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This post will explain how to save chrome history. Windows 10 comes with an Encrypted File System (EFS) which permits users to secure their data in a specific folder or drive. This is especially important when you want to keep your data private only such that it is accessible from your Windows account only. No one else will have the ability to open the encrypted files or folders.

2 Ways to Keep Google Chrome History Forever

In this article, you can know about how to save chrome history here are the details below;

EFS is available for all editions of Window’s 10 other than Windows 10 Home edition. The EFS choice is really simple to get access to by just going to Properties of a specific folder and inspect a check-box that says “Encrypt Contents To Secure Data” in the Advanced tab.

In some cases, this alternative is grayed out, and you can not secure information in this situation. This concern is usual and can occur to anybody as it develops due to misconfiguration of registry worths. You can also check another post like PayDay 2 Not Launching 2021 On Windows 10.

If the “Encrypt Contents To Secure Data” alternative is grayed out, the following options might help make it work once again to start encrypting your individual and personal data.

Quick Summary [conceal] – 1 Enable EFS Using Windows Registry

– 2 Enable EFS using Command line

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Enable EFS Using Windows Registry

The file encryption choice may be grayed out because some windows registry worths are not set effectively. To fix this, follow the actions listed below.

1. Open Run dialog from the Start Menu and type “Regedit” in it to open the Registry Editor window.

2. Now, move into the following entry in the Registry Editor window.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ FileSystem.

3. Expand File System secret to the right-hand window and find the secret named NtfsDisableEncryption. Double click it, and sets its value to 0. Also check bad image error status 0xc000012f windows.

4. Save the settings and close all open windows. Go back to the “Properties \ Advanced \ Advanced Attribute” option of your required folder, which you wish to secure. The choice of file encryption will no longer be grayed out.

Enable EFS using the Command line.

You can utilize the Windows Command line to make the file encryption option available for you for any of the folders on your maker. You just have to run an simples and easy command. And your issue will fix rapidly. To do this, choose a couple of the below actions.

1. Open Command Prompt window as an administrator.

2. Paste the following command in it. And struck Enter secret. If the command runs effectively, it will ask you to reboot your system to use the modifications.

fsutil behavior set disables encryption 0.

3. On the next reboot, the encryption alternative will be readily available for you in the Properties of any folder.

The solutions are simples and easy to use. You can choose any service as both are evaluated and validated. Don’t put your information at risk, and start protecting it instantly by securing sensitive and important data. Also check how to remove roblox virus.