RARBG alternatives offers a far more curated experience than KickassTorrents ever did. It focuses mainly on movies and TV programs. The website also has categories for games, music, software, adult content, and torrents that don’t fall under any of the above mentioned sections.

Top 17 Best RARBG Alternatives You Can Use In 2020

In this article, you can know about RARBG alternatives here are the details below;

Aside from one week in 2008, when RARBG blocked due to legal obligation from BREIN, the website has been available without any significant disruption, which is something that most other torrent trackers can’t say.

1. 1337x


You’d be hard-pressed to discover a good-looking KickassTorrents alternative than 1337x. As of 2018, 1337x is the 3rd most popular torrent website on the Internet, and its attractive style certainly has something to do with it. Being a public torrent tracker 1337x does not focus on any specific content. The website has everything from motion pictures to video games to music to applications.

Perhaps because 1337x feels so relaxing, its users typically leave remarks under the content they download, sometimes discussing its quality and sometimes alerting other users about malware. Many torrents on 1337x are accompanied by a description and cover, so it’s easy to select something interesting even if you don’t understand what you’re searching for.

2. Thepiratebays3


Introduced in 2003 and yet online, The Pirate Bay is unquestionably the best-known torrent site globally. Apart from a short duration when KickassTorrents ruled the file-sharing scene, The Pirate Bay has always kept its location as the most gone to torrent website there is. Its user’s love it not only because of the huge collection of digital content but also because of its founder’s, who frequently express concerns over centralization of power and are vocal supporters for digital freedom.

The Pirate Bay has a simple design that has a lot in common with Google Search. You can search for torrent by name, search torrentes by classification, or show the top 100 most downloaded torrents. The Pirate Bay runs a crypto mining scripts on its site to assist support the website, utilizing its visitors’ CPU power to mine Monero (XMR). This open-source cryptocurrency concentrates on fungibility and decentralization. Although you can block the scripts using an adblocker, you need to consider letting it go to support the website.

3. Torrentz2


Torrentz2 is a various kind of torrent site than KickassTorrents. It’s a torrent search engine that integrates millions of search engine results from various torrent websites, including many of those noted in this short article. This makes Torrentz2 terrific for finding less popular material that might only be available on a single torrent website.

The only issue is that the quality of the torrents discovered by Torrentz2 isn’t ensured. Because the search results page is not curated, torrentes that would quickly get reported on other torrentes sites are often listed right along genuine torrents, which implies you need to be extra mindful about what you click.

4. Zooqle


Zooqle is an emerging the torrent tracker and a wonderful KickassTorrents option. Even though the website has over 3.5 million confirmed torrentes, with almost 2,000 torrents being included every day, Zooqle has so far brought in fairly little traditional attention. That’s most likely why it has been able to utilize a.com domain. However, even if that modification in the future, Zooqle currently has several alternative domains ready.

To get the very best Zooqle experience, you should create a user account, which will permit you to establish memberships and RSS feeds. That way, you will be ables to, for instance, receive an alert as quickly as a brand-new episode of your preferred TV program appears.

5. ExtraTorrent


The initial ExtraTorrent was a popular torrent site, similar to KickassTorrents. In November 2016, it even became the worlds second-largest torrent site. Still, it got voluntarily closed down by its owner’s not even a year after it had reached the heights of its popularity. What you can access today are various of ExtraTorrent mirrors.

One such mirror is https://extratorrent.si/ which, according to the ExtraTorrent IRC Channels, is the only ExtraTorrent mirror run by the initial website’s moderators. Some of the ExtraTorrent mirrors have been found to mine cryptocurrencies or distribute malware, so we recommend you adhere to extratorrent.si to remain safe.

6. LimeTorrents


We wish to mention is LimeTorrents. Launched in 2009, the LimeTorrents is another veteran of the general public torrent scene, providing a big selection of motion pictures, TELEVISION shows, music, video games, apps, anime, and other material.

