SmiHub Among Instagram’s most popular features is the capability to share photos and videos as stories that run for 24 hrs. A user sends his story and is instantly privy to those who all have seen it. Now, there are a number of genuine reasons one would want to see another user’s story however ensure their existence isn’t known to that particular user.
Thankfully, there are means you can utilize to end up being totally confidential while inspecting Instagram stories and even gaining access to a personal profile for that matter. Online solutions broadly titled SmiHub can assist you browse Instagram and the different user profiles it harbors in absolute incognito mode.

Top 10 Best Smihub Alternatives You Can Use In 2024

In this article, you can know about smihub here are the details below;

These tools are created with several features that allow users to access Instagram forms, even if they are not listed with the popular social networks platform.
In this article, we will take a look at some of the very best SmiHub platforms out there. We can with confidence recommend the following tools based upon our own positive experiences with each of them.


– First to consider is an easy to use interface. Never ever jeopardize on this feature and select a tool that complies with a minimalistic appearance that is simple to browse.
– The option need to enable users to browse Instagram independently and offer easy, anonymous way to user forms one wants to check out on the platform.
– Look for tools that come with a browser plugin, to make accessing Instagram even simpler.
– A tool that permits you to save stories for offline viewing is an included advantage one can look for when choosing an Instagram Audience. Also check ways to analyze your Instagram marketing.

Fact Check: Instagram has seen a development rate of 17.0% in Western Europe. It has actually currently surpassed 132.8 million users in 2020 and is anticipated to reach 149.7 million users in 2024. According to Instagram, over 500 million people utilize Instagram stories every day. Moreover, over 58% of the users viewed, claimed they were more interested in purchasing a product or service after seeing it in stories.

# 1) Qoob Stories (Advised).

Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories is finest for bulk Instagram content downloaders.

Qoob Stories is an incredibly effective Instagram Story viewer and mass downloader of everything shared on the social media platform. It helps with the download of nearly everything one posts on Instagram. This consists of stories, pictures, and videos. Furthermore, it can do so from both public and private Instagram accounts.
Qoob Stories only need you to get in a username you wish to gain access to and immediately empowers you with the ability to see their stories anonymously. You can likewise quickly download videos and photos in high quality with metadata from Instagram accounts.

You can likewise automate the entire stories saving process by merely adding your favorite account to the Qoob Instagram Story Viewer/Downloader. It will instantly begin downloading material from that account on your mobile or computer system gadget.

Functions:.– View Instagram stories from public and personal profiles.
– Download top quality images and videos with metadata from Insta accounts.
– Automated download of Instagram profile content.
– Post captions conserving.
– Advanced download and arranging alternatives.

Decision: Qoob Stories is an incredible tool to easily download any video, picture, or story material you like, irrespective of whether it is of a government and personal account. Its capacity to download content from your favorite Instagram account on auto-pilot mode is its highlighting function.

# 2) Instalkr.


Best for Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer.

Instalkr supplies an online service rather unlike any other. The service can be used to immediately gain access to a society Instagram account without having an account yourself. With the guidance of Instalkr, you can anonymously search an Instagram account, and see their stories, memberships, likes, and comments without getting discovered.
The tool will also go as far as revealing you stories or posts that have been deleted by the account. Additionally, you can not only view stories but likewise download videos and pictures from any Instagram account you prefer. Also check how to download Instagram videos.

– View stories anonymously.
– Access to erased stories, video, and images.
– Download images and videos.
– Free to utilize.

Decision: All Instalkr requires from you is a username & it will get you instant access to any Instagram description you like, provided it is a public account. It is easy to use, superfast and does not cost a penny. It is a terrific tool to anonymously supervise or spy on an account of excellent interest to you.

# 3) Instagram Story Audience.

Instagram Story Audience

Best for an anonymous Instagram account review.

The greatest thing that blows you elsewhere about SmiHub is its spotless interface. It is clean, clutter-free, and assists users get directly to business. It welcomes you with a text box that asks you to place a username quickly.
Upon feeding the online assistance with a username, the tool serves to immediately present you with access to that specific account. From here on, you can anonymously see stories, hunt for whatever you want, and download material with simply a couple of clicks.
The tool likewise enables you to examine a particular account with regards to its likes, remarks, and follower base.

