This post will explain TorrentDownloads. The site products access the latest TELEVISION Shows, Movies, Music, Games, Software, Anime, Books, and lots of others for many decades. The content offered on the site is extremely abundant, and you’ll receive brand-new releases of films, applications within seconds. Even though the best torrent websites are decreasing day by day, countless users see this website regularly to download things at no charge.

Top 17 Best Sites Like TorrentDownloads In 2022

In this article, you can know about TorrentDownloads alternatives here are the details below;

Gush Downloads proxy websites will be the clones of their first website They have exactly the identical layout, gushes, and upgrades as the first domain. For that reason, if you’re not able to get Torrent Downloads for nearly any reason, you can simply use these Proxy sites listed below to eliminate it.

1. Zooqle


Zooqle is among the most popular gush sites to date. This is since almost all of the files offered in this gush platform are validated. What this suggests is that you have little to no chance of acquiring an infection into your computer or mobile device.

But after various attempts for it to be closed down, there has been a modification in its user-friendliness. At this time of writing, it ends up being nearly impossible to create an account or log in to this website. Considering that logging in is required to connect with the website, here are some other Zooqle options that are just as beneficial.

2. ExtraTorrent


Back in 2006, when gush websites like Mininova and TorrentSpy ruled the lands, it was then that ExtraTorrents made its existence understood. ExtraTorrents combated hard, and until a couple of years earlier, it was the 2nd biggest torrent website right after Pirate Bay, bring in countless visitors daily.

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The website was famous for hosting films and TV programs. As a result, many problems were made to hosting businesses and domain name service providers to put the site out of commission. Nevertheless, it is still unclear if it was the legal pressure that caused the torrent giant’s demise.

3. 1337x


The first torrent site on our list is the famous Pirate Bay. A popular torrent site like 1337x offers you the liberty to download your preferred movie online.

Now, Pirate Bay got shut because of supporting piracy. Nevertheless, there are so many mirror sites to support the material. If you feel that 1337x is not working for you, you can always go to Pirate Bay to download any movie or tv program.

4. Thepiratebays3


Usage Thepiratebays3 as the newest and fastest proxy in 2021. The pirate bay is also called TPB in short form, and this site is founded in the year 2003. this torrent website offers pirated magnetic links and torrent files. It has an extremely user-friendly interface and also uses peer-to-peer file sharing methods with the BitTorrent procedure.

In 2009 the creator of the pirate bay was condemned and served one year in prison. In many nations, this site has been obstructed by the ISP. However, there are still many proxy websites readily available on the internet. The website has a lot of popup advertisements and it is the 3rd most popular torrent site worldwide in the year 2019.

5. Torrentz2


Is not opening for you? You are not alone. The top-rated torrent meta-search engines. eu domain has quit working for users across the Internet. The computer registry manager domain, EURid, has sent a notice to the site’s operator upon a public problem.

It mentions that the domains has been suspended following a Public Prosecutors order. While the order’s information is still awaited, speculations are growing over an extended legal fight en-route. was the go-to location for video games, movies, books, music, and countless Internet users. It was a search engine for torrents that displayed results from well-known torrent websites such as The Pirates Bay, and LimeTorrents, RARBG, amongst numerous others.



RARBG Proxy was produced in 2008, and from that moments, it has become one of the very best portals to download any type of content like movies, series, video games, music, and a lot more. However, currently, there is an issue that we usually face the strict avoidances. Yes, we cannot utilize this, as ISP obstructed it.

Hence, here we will shows you the 10 most acceptable RARBG proxy, RARBG Mirrors, and RARBG alternatives. Are you finding RARBG Proxy List and the RARBG alternatives that are updated regularly and suggest trackers that genuinely operate? If yes then you are in the best location.

As after carrying out lots of searches on each of the widely known sites, lastly, we have the top list for you. As all of us know effectively that preparing a plan like this is not an easy job, as any of these websites can vanish overnight; hence, there is no warranty of presence.

7. LimeTorrents


Limetorrents is among the best gush websites which permit you to download motion pictures, TELEVISION series, Software, Android Apps, Music, and far more. The site utilizes a peer-to-peer BitTorrent information transfer protocol.

As we know, no gush website will run smoothly forever because of legal or piracy concerns. Nevertheless, you do not need to bother at all because day by day, tons of torrent websites with advanced functions occur.

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Luckily, lime gushes operators and alternative Torrents lovers assist us with the most recent Limetorrents proxy & Lime gushes mirror sites, including similar info, indexes, and upgrades with new material. The only thing that makes a distinction is they run with another name.

8. YTS


YTS is among the gush sites, and it is almost an important part of every user’s daily life worldwide. This website has a really strong dominance over other gush sites throughout the years. The outstanding graphic interface and downloading compatibility make the YTS torrent website among the most popular websites. There is a wide range of movies, TELEVISION programs, and web series of various languages and genres. American, Indian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese web series can be downloaded from this site easily.

Primarily, the YTS gush motion picture site concentrates on providing both Hollywood and Bollywood films free. But according to the Google Trends report, the popularity of the website has decreased substantially over the earlier few months, mainly because of the low accessibility of resources on this torrent site. Users are extremely disappointed with this website’s performance, but we will not let you down any longer.



EZTV is amongst the most energetic gush websites for TELEVISION present enthusiasts. It’s filled with choices to increase your torrenting competence, from an integrated anonymity checker on the main websites to a calendar that details episode launch dates for an entire bunch of displays.