Although the primary search page of LimeTorrents looks unquestionably attractive, the age of the site becomes apparent once you carry out a search or click a torrent. Despite its lack of polish, LimeTorrents stays a reliable source of material, and we can just hope that it will remain readily available for another decade.

7. YTS


If you have been downloading torrent declare a while now, you have most likely heard about YIFY. This was as soon as the world’s most popular movies-related P2P repository. Regrettably, YIFY was taken down against some massive legal hazards by material owners. So it’s best to start with some reality– YTS is not the same as YIFY. However, YTS has openly confessed that while they are not individuals who made YIFY, they wish to be in the same league.

That is a fantastic thing for individuals that have depended upon YIFY for so many of their Internet and torrenting needs. In the past, it was understood for its highly optimized video and audio encoding– providing high quality in smaller file sizes. Well, YTS uses the same thing. This is terrific news if you do not have the fastest Web connection, as you can still download 1080p HD motion pictures that are not over 1.5 to 2GB in size. Recognizing that YTS has more than 100 million checkouts every month, you can already see why we’re recommending it in this article.

8. KickassTorrents.to


As soon as the initial KAT disappeared from the Web, numerous interesting clones appeared within days. We can not say that we were surprised by this development, considering that the website owners wanted to gain on the original KAT’s demise. With this stated, KickassTorrents. was the first to appear– and it’s still alive and kicking.

As soon as you open this website in your Internet web browser, you will see a familiar interface. This repository has taken control of the job of indexing countless torrentes with a lot of success. You can find the entire initial KAT database here, plus freshly released torrents also. There are movies, TELEVISION shows, software, games, and plenty more to download.



As you guess by its names, EZTV is all about TELEVISION programs. Even though our other picks for the top RARBG Alternatives will help you discover this very same type of material, there are many reasons to concentrate on EZTV. To start with, it includes an easy-to-use UI, allowing you to dive into the latest released content rapidly, and considering that most new TELEVISION episodes air weekly, this is how you can check what’s brand-new and what’s trending.

EZTV also comes with a couple of additionals that you won’t find somewhere else. If you check the site’s calendar area, you’ll get to search TELEVISION shows based on their air date. Likewise, there’s a page called ‘Countdown,’ which enables you to examine when the next season of your favorite TELEVISION show is expected to premiere. With all of this stated, if you’re a fan of TELEVISION shows, your next Web location ought to be EZTV.

10. TorrentDownloads


TorrentDownloads is an old-fashioned P2P repository, introduced in 2007. As such, this is among the uncommon torrent websites that have been around for more than a year. And remarkably enough, it appears like the website is accessible throughout the world. It suggests that if you’re in a country where ISPs heavily obstruct P2P sites, TorrentDownloads might be your best option.

We have to state that absolutely nothing especially distinct stands out when it concerns this site. However, we make certain that much of you are searching for a classic P2P website with plainly suggested classifications and handy details related to individual files’ health. This is what TorrentDownloads uses precisely. The only disadvantage is that you will not discover a lively neighborhood here, which suggests freshly launched torrent files typically do not have user-posted remarks about possible malware and other online dangers.

11. Torrents.io


Next on our list of the very best RARBG Alternatives, we have another torrent search engine. Called Torrents.io, this is one of the most refined sites of its kind. Right on the web page, you’ll see a visual representation of trending torrentes, letting you explore this site’s full library.

It’s also important to be discussed that Torrents.io lets you find other P2P websites, even without looking for a particular torrent. There are lists of the top most popular torrent websites, based on different categories and themes. It indicates that Torrents.io is one of the most useful online search engine of its kind, and we are more than sure that you’re going to love this KAT alternative.

12. TorLock


TorLock sticks out in the crowd due to something– it provides validated torrents only. It indicates that malware and another sort of shenanigans are close to difficult to discover here. If you do discover a false torrent file, TorLock is even ready to pay you. Thinking about that P2P files are typically used to transfer destructive code, having a site such as TorLock is something that we must value.

