshooting.

– Facilitates functions like Linux server attack analysis for ethical hackers.

– Ca be scripted in Lua, and sample advanced log analysis can be activated.

Rate: free

7. Cloudshark


Cloudshark is another preferred network analysis tool that transforms the package capture process of your group utilizing a safe modern platform that is developed for association, organization, and investigation. This is more of on-site teamwork and a web-based platform that concentrates on package analysis for teams dealing with networking. Also check best cms content management software

Secret Functions:

– The drag and drop function enables you to drop the capture straight within the browser.

– Alternatively, you can upload using the API secret.

– It works as a dropbox for the created files.

– Allows you to connect your work instantly so that you can share it with your clients and colleagues.

– Readers can access state-of-the-art analysis utilizing the tool from any gadget without any special software needed.

Cost: starts from $4500 per year

8. Cacti


A comprehensive network monitoring solution, Cacti is constructed to make use of the strength of the information storage of the RRDTool and the graphing function. It comes geared up with user management features, modern templating, fast poller, and different information acquisition methods. The interface is basic, responsive, and easy to use offering help for LAN-sized setups for complex networks of numerous devices.

Key Features:

– Supplies assistance for limitless chart products that can be described for private charts electively, using the data sources or the CDEFs within the program.

– Option to manipulate chart data with the help of CDEF math functions that comes incorporated with the RRDTool. These functions can be described in the program and utilized in the specific chart, globally.

– Uses support for all the graph item variations of RRDTool that consists of HRULE, PRINT, STACK, COMMENT, AREA, VRULE, and LINE [1-3]

– Helps with automated grouping of location, STACK, and LINE [1-3] (GPRINT chart products) allowing fast re-sequencing of the chart.

– Provides support for auto-padding ensuring lining up of the chart legend text.

– RRDTool’s create and update options aid produce information sources.

– Offer assistance for RRD files with one or more data sources.

– Option to tailor RRA settings.

– Provides data input technique enabling users to specify customized scripts that assist gather information.

– Features integrated SNP assistance, and the capability to recover data using SNMP script.

– Templating helps common graphs/data source types to be grouped together.

– While tree view enables you to produce chart ranks and position charts on the trees, list view arranges each chart title in one big list. The preview view, on the other hand, shows all the charts in one large list.

– User management feature allows administrators to develop users and make brand-new levels of consents.

Rate: free

 Final Word

While Wireshark is undoubtedly a favored option above all, the alternatives might have some functions that may attract you. Instead of simply depending on the program permanently, it’s constantly better to check out and try more alternatives for a boosted experience. you never understand it may offer something that Wireshark does not. So, make your option from the above list of Top 8 Wireshark alternatives and feel the distinction. Also, extend network analysis.