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Best Notion Alternatives To Be More Productive will be described in this article. There are affiliate links in this article. If you decide to make a purchase, I could get paid as a recommendation. Though it’s not for everyone, Notion is my favourite productivity tool of 2023.

It can take some practise to become proficient with Notion’s workspace creation building block system. Check out my free notion template library if you’re still using Notion. Nevertheless, if you’re truly considering Notion alternatives, these are my own top picks.

Top 7 Notion Alternatives To Be More Productive in 2023

Top 7 Notion Alternatives To Be More Productive are explained here.


Now that has made their new Workdocs feature available, it is my top recommendation for Notion alternatives. This is another notion alternatives.

It functions similarly to the content blocks in Notion.

A document can be easily created and embedded the following Monday.

com objects, such as tables and gantt charts, within it. is used by businesses like Nike, NBC, and Adobe and has almost 1,000 employees, a valuation of over $2 billion, and a successful IPO under its belt. currently offers a free trial that you can begin using.

Personally, I use their tool to organise the blog’s content calendar and create a roadmap for new features.

I continue to work on this blog as a side project, so it’s critical for me to keep a list of the articles I want to write and the new features I want to add.

This will allow me to complete tasks during the evenings or weekends rather than wasting time on brainstorming sessions.

When I have an idea, I use the Android app on my phone to quickly record it in a workdoc. This is another Notion Alternatives.

If you want more information, I wrote a much longer review of, which I encourage you to read.

2. ClickUp


I’ve reviewed ClickUp before, and while it’s a strong substitute for Notion, it has some limitations. This is another notion alternatives.

Their base price is essentially double that of Notion.

Notion is $5 per month and ClickUp is $9 per month.

The unlimited plan from ClickUp offers unlimited everything:

Unlimited Capacity

Unrestricted views of lists, boards, and calendars

Numerous Integrations

Dashboards without limits plus more

The Business plan includes single-signon(SSO), private and protected views, the ability to add additional guests to your workspace, and all of their automation features. This makes it different from their Unlimited plan. This is another Notion Alternatives.

3. Asana


My employer’s head of content marketing is an Asana pro who oversees the content calendars for three different brands.

Asana is used by their visual designer to keep track of fresh design requests.

Prior to Notion’s release, Asana was on the market, and Notion clearly took some of Asana’s features as inspiration.

If you prefer, you can use Notion to replace Asana and achieve the same results.

However, Asana excels at one thing. And Asana might be your best option if that’s the only thing you require. This is another Notion Alternatives.

Asana is the way to go if you use Notion and are looking for a project management tracker.

Although Asana’s plans begin at $10.99/month, the majority of people can get started with their basic plan.

Asana is incredibly well known and is actually very simple to use.

4. Smartsheet


Scale-based process management is challenging. With 100 employees, how do you plan and complete a project?

Smartsheet can help with that.

Smartsheet is used by more than 90% of Fortune 100 companies to secure request management, manage projects, and keep track of their creative assets.

Their headquarters are in Bellevue, Washington, and they have more than 2,000 workers there. This is another Notion Alternatives.

Their stock price as of October 2021 was approximately $65 and they are also listed on the NYSE (ticker $SMAR). This is another notion alternatives.

At my first full-time job in 2014, I used Smartsheet, which has developed from a simple collaborative spreadsheet into a project management tool with automation support and connections to Salesforce, Jira, and Docusign.

You must purchase 3 users in order to receive the $7/user/month starting price, making the monthly fee $21.

You then have access to the subsequent Smartsheet features:

Endless viewers

sheets, reports, and dashboards indefinitely

Views for forms in Gantt, Grid, Card, and Calendar

250 monthly automations

The Enterprise buyer is the primary target market for Smartsheet’s marketing, and the company is well-positioned to serve clients who require hundreds or thousands of licences.

5. Alamanac


Alamanac Homepage Screenshot Try Smartsheet Today

Alamanac is a really effective substitute for Notion, especially for creating and maintaining workplace documentation, as I recently discovered.

They are a San Francisco-based company with 30 employees that has received $11 million in seed funding. Almanac is considerably less valuable than Notion, which was valued at over $2 billion as of April 2020.

But size is not always a good thing. Check out the Almanac app.

View of the Almanac application

The sole purpose of Almanac is to produce and distribute office documentation. I’ve never had a great experience using Confluence to create documentation for my team at work.

Almanac has a Confluence and Github-