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Best and most efficient seo spy tools. to spy on Your Competition will be discussed in this post. You’ve found the proper place if you’re seeking for the top SEO spy tools. Because there are little technological barriers to entry and minimal operating expenses, the Internet is a very competitive market.

Therefore, you’ll discover that there will be many people competing for a piece of the pie in whichever sector you decide to be in. Does this pose a challenge for internet entrepreneurs? No, not always. Numerous people performing the same task does not necessarily imply that they are all doing it well, such as by selecting the appropriate tools for the task.

With the correct SEO spy tools, you’ll be able to effortlessly study, analyse, and reverse-engineer every move made by your competitors, giving you the advantage and the ability to outrank them at every turn.

The top 15 SEO spy tools available are all reviewed and ranked in this post along with suggestions on which one could be best for your needs. For your convenience, we’ve also included a summary of the top 3 editor’s selections below:

A excellent example of this is how many new realtors there are in the real estate business because it is not difficult to become accredited.

However, only a relatively small proportion of realtors really make the majority of the sales because they are the ones who are most familiar with the strategies that produce the best outcomes.

Technically, the same dynamic exists on the Internet, with one significant exception: it’s really simple to legally spy on your rivals and discover all their techniques, which is a huge advantage that doesn’t exist in any other industry.

The explanation is that everything done online is recorded, evaluated, and kept for future reference.

You can always identify the particular tactics used by your best competitors if you know where to look. How do you locate this data? By utilising one of the internet SEO spy tools listed below.

Top 15 Best SEO Spy Tools In 2024

Top 15 Best seo spy tools are explained here.

1. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO

Important deciding factors

When you’re developing your own online strategy, having the ability to spy your competitors to learn what they’re doing will provide you a major advantage.

Prior to developing your own strategy, you should take the time to learn what your rivals are doing. Otherwise, you’ll just be winging it.

Surfer SEO is a tool that can easily achieve this with the touch of a button. Fortunately, the Internet offers some amazing SEO spy tools that make it easy to reverse-engineer what your competitors are doing.

You should be able to concentrate on the following aspects when examining your rivals:

  • How do they choose keywords?
  • Which keywords rank for them and send the most visitors to their pages?
  • Which particular pages on their websites are driving the most traffic?
  • Where in the search results do their pages appear?
  • How many specific backlinks point to their pages, and what is the domain authority of the sites that are referring them?

You can get all of the information mentioned above from Surfer SEO.

In truth, Surfer SEO is among the best all-around SEO spy tools, and it’s even more reasonably priced than many of its competitors while providing a cutting-edge method for studying rival websites.

Here are a few instances:

Reverse Engineering as a Keyword

Engineering of Backlinks

Reverse Engineering Top Page

Principal Advantages of Surfer SEO

  • Easily identify the pages that are generating the most traffic for your rivals’ websites.
  • High precision (many competing tools are known for producing inaccurate results)
  • An effective backlink explorer that allows you to spy the backlinks of your rivals and determine where they are coming from in order to focus your backlinking strategy on those websites.
  • A keyword audit tool to see where your competitors have historically placed for the keywords you’ve selected.
  • Capability to monitor the organic traffic and keywords of your competitors

Now, a Few Negatives…

  • Surfer SEO is an incredibly cutting-edge SEO spy tool. They don’t, however, have as vast a database of keywords and backlinks as rivals like SEMRush and SpyFu because they are somewhat new to the industry.

Recent developments

A new AI-based growth management solution called Grow Flow offers weekly useful SEO tips to increase site traffic.

Examples include backlink recommendations, article ideas, high-potential keywords, and suggestions for internal links (when linked to a SEMRush account.)


  • The $59/month Basic plan supports one website, or $49/month if paid annually, allowing you to audit 20 pages per month against rival websites aiming for the top spot on Google’s search results page, and supports one website. Additionally, you are allowed to optimise the pages of up to 10 articles each month.
  • You may audit 60 pages every month with the Pro plan, which costs $119/month (or $99/month if purchased annually), supports 3 websites, and is available in English only. Additionally, you are permitted to undertake on-page optimization for as much as 30 articles per month.
  • The Business plan has a monthly cost of $239 (or $199 if paid annually), covers 10 websites, and gives you access to 140 auditable pages each month. Furthermore, you can carry out on-page SEO for as many as 70 articles per month.

