Tips On Finding Professional Office Space In Dubai

Dubai is the ideal location for you to start your dream company. It has evolved into a worldwide centre for many organisations. The UAE has been attracting businesses in massive numbers thanks to its business-friendly policies, regulations, and laws. Hence, it goes without saying that finding the perfect workspace in Dubai is one of the most important business requirements.

However, according to government estimates, SMEs account for over 95% of Dubai’s registered businesses, so finding a suitable office may not always be simple. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the factors to think about while selecting an office space in Dubai.

The Size of Your Company

As a general guideline, allocate about 6.5 square meters for each person. If you believe your staff require larger workstations or more storage, adjust this space appropriately. When looking for office space for rent in Dubai, you should also consider meeting and social/recreation facilities. For example, you’ll need a separate meeting room for clients, and your employees will need a place to have lunch!

Moreover, when determining how much office space you need, keep in mind the rules of the jurisdiction wherein you have incorporated your business, local laws, visa allocations, and existing and prospective workforce growth, as these aspects are sometimes ignored.

Projected Growth 

Everyone starts a business with the aim of growing it over time. When deciding on the size and layout of the workplace, a comprehensive thought process is required that takes this into consideration. With the growth and additions of new enterprises, it may not be practical for you to shift offices regularly.

Basically, you might not desire a huge workplace because it will add to your fiscal burden; but the office space should be suitable for your current business as well as your expansion plans, particularly in the near future.

Your Estimated Budget

The budget of your office space is arguably the most crucial decision you make. If you spend too little, you may wind up with unsatisfactory office spaces for rent in Dubai or find yourself relocating after a few months. If you overspend, you may find yourself unable to pay your rent and may be forced to move out in order to downsize. Know how much you can spend.

Additional license, visa, security deposits, and potential fit-out charges may apply based on office space and location, in addition to rent and operational expenditures. So, don’t forget to account for these costs in your budget as well.


Starting a business requires extensive planning, strategizing, and foresight, which at times, can only be possible with the right partner to support your growth. Among all of this, finding the right office space is one of the most crucial decisions you can make.

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