– Anonymously browse Instagram accounts.
– View stories.
– Download photos and video with relevant links.
– Evaluate likes, remark, and followers.

Decision: It doesn’t get any easier than SmiHub. The user interface with its pristine appearance is easy to use and navigate. It is a perfect online service if you wish to take a quick sneak peek at someone’s Instagram account. Above all else, it is definitely complimentary to utilize.

# 4) Ingramer.


Best for Instagram marketing tool for marketing.

When you think about all the other tools on this list, Ingramer identifies itself as a various monster entirely. It is a social media selling tool that allows organizations to harness Instagram’s huge user base to get traction for their product or services.
As a normal Instagram Story Audience, it can assist you download photos and videos from Instagram. This material can be more repurposed for marketing or entertainment functions. Its account seeing features are created to acquire details on customers, rivals, and influencers on the platform.

The tool is primarily utilized to develop a loyal consumer base, engage with customers via Chatbots and direct messaging, and increase one’s reach with routine publishing on Instagram. It is quite extraordinary when scheduling posts, evaluating hashtag trends, and generating hashtags of your own.

– Photo and video downloader.
– Arranged publishing.
– AI-Generated hashtags.
– Stories viewer.

Decision: Ingramer isn’t your traditional story audience. It is mostly a social networks marketing tool that focuses on Instagram users to assist services enhance their revenues. As such, it can be done as a profile audience that produces valuable insight about rivals, influencers, and target clients on Instagram.

# 5) InstaDP.


Best for story audience and downloader.

InstaDP supplies users with an exceptionally basic way to see and download stories of their good friends and preferred celebrities before they vanish. It uses the tried and checked formula of copy-pasting a username, upon processing of which enables you to anonymously browse through a profile of your request & download material without the account owner’s knowledge.

This web-based service doesn’t stop at stories. You likewise get to download pictures, videos, and draws in their original quality. The software application is also graced with a UI that adheres to the much-appreciated principle of minimalism.

– User-Friendly UI.
– See stories anonymously.
– Download reels, videos, and images in an immediate.
– Free to use.

Decision: InstaDP lives up to its title, by supplying an online tool that supports download content from any common Instagram account within no time. You can securely check out any account, save their material, and analyze a profile while staying entirely confidential. The truth that it is also complimentary to utilize justifies its addition on this list. Also check how to download videos.

# 6) Stories IG.

Stories IG

Best for fast and anonymous Instagram account gain access to.

Stories IG is added in a line of terrific story viewers that focus on minimalism over a cluttered user interface. You are quickly welcomed with a text box that challenges you to fix the username of any account you want to access. You support it the username; the online tool processes it, and empowers you to anonymously access all the material on that account, provided it is public.

It is really basic, and quite tidy to take a look at. You can not just view and download stories with this tool but likewise download and see images, videos, and other material in an Instagram account. Apart from the above benefits, you can also share the stories you capture from here throughout other social networks platforms.

– Confidential browsing of Instagram accounts.
– Standard UI.
– Download stories, videos, and images.
– Share content on social networks.

Decision: Stories IG gives priority to simpleness above whatever else. The result is a machine that is rather essential, however eventually gets its desired job done without a hassle. The online service is littered with ADS, nevertheless, but that is a fair rate to pay for a set that is free to use.

# 7) StoriesDown.


Best for Instant Story Viewing.

StoriesDown offers you precisely what you require from a story viewer. You get to obtain an Instagram account without an account of your own, view its content anonymously, & download material you wish to save money on your mobile or computer system gadget.
It is developed with striking visuals that relieve you into its grasp. There is a clearly noticeable textbox, which needs you to paste a username you want to gain access to. You don’t want an Instagram story of your own or participate in unneeded registration to see stories you want to access. Plus! You get to download pictures and videos without compromising their initial quality.

– Confidential story viewing.
– No registration or account required.
– Download premium material.
– Free to use.

Decision: Like StoriesIG, StoriesDown is simple and simple to run with all the standard features you will require to see Instagram stories privately. Unlike the previous, nevertheless, it does not assault you with ADS. It is also reasonably more visually appealing for a tool that costs definitely nothing.

# 8) IGStories.


Best for view, download, & sharing of Instagram stories.