The best backlink evaluation

2. SEMRush


SEMRush is a fantastic substitute for our #1 recommendation, Surfer SEO. Although both tools are very capable and, in fact, pretty similar in terms of features, SEMRush’s high cost for essentially the same results is the primary reason it came in second place. Also check SEO strategy

This is not to suggest that SEMRush lacks special capabilities that Surfer SEO does; in fact, SEMRush has one of the best options for planning outreach efforts for backlinks.

Simply said, this conduct has nothing to do with rival intelligence.

A thorough keyword research tool, an excellent domain analysis, and a backlink analysis and tracking tool are all features of SEMRush.

For instance, to identify areas for improvement, you can enter your competitor’s website into their position tracker tool and then evaluate how your own site performs over time for your chosen keywords relative to them.

Additionally, they provide a very helpful competitive positioning map that displays your position in respect to your rivals using the y-axis for monthly organic traffic and the x-axis for the number of ranking organic keywords.

Additionally incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, SEMRush also provides live customer service via phone and chat.

A competitive positioning map example

SEMRush’s Primary Advantages

  • Simple to use, straightforward domain and keyword analysis
  • Excellent assistance (phone, live chat and email)
  • Provides excellent data on organic and pay-per-click keywords.
  • When compared to its competitors, there is a very large daily report limit that you can run before reaching a cap.
  • Top-notch backlink analysis software
  • Offers data breakdowns for desktop and mobile (only a small number of competitors now offer this, but that’s sure to change in the future)

Now, a Few Negatives…

  • SEMRush’s on-page SEO is quite simple in comparison to Surfer SEO.
  • Additionally, their keyword difficulty score isn’t always reliable.

Recent developments

  • Fresh Backlink Analytics Dataset
  • Keyword Intent is a fresh keyword category (options: navigational, informational, transactional, and commercial)


SEMRush offers three subscription packages:

  • For $119.95/month $99.95/month when delivered annually, the Pro Plan enables you to track up to 5 projects (generally, 5 websites, with some exceptions) and up to 500 keywords.
  • The Guru Plan costs $229.95 per month, or $191.62 per month if paid annually, and enables you to track up to 15 projects and 1,500 keywords.
  • The Business Plan costs $449.95 per month, or $374.95 per month if paid annually, and enables you to track up to 40 projects and 5,000 keywords.

Cheapest Budget:

3. SpyFu


SpyFu is the ideal option for you if you’re on a tight budget. It doesn’t have as many features as Surfer SEO, but it still outperforms the competition.

Even though it gives you a limited data set, it doesn’t cap your searches, which is one of its distinguishing advantages.

You can spy an infinite number of domains, keywords, and backlinks, for instance, and export an infinite amount of data. Many rivals, however, impose monthly caps.

The negative is that, unlike other companies in the industry, they only track keyword rankings once a week.

However, given their excellent user experience, this is a fair trade-off for a reduced monthly fee. SpyFu’s intuitive user interface is ideal for newbies.

User Interface for SpyFu (SEO Keywords Panel)

This is another seo spy tools. While more expensive competitors typically provide a more comprehensive SEO strategy (similar to an SEO “Swiss army knife”), SpyFu just focuses on competition analysis SEO.

For instance, they have a product called SpyFu Kombat that enables you to see where your website falls in respect to your rivals on a Benn diagram.

You may determine the terms you all share, the ones that are specific to each competitor, and the ones that are shared by two or more competitors from this diagram.

Finding keyword gaps that you can then use to your advantage is really simple with this special viewpoint.

Battle View

The Main Benefits of SpyFu

  • Reasonable cost
  • Keyword research tool with a focus on competitors
  • Quickly identify rivals you were unaware of
  • Analyze your competitors’ organic and paid keyword tactics.
  • Find the best keywords for any website.
  • Monitor the past positions of keywords on any website.
  • Superb live chat and phone assistance

Now, a Few Negatives…

  • Compared to SEMRush, SpyFu has a much smaller keyword and backlink database.
  • Keyword difficulty scores are frequently inaccurate.

