VivaVideo Alternatives

This post will explain VivaVideo Alternatives. Since people began utilizing social media, there has been an upsurge in the practice of using applications for video editing. Video editors are especially necessary for bloggers to edit their videos for Facebook and Instagram. While there are many video editor applications on Google Play and the Apple Store, not all of them are worthwhile downloads. Some don’t have sophisticated features, and others don’t have very good filters. But VivaVideo is a fun video editor tool that is incredibly simple to use and has amazing music effects, captivating themes, and all the seductive filters you could possibly want. Almost everyone who enjoys adding effects to their videos uses it.

Best VivaVideo Alternatives For Android And iOS 2023

In this article, you can know about VivaVideo Alternatives here are the details below;

Nevertheless, the application lacks user-friendliness and is unsafe for personal use. Furthermore, the program lacks the processing power to handle several tracks at once. And a superior VivaVideo substitute is required in light of all these drawbacks. As a result, we have provided some incredible VivaVideo alternatives while also taking into account consumer requests.

These VivaVideo substitutes have all been carefully selected. Some are ideal for editing videos for branding and marketing, while others are ideal for editing clips to share on social media. Other than that, these videos are the ideal blend of personal and business use. Now, let’s get going.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush

One more VivaVideo substitute is Adobe Premiere Rush. The greatest power tool features ever are in this app. The greatest thing to do is to add a dramatic impact to your films that has the power to blow up your social media accounts. The most impressive feature of Adobe Premiere Rush is its exceptional multitasking abilities. It can simultaneously edit four films and add three audio tracks.

Additionally, it offers users complete freedom to alter their videos anyway they see fit, much like VivaVideo. You will alter the font, color, and size in addition to adding a humorous or somber voiceover. The program is also excellent for ducking, sound balancing, and eliminating unwanted noises. The cost of the premium version, which is really not that much for an app for making branding and marketing movies, is only $4.99 to $9.99.

Install: iOS & Android

2. Splice


Another fantastic option to VivaVideo is Splice. The application is renowned for its extensive range of settings, user-friendly features, and lightweight UI. The software has a much wider selection of movies with intriguing effects, themes, personalized inscriptions, and filters than VivaVideo. Additionally, Splice-only features include backdrop colors, title slides, and text overlays.

Install: iOS & Android

3. KineMaster


The KineMaster is the first substitute for VivaVideo that we have available. It is a well-known video editing tool that, in certain cases, even outperforms VivaVideo. The app’s user interface is comparatively better than VivaVideo’s. Adding several layers to editing clips is practically no longer a problem with KineMaster. The software offers a vast selection of colors and boasts the greatest filter. Additionally, the program offers an amazing collection of effects to add a cool touch to any video. Its amazing slow-motion capability is simply the best, making it the greatest substitute for VivaVideo.In every way, the app is the greatest and a fantastic substitute for VivaVideo.

4. PowerDirector


In case you’re searching for a software similar to VivaVideo, PowerDirector ought to be your first choice. The app is adept at what it does. The program is well-known for its ability to edit and export videos in 4K quality. Isn’t that wonderful? Furthermore, even with so many capabilities, its UI is incredibly user-friendly, making it a breeze to use. The speed control on the app is amazing. If you want to make videos quickly, it can record at a very high speed. It can also create amazing slow motion videos. The software boasts of having the greatest filters, transitional effects, and effects. With the use of stabilizers, it is also excellent at repairing shaky videos. PowerDirector is among the greatest substitutes for VivaVideo because of all these features.

Set up: Android

5. Magisto


Another option to VivaVideo is Magisto. Using the app to create stylish films and jump on trends is highly recommended. Its expertly crafted, top-tier features make creating magnificent videos comparatively simpler. Making videos for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok is a breeze with this software. The application is simple to use. Magisto is incredibly user-friendly and features an intuitive UI. This app’s approved music collection, which you can use to add more dramatic music to your videos, is its best feature. Aside from that, the software is great for creating slideshows and collages. There is a premium and a free version of the app. The premium edition has a monthly cost of about $29.99. You need to pay an additional $59.99 in order to access the additional features. Quite pricey, but well worth the purchase.

Install: iOS & Android

6. FilmoraGo Video Editor

 FilmoraGo Video Editor

FilmoraGo Video Editor is our next option for a VivaVideo substitute. The app effortlessly brings together the greatest videos in the greatest possible way. The program allows users to use many songs at once, making it an excellent multitasker. Unlike VivaVideo, the program handles many tracks at once without stuttering at all. With so many options, the software is also fantastic for soundtracks and sound effects. For those that enjoy peculiar things, this software is highly recommended. Comparably, those looking for tasteful soundtracks will find a lot of value in the app.  Customizing the filters on this app is by far its greatest feature to yet. Moreover, an animated keypad adds to the attractiveness of the design. Also check Proboin Alternatives

7. InShot


Another program that is comparable to VivaVideo is called InShot. It is primarily well-known for its amazing music library. You can add unique sound effects to your videos using this program. The app’s user interface is lightweight and extremely basic. Its interface is also user-friendly. Its incredible filters further enhance its allure. It is the greatest VivaVideo-like software because of all these features.

Install: iOS & Android

8. Quick


Like its name implies, Quick is unquestionably among the fastest applications, similar to vivavideo.With great ease, the app provides a tailored video experience. The software doesn’t sacrifice quality in order to produce more. With appropriate room, users can add up to 200 photographs to the app for editing. The software’s ability to recognize faces and choose the appropriate frame is an incredible capability.  Furthermore, with about 25 themes, the app is renowned for having the largest selection of themes. Other than that, it’s among the greatest because of the title slides, GPS stickers, overlays, and free music.

Install: iOS & Android

9. YouCut


The last app we found when looking for names similar to VivaVideo is YouCut.The app has standard effects and incredible effects. With this tool, users may combine videos without sacrificing quality. Other than that, there are trimming, splitting, and slicing features. Its functionality can also be enhanced by adjusting the aspect ratio and selecting from a range of backgrounds. Also check Nyble Alternatives 

Set up: Android

10. VLLO


The next option we have for VivaVideo substitutes is VLLO. Out of all the VivaVideo substitutes on the list thus far, the app is the easiest to use. The program is fantastic because of its many features, eye-catching sound effects, powerful filters, and user-friendly interface. The program also allows speed adjustment and other extra functions like chopping and combining. The music on the app is royalty-free, which is its biggest feature. It also includes humorous stickers to add humor to your films. Finally, the finest option is provided by its unique function that allows users to fade in and out of their recordings.

Install: iOS & Android

Final Words:

That brings an end to our day. We trust our options will be pleasing to you. In contrast to VivaVideo, all of these solutions are private, feature-rich, and simple to use. Simply select your preferred VivaVideo substitute and get going. I hope you enjoy yourself greatly when you edit your videos.