Despite offering validated torrents only, this repository supplies a large number of files. Due to its credibility, it likewise has a large quantity of day-to-day active users. This suggests downloading extremely healthy torrentes that you can download quickly. Before you download the torrent, you can turn to TorLock to checks its detailed description and even have a look at remarks made by other users.

13. uTorrent


uTorrent is one of the best Torrent customers that permits users to rapidly download files from multiple peers and use support for RSS feeds and a scheduler and a speed limiter. It is a light-weight program and makes grabbing torrent simple and packs several other helpful functions, consisting of RSS feeds, remote access, and produce your torrent files to show others.

uTorrent comes with an intuitive interface that shows all the data and information you require to understand about your managing torrentes. It also allows you to sneak peek at the file name, size, status, download and upload speed, and the estimated staying time for the files being downloaded. As compared to other Torrent customers, it is much convincing and likewise allows you to handle your torrent also when you are not near your pc because of its RSS feed and schedule function.

As the name implies, the RSS feed entails that you can subscribe to several feeds and set the tool to auto-download the file as they appear. uTorrent likewise includes an extensive file management system such as labels, for instance, that allow you to set directories for the data you are getting instantly or manually. It has millions of users, and you can enjoy its service anywhere around the globe.

14. isoHunts


IsoHunt is an online torrent provider noted among the licensed peer to peer torrent system of BitTorrent. It is the online index of the 100 and 1000 of torrent files offered in the classification of music, videos, motion pictures, books, software, programs, apps, and much more.

Here the visitors can carry limitless checking out of torrent and can download as many torrentes as they want with no limitation in the shape of data allow being upload.

Those who want to share their torrent data are constantly welcome here, as IsoHunt has the system for uploading the torrent submits. The system of sharing the torrent data is not restricted to submitting the torrent submits just. It supplies its users with the system of making the torrent submits as well and then showing others. This system of IsoHunt make’s it the universal level of torrents service providers.

15. TorrentFunk


TorrentFunk is a quick BitTorrent search engine designed for movie fans worldwide. The site provides quite an easy user interface where you need to get in the title of your movies, tag, or any other words. Within a 2nd, you get all the outcomes that you can freely open.

With this, you can likewise download films, TELEVISION programs, video games, software applications, and music with no limit. Likewise, there is a recommendation system that suggests your torrent links based upon your interest that make it better than others.

Another excellent truth about this search engine is that it reveals to you all the fashionable outcomes that you can easily get and download. TorrentFunk is free to utilize the BitTorrent search engine, and you can access its service anywhere worldwide.

16. ETTV


ETTV is a torrent website that provides films, and TV shows torrentes to users. It allows the user’s to download them or directly link them to the current software through its magnet function readily available with film or TV show torrent. The platform comes with an easy-looking design that makes it hassle-free to orientate in it and discover the torrent which a user is looking for.

The website has a search bar that allow’s the users to search for any motion picture, TELEVISION show, an audio file, or perhaps a software application easily by just writing the right name of it. Moreover, it allows the users to arrange results by the number of seeds, year, or date of release to reduce the search. The platform supplies a list of suggested software, films, etc., to make it possible for the user to choose from these in case if they are confused. Last but not least, it is a complimentary site.

17. TorrentReactor


With the millions of legitimate torrentes, Torrent Reactor is said to be one of the most active torrent companies in the world of the Internet that bring the current torrents for its users. The classifications of torrent files available here remain in the shape of adult, anime, music, films, series and TV programs, seasons, episodes, and much more.

The visitors of Torrent Reactor can look for torrent according to the option of popular and most current torrentes as well. The very best about Torrent Reactor is its innovative online search engine system that makes certain that its visitors have got the typed word torrent. Torrent Reactor allow’s its visitors to share their torrent files that make it much better than others.

This system of Torrent Reactor makes it a user-contributed torrent browsing platform. Torrentreactor is presently indexing the millions of torrent files that it has actually obtained from the leading torrent supplier as it depends on the other torrent providers.