New developments

  • Since its most recent release, SpyFu’s SEO Keyword tool has tracked twice as many SEO results (from the top 50 organic results in the SERP to the top 100)


Spyfu offers two types of subscriptions:

  • Basic: You can track up to 5,000 keyword rankings per week for $39/month (or $33/month if paid annually), but there are some monthly search and reporting restrictions.
  • Professional: With no search and reporting caps, you can track up to 15,000 keyword ranks for $79/month (or $58/month if paid annually).

4. SeoQuake


The people at SEMRush have created a fantastic browser extension that works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge. It’s the ideal free tool for keeping tabs on your rivals. Also check SEO software

Since SEMRush provides the data, you can rely on its dependability and accuracy.

You won’t discover the variety of features included in any of the tools mentioned above because they are free to use.

However, the on-page and domain SEO data it can discover about your competitors is really helpful.

Once the attachment is installed, all you have to do is visit a competitor’s page, click the SeoQuake button in the top menu bar, and a variety of SEO data will appear, including:

  • Metadata for the page, such as the title and description
  • Criteria such as the Alexa rank
  • Website traffic

Backlinks to the page

  • Links, both internal and external
  • Keyword volume
  • Page SEO analysis

SeoQuake will require you to sign up for a free SEMRush account and will walk you through the integration procedure in order for many of its features to function. This is another seo spy tools.

You’ll be able to explore the page you’re visiting in detail once the two tools are connected.

The best feature is that you can quickly export the SEO data from the page into a file, which you can then open and edit on a spreadsheet for nothing!

Features of SeoQuake that Stand Out

  • Data export for SEO (you can get a thorough analysis of search-engine results pages and export the output in a convenient csv format or print reports directly from the browser)

Dashboard for SEO (this is a compact mini-panel that opens on top of the page chock-full of juicy SEO information, including a brief SEO overview of your competitor with page, domain and backlink details)

  • Keyword Analysis (you can obtain a thorough report on every keyword located on the website of your rival!)
  • Use of the enormous SEO dataset from SEMRush

5. Ubersuggest


Although this cheap SEO tool lacks the ability to perform on-page optimization, it does include a great site audit capability that is just as effective as tools that cost two or three times as much.

Neil Patel, one of the most successful SEO bloggers in the field and the owner of a sizable agency, supports Ubersuggest.

He has extensive experience working with clients to help them rank highly in search engine results, and he has automated much of his expertise in this potent technique.

No of the size of your site, Ubersuggest will crawl all of your pages in real time and display you site audit findings against a 44-point SEO checklist, broken down into critical mistakes, warnings, and recommendations, after you simply enter your domain name into the tool and run a site audit.

You can check to see if you have, for instance:

  • Any pages with more than one H1 tag or none at all (this is your objective) (a no-no in SEO)
  • Pages with excessively long or brief meta descriptions and titles

Are your meta descriptions missing?

  • Pages with little text
  • Pages that load too slowly
  • An upcoming SSL certificate expiration
  • Broken links on certain pages

Additionally, you can discover the keywords your pages are ranking for, the number of backlinks each page has, and the pages on your website that receive the majority of visitors.

Importantly, you can research any of your rivals to find out the information mentioned above!

For instance, they can find out what search terms are leading people to their websites, which pages are drawing the most traffic, and which websites are referring to their pages.

Ubersuggest Highlighted Features

  • Sitewide evaluations
  • Daily display of the backlink profile, which includes both new and lost backlinks.
  • Past backlink information
  • Information on your searchers’ demographics
  • Ideas for keywords and content, such as keyword suggestions, related keywords, question-style keywords, and keywords with prepositions and comparisons
  • For each keyword, monthly search volume, the typical cost per click, pay-per-click competition, and SEO competition
  • Shares of your pages on Facebook and Pinterest
  • SEO Keyword positioning
  • Priced significantly less than rivals with comparable features (although it is very slow, which can be annoying)

6. Ahrefs


The grandfather of SEO spy tools, Ahrefs is one of the most used platforms by SEO experts. This is another seo spy tools. Ahrefs is very expensive, which is why I lowered it to position 6 on the list.

It may be difficult to justify the high cost unless you conduct SEO research in a high volume, such as if you own an agency with numerous clients.

Having said that, they offer a very generous 7-day trial, and if you put in the necessary effort, you might be able to complete a substantial amount of work during that time.