IGStories is a very little part of the online social networks marketing tool that is Upleaf. Whereas Upleaf concentrates on providing an end-to-end Instagram marketing service, IG Stories emphasizes anonymous story watching.

All IGStories wants you to do is paste or type in an Instagram account user name you wish to gain access to. Upon processing of which, it will search the account content anonymously. You can view stories or download them, conserve pictures and videos from the account in high quality, and ultimately share them on other social networks platforms.
If you look for to get more advantages out of IGStories, you can immediately path yourself to the comprehensive Upleaf. With Upleaf you can select services that collaborate to grow your existence on Instagram.

– Anonymous Instagram account browsing.
– Watch, download, and share stories, photos, and videos.
– No registration or Instagram account required.
– Change to Upleaf to boost profile efficiency on Instagram.

Decision: IGStories is an essential however minor part of Upleaf’s fairly larger environment. It permits you to see, download and share Instagram stories, videos and pictures anonymously. Although Upleaf does charge for its marketing assistance, IGStories can be run by anybody at absolutely no cost.

# 9) Confidential Instagram.

Confidential Instagram

Best for basic way of public Instagram accounts.

We wager you; it doesn’t get any more central than Anonymous Instagram. The device exists to serve a sole objective, accessing Instagram Accounts for confidential story viewing. You are immediately greeted by a text box that needs a username from you.
You just enter or paste a username in package, and within no time at all you will have access to that specific account. After getting gain access to, you can anonymously view stories, pictures, and videos from here. Sadly, you don’t get to do much else.
You can’t download material or share them with Confidential Instagram, which might turn some individuals far from the tool.

– Simple and Fundamental UI.
– Access public Instagram Accounts instantly.
– No sign-up or login needed.
– Free to use.

Decision: If you desire a tool to instantly access an Instagram Account, then this online assistance is for you. There is not much more here at the offer. You can see Instagram content anonymously, but can not conserve them on your gadget. If downloading is a function you look for, then you would be well encouraged to have a look at other tools on this list.

# 10) Instastories.


Best for viewing Instagram stories & highlights anonymously.

With its simple features, Instastories is a fun to use. You can access either public Instagram account with simply a username. No accounts or registration are required. You simply feed this online site with a valid username and instantly get access to any public account you want.

You can see stories, highlights, images, and videos without getting observed by the account holder. Add to that, you can download this material in high quality. Although quite to look at, its user interface can be disconcerting to learn.
We had a tough time determining the text-box to register a username which feels like it is covered below a great deal of unnecessary information. However, once we did get the text-box, there wasn’t anything else to grumble about.

– Anonymously see stories, pictures, videos, and highlights.
– No account or registration needed.
– Download material in high quality.

Decision: Apart from a complicated user interface, Instastories is a fun and simple tool to please your Instagram Story Watching requires. From confidential account access to high-quality downloads, the tool carries out all of its functions with utmost performance.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q # 1) Exists a way to see Instagram stories without using an Instagram Story Audience?
Response: Yes, you can turn on ‘Airplane Mode’ on your Android or iPhone device to inspect stories anonymously on Instagram. Nevertheless, you will not have the high-end of using other features that Instagram viewers actually supply, like accessing Instagram without an account or conserving a story.

Q # 2) How deep are Instagram Stories on common?
Answer: A single Instagram story can serve 15 seconds in continuation. Longer stories are instantly broken by the app or website into several 15-second clips.

Q # 3) Can an Instagram user understand how many times their story was seen by a single viewer?
Response: Currently, there are no features that allow you to understand the number of times a specific viewer has viewed your story. Instagram just counts the number of views as one per viewer.


There are lots of great reasons one might wish to surf through an Instagram account anonymously. Whether it is to spy on a rival’s profile, comprehend an Influencer’s reach, or supervise your child’s profile as a moms and dad, an Instagram Story Viewer is certainly needed by lots of.

All of the above tools make this function with finesse. They enable you to anonymously see a story, download material in high quality, share it online, and complete all of it outdoors any account of your own.

When it comes to our recommendations, if you look for a confidential Instagram Story viewer that facilitates automatic material downloading then opt for the intuitive Qoob. For social networks marketing, along with standard profile tracking functions, Ingramer will be enough.