The positioning is straightforward to use; however, if you happen to face any bother, there’s a total FAQ and help part, in addition to an energetic discussion board. It’s finest to utilize a popup blocker while you’re on EZTV’s website, although, as clicking on menu hyperlinks generates clean popup home windows.

Is EZTV blocked? Are you searching for some alternative routes to unclog EZTV? There are many choices out there to enter EZTV when it’s obstructed. Nevertheless, EZTV Proxy & Mirror sites are the absolute best possible approach. However, finding the working EZTV Proxies and Mirrors simply isn’t that uncomplicated.


Kickass also referred to as KAT gushes, is like Silk Road 2.0. They dealt with a series of ups and downs. It was released in 2008 and survived about 8 years. In 2016, its domain was caught by the U.S Department of Justice, and it’s owner and founder, a Ukrainian Citizen, detained in Poland.

Even during that period of 8 years, the KickAss Torrents used to shift its domain to prevent authorities’ seizures. This web-sites was primarily being used for Games and Movies Torrents. After that, several fake websites comparable to the original one emerged loaded with a great deal of Malware and Phishing Pages.

11. TorLock


Well, great deals of people right now view gush as an amazing platform to download software, music, films, games, etc. Today there are very few gush sites available. Still, a few of the websites that up there, like The Pirate Bay, TorLock, 1337x, etc., works like an appeal.

Out of all available torrent websites, TorLock used to be the very best one. The website has always been known for its healthy gush material that offered a much better downloading speed. The website also handled to survive the mass torrent restriction that was kept in 2016. Regardless of all these, the site never managed to preserve its reputation.

TorLock does have some disadvantages and among the significant ones is its stability. TorLock is not one of the steady gush sites out there because it keeps getting offline often.


It has served too long since, among the world’s biggest torrent websites, announced “farewell” to its countless users and shut down.

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Torrentz search was not a gush website in the strictest of terms; however, a meta-search engine, which entertained no torrents of its own but connected to other popular BitTorrent websites Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrentsa and RARBG also KickassTorrents, etc.

Millions of users used Torrentzsers to download movies, video games, series, and other gush files. However, after its shut down, users began searching for its mirror, proxies, and gush sites like torrentz.

13. uTorrent


There was a time when uTorrent was recognized by every gush downloader until BitTorrent, Inc. bought it. It was an open-source client and light, but BitTorrent made it closed source and filled it with ads and spammy deals. Although many people still use iteople, some people who are not comfortable with the existing state of uTorrent seek options.

Luckily, there is many Torrent customers readily available, both open and closed source. Some are quite comparable to uTorrent, and others might offer different distinct features that even uTorrent lacks. However, selecting the right uTorrent option can be a bit of a problem as lots of other gush clients likewise include malware and infections that might harm your PC.

We have collected some intriguing uTorrent alternatives listed below with the least suspicious activity to help you with your search. Although some of them still provide Adware, it can be easily declined if you are a bit careful (don’t stress, we will caution you about those).

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14. isoHunts


This torrent company is thought about one of the best so long the peer-to-peer torrent system is concerned. It includes great deals of files and is not limited to just one genre of content. A few of its contents include apps, programs, software, books, films, videos, music, etc. Despite what you are searching for, IsoHunt can always make it available.

IsoHunt is incredible. Nonetheless, not everyone is comfortable utilizing it. Some people like what it offers but will rather choose another Torrent company.

Do you fall under the class of individuals that have an interest in working with other gush service providers aside from IsoHunt? You should know what its options are.

15. TorrentFunk


Torrentfunk was launched in 2011. It includes many gush declare downloading Movies, Music TELEVISION Series, Ebooks, Animes, Software, and many other gush things. All you need is working, in addition to a high-speed web connection to start torrenting at Torrentfunk

However, if this website is not working any longer? Due to copyright concerns! or perhaps the site is down momentarily, but you do not want na wait to download your preferred torrent files, then here are a few of the best options to Torrentfunk, which you will enjoy.

So, don’t stress if, Torrentfunk is not working any longer? Or maybe you want to attempt some other sites like Torrentfunk.

16. ETTV


ETTV is the very best gush website on the planet. It was a great website when I discovered this site in the previous years; during the quarantine day due to COVID-19, everyone should tune to ETTV to enjoy interesting and lovely motion pictures. It is a reliable community of gush trackers that has a big database meta torrents. It offers 100% verified gush files to users who have thousands of seeders and uploaders.

Is it obstructed in your country? or can’t you access it. Don’t stress, and we have covered the list of best torrent options and proxy sites.ETTV has a devoted neighborhood for torrent uploaders and seeders. Many Torrents websites tend to get blocked after they get popular. These proxies and mirror sites are the best option for users. These are the source of getting access to these torrent websites.

17. TorrentReactor


Finding a torrent website that stays online and does not get blocked by the authorities is now difficult. It all started a few of years ago when KickAss Torrent’s founder gets detained due to sharing and hosting copyrighted files. After that, practically every main torrent site has been shut down by the authorities.

A couple of websites managed to make it through the mass gush ban like The Pirate Bay, Limetorrent, TorrentReactor, etc. Out of all those, TorrentReactor managed to be the most common one, which hosted over millions of legitimate torrent material.

Nevertheless, TorrentReactor shorty came under the radar of mass torrent restriction leading to ultimate death. Before its demise, the site has managed to grab great deals of loyal visitors who still search for TorrentReactor.