Ahrefs Characteristics to Note

  • Complete set of SEO tools, including rank tracking, website audit, competitor research, keyword research, and content research.
  • Access to keyword research for the three biggest search engines in the world: Google, YouTube, and Amazon
  • Convenient browser toolbar
  • 396.68 billion indexable pages from crawls
  • Each day, 7.5 billion pages are crawled
  • Database contains 3.35 trillion external backlinks
  • Database contains 26.15 trillion internal links
  • Database contains 543.33 million keywords

7. KWFinder


The reason KWFinder outperforms its rivals is because they specialise in keyword research and do it better than anyone else, who tends to overwhelm you with information you don’t need. KWFinder is a straightforward but effective keyword research tool.

In actuality, KWFinder gives you all the knowledge you require to succeed without diverting your attention to twelve unrelated topics.

A large list of suggestions, autocomplete keywords (taken from Google’s autocomplete feature), and question-style keywords (taken from Google’s “People also ask” section) will be generated by KWFinder after you enter a set of seed keywords.

The monthly search volume, the difficulty of the organic keyword, and the difficulty of the paid keyword are the next three vital pieces of information that KWFinder will display to you in order to get you on page one of search results.

This is another seo spy tools. There is simply no easier way to put it! Additionally, KWFinder is known for being extremely accurate across the board (many of its rivals produce inconsistent data), and even better, it’s simple to use even for new users.

Features of KWFinder that Online Earners Will Value

  • The price is very competitive when compared to the market.
  • Very simple to use (minimal learning curve for beginners)
  • Excellent and quick assistance
  • Does not require you to drill into multiple screens to find pertinent information; instead, it gets right to the point and gives you what you need to rank highly in one location.
  • Enables you to import your own keyword list while still obtaining the three necessary metrics for a first-page result.

8. Woorank


Woorank is a set of tools for website analysis and review that enables you to audit websites and monitor their search engine rankings.

Using tools like SEO monitoring, competitive analysis, the keyword tool, and site crawl analysis, you can use it to rank both yourself and your rivals to see how you stack up against them.

Woorank Characteristics to Note

Website evaluation

  • Backlink evaluation
  • Detailed reporting
  • Competitive Research
  • Ongoing monitoring

9. Similarweb


Similarweb is a tool that can assist you observe and learn from your competition’s overall SEO strategy so you can outsmart them rather than being a true spy tool at the nuts and bolts level. This is another seo spy tools.

By reaching visitors, bounce rates, page views, and time on site, you can use Similarweb to benchmark your website against those of your rivals, for instance.

You can use it to track visitors from social media, organic search, paid ads, and direct traffic to find out what sources drive traffic to both your website and those of your competitors.

Unique Features of Similarweb

  • Recognize popular keyword trends
  • Learn specific visitor information
  • Examine any category and develop benchmarks
  • Discover the top referring sites for both your site and those of your competitors.
  • Determine audience preferences

10. SpyOnWeb


With the help of the tool SpyOnWeb, you can learn more about any competitor’s traffic sources, such as their global rank, country rank, category rank, visitors from social media platforms, organic search results, referrals, display ads, and more.

Additionally, SpyOnWeb enables you to check the IP addresses, Google Analytics codes, and online advertising account numbers of rival websites to see if they share the same owner as you.

Features of SpyOnWeb that Stand Out

  • All information is compiled from publicly accessible sources.
  • The following unique numbers are in the database at the moment: 243,101,616 unique domains, 21,444,939 unique IP addresses, 6,454,165 unique nameservers, 11,994,159 unique analytics IDs, and 1,779,188 unique adsense IDs.
  • There is no requirement to register and use is completely free!

11. Majestic


This is another seo spy tools. Majestic searches the internet for backlinks to add to their database of link-intelligence. After that, they offer this data in a way that gives you a competitive edge. Also check content writing tools

The Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Visibility Flow, and Topical Trust Flow are just a few of the exclusive indicators that our award-winning intelligence tool has developed to help you assess your website against those of your rivals.

Stunning Features that Prominent

  • A variety of domain analysis and backlink indexing tools
  • An algorithmic keyword generator based on AI-based NLP
  • Leading-edge API

12. iSpionage


Although iSpionage can be utilized for organic keyword analysis like the SEO spy tools mentioned above, where they really excel is in their ability to spy on your competitors’ online ad campaign plan.

It provides a variety of tools to make this process easier, including intelligence about the cost per click, quantity, search traffic, average position, and first and last viewed dates of your competitors’ PPC campaigns. This is another seo spy tools.

