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Best Time Tracking Tools for Freelancers will be described in this article. The most important aspect that you can’t ignore as a freelancer is time. If you don’t give the required job to the customer, then all of your hard work is for naught, and there is no turning back for that client. You live or die by the time you promise the assignment or the project to your client.

Because of this, time tracking software is one of the most in-demand tools on the market today for independent contractors.

This is due to the fact that their work lives are highly demanding, and if they don’t effectively manage their time, their lives get more complicated. If you find yourself in a comparable case, this article contains the solution.

This post will discuss five of the top time tracking applications for independent contractors and how they can utilise them to increase productivity.

Why Should a Freelance Professional Use a Time Tracking App?

As we can see in today’s environment, working for yourself is a common practise.

Particularly during the epidemic when the majority of the global workforce had to be made unemployed and search for alternate sources of income.

Freelancing is that other source of income.

We are living in amazing times, during which technology development is advancing at an incredible rate and human society has become vastly urbanised, enabling people from all over the world to work from any location at any given time.

Furthermore, more money is made via freelancing than from large industries like construction, according to numerous studies on the subject (by Upwork and Freelancers Union).

When you consider such staggering figures, you really can’t be astonished when so many people in your immediate vicinity choose to leave the daily grind of the office that we are all accustomed to and switch to a more convenient way of life that can aid in achieving a healthier work/life balance.

But you must realise that being a freelancer can be quite profitable in a variety of ways.

However, it can be rather tough in terms of self-discipline, ongoing client communication, and effective time management in relation to the current projects and goods.

This self-discipline and frequent communication may seem simple, but they’re not.

To ensure that everyone is informed and there are no gaps in the project or product you are working on, it is an ongoing process that requires extensive information exchange amongst numerous other stakeholders.

These two methods of information exchange are typically used.

What are the metrics, deadline, and financial expectations for the project?

How many hours will the independent contractor put into a project?

For the freelancer, this is where a time tracking tool is useful.

Today, enhance team communication and job visibility!

How Do I Pick the Best Time-Tracking Software?

A time tracking tool can be compared to the freelancer in question’s personal assistant.

They are quite useful when the person using the application is paid on an hourly basis in addition to simply tracking the time and managing that data in the future.

Using the project data at hand, the application assists them in calculating that sum.

All of the various parts that make up an effective or one of the best time tracking programmes should be connected to one another so that you may use it fast and adaptably without encountering any difficulties or problems.

The programme ought to offer a free trial so that users may test it out before paying for it.

Additionally, it should automatically keep track of time spent working and billable hours, as well as offer a variety of choices for integrating with other apps, to prevent any compatibility problems in the future.

Top 5 Best Time Tracking Tools for Freelancers In 2024

Top 5 Best Time Tracking Tools for Freelancers are explained here.

1. nTask


NTask is a terrific time tracking tool that can also assist make sure that all of the time related to the tasks and procedures you accomplish is kept and managed. You can use nTask for all of your current projects as a freelancer.

The application features a user-friendly dashboard that lets you enter all of the tasks and processes you are currently working on and assists you in keeping track of your time for those tasks and processes. Also check terrarium tv alternatives

Once the operation is complete, you can instantly halt the timer you set up at the beginning of the procedure so that the information can be saved in the database and accessed later through the interface.

Here are some advantages you may take use of as a freelancer when utilising this time tracking application.

Key Features:

Kanban boarding and Gantt charts can help you get a better understanding of the project at hand. Project management can take care of the processes that are a part of the project development process that you are working on. Task management can track and manage the tasks of the freelance project that you are working on.

Managing meetings to maintain constant contact with clients

Making ensuring there are no risks or scope creeps related with the project through risk management

To keep track of all the time-related information associated with the tasks and processes you carry out as a freelancer, use time tracking.


The programme offers a fantastic free trial that can help you learn more about it and determine whether or not you should utilise it going forward for your freelance work.

  • Free basic plan
  • Paid service begins at $3/month.

2. Hubstaff


Hubstaff is outstanding when it comes to time tracking and is one of the most simple management tools for all the contractors and freelancers working in the industry today.

The clients and freelancer managers can clearly observe what is happening in relation to the project and the freelancers at work thanks to tools like activity tracking and screenshots.

Key Features:

You may simply amend or add time entries using the application, making it simple to build bespoke reports and timesheets.

The application allows you to build customised reports, and you can examine all of these reports based on the filters you choose, such as team member, timesheet, location, week, project, or customer.

Additionally, you have a one-click timer that enables you to monitor any time-related activity with just one click. When you are finished, all you need to do is hit Done to record the information.

In this outstanding time tracking application for freelancers, you can also take use of straightforward budgeting and billable hour tracking.


If you want a paid subscription with more premium features than the free version, you must purchase the Basic subscription, which will run you about $7/month 3. You can utilise the trial edition of this amazing time tracking tool, which lasts for about 14 days.

3. TimeCamp


One of the top time tracking programmes available is called TimeCamp.

It is a completely free time tracker that is available to anyone in the world.

The application enables you to manage all of your many projects in one location, gather all pertinent data and stakeholder information, and save it in the database. Also check Teamingway Alternatives

Key Features:

The programme offers an automatic time-tracking feature that lets you monitor all of the time you spend using your PC or mobile devices’ programmes. It also keeps track of idle and offline time.

When it comes to freelancing, the application’s ability to track all billable and non-billable charges is crucial.

Using the software, you can produce customised reports based on the situation’s demands and requirements.

You can combine the programme with many different third-party applications so that consumers don’t have to download a tonne of new ones and can simply combine the ones they already have.


There is a 14-day trial period if you wish to use the software for free, but if you decide you want to pay for a subscription and use the software regularly, you must spend $6.30 per user every month.

4. TMetric


TMetric is yet another outstanding time tracking tool that will enable you to track the time spent on each task and activity while also tracking track of how your work is progressing.

You may effortlessly bill your clients without using any additional tools thanks to the application’s ability to measure the project budget.

Key Features:

  • Tracking time automatically
  • Editable time entries for bespoke timesheets with manual time tracking
  • Integrations across a wide range of platforms
  • Tracking entries for billable time
  • Develop unique reports for the project and the freelancers.


  • No matter the membership you choose, there is a free trial available. The most economical option is $7/month.
  • Analyses of the workforce that are insightful
  • You want to see the fruits of your efforts at the end of the day, not merely “Kill” your hours at work.

5. Insightful


There are numerous techniques to gauge your productivity or maintain your attention throughout the day.

There are trackers like Insightful with its employee computer tracking solution if you or your employee is easily distracted.

With its numerous chances like screenshot mode, stealth mode, productivity tracking, reporting, and an intuitive payroll system, Insightful is a terrific choice if you want to work smart rather than hard.

Key Features:

  • Managing time and attendance
  • Tracking project time
  • Employee observation
  • Automatic time mapping is carried out.


  • Employee tracking for $8 per month
  • $10/month for time tracking
  • Time tracking for $15 per month
  • Individual business plan


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