Features of iSpionage that Stand Out

  • Competitive analysis tools for pay per click
  • Tools for A/B testing
  • Rank monitoring
  • Website observation

13. “Moz Pro”

"Moz Pro"

Similar to Ahrefs and SEMRush but with a smaller database, Moz Pro is a comprehensive SEO toolkit. This is another seo spy tools.

It allows you to examine your competitors’ websites for the top pages by backlinks, keywords, and traffic as well as for page and domain authority in addition to crawling your website for SEO mistakes.

Features of Moz Pro that Stand Out

Links Explorator

Monitoring software for brand mentions

  • Keyword finder
  • Site inspection
  • Rank monitor
  • Optimizing pages

14. Screamingfrog


This is another seo spy tools. An SEO spider called Screamingfrog scans websites for duplicate content, broken links, and other issues that could harm your ranking with search engines.

Screamingfrog, in contrast to every other rival on our list, is a piece of software that you must download and install on your computer.

Features of Screamingfrog that Stand Out

  • Analyze page titles & meta data for SEO compliance
  • Produce XML sitemaps.
  • Examine the meta robots and directions.
  • Compare the environments for staging and production.
  • Integration of PageSpeed Insights, Search Console, and Google Analytics

15. KWSurfer


You need look no further than KW Surfer, created by the creators of the best on-page SEO tool Surfer SEO, if you’re searching for a 100% free tool to assist you in conducting a respectable job with your keyword research. This is another seo spy tools.

A free Chrome browser plugin called KW Surfer uses Surfer SEO’s keyword database to provide keyword ideas anytime you conduct a search in Chrome.

Features of KW Surfer that Online Earners Will Value

  • Excellent source of keywords that are relevant to your seed keyword
  • Excellent source of monthly keyword search volume
  • Useful tool that allows you to export your keyword list and related traffic data to a spreadsheet.
  • They assert that there are datasets from 70 other countries, thus the results are not just limited to those in English.

How Can I spy the SEO Approach of My Rivals?

There are three main terms in SEO that you must keep in mind: keywords, content, and backlinks.

You’ll need to utilize tools like the ones mentioned above to dissect your competitors’ SEO methods in order to completely comprehend how they are ranked on search engines and the strategies they are employing to rank.

For example, you can utilise SEO spy tools to uncover your competitors’ top ranking pages, how many domains are linking to their content and what keywords they’re employing to rank those carriers.

Then, once you know what pages are getting them their online success, all you have to do is to study them to find clues from their range – in short, what are they accomplishing that you’re not?

How Do You See What Keywords a Competition Website Is Using?

Unless you own a website, Google won’t tell you what keywords it’s ranking for – they think this privileged information.

As a result, a great digit of SEO tools, including most of the ones listed above, have had to set up a parallel universe of crawling servers to imitate what Google does in order to capture important keyword information.

Some SEO Spy tools operate more servers than others, based on their financial ability, therefore revealing what keywords websites they’ve crawled are ranking for.

Large firms, like Ahrefs and SEMRush, maintain the largest banks of crawling servers outside of Google itself and will be able to give you with the most actionable rival keyword data.

How Do I Track Traffic on a Competitor’s Website?

The best way to track traffic from your competitors is to utilise tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush to do a site explorer search.

These SEO spy tools will show you their traffic variations from day to day so you can spot trends.

Now these tools use traffic estimations and not absolute statistics, since Google only reveals data to website owners. But, since what you’re looking for are trends over time, this is not really an issue.

Can the Google Search Console be Used to Spy on Your Competitors?

It’s no secret that the Google Search Console can be a powerful SEO tool to help you rank higher on search results.

Not only does it provide insights into how all your web pages are ranking, but it can also be a treasure trove for keyword research.

Unfortunately, it won’t give you any information on websites you don’t own or have admin access to, and that includes all your competitors.

What to Do Next?

Now it’s time to get your needles dirty with SEO spy tools to obtain online intelligence on all your competitors!

So, make a short list and then sign up to some of the SEO spy tools above, taking advantage of free trial periods or money-back guarantees.

You’ll be amazed (and delighted) by how much of your competitors’ greatest strategies are just hanging out there, all in the open for everyone to see, if you apply the correct competitor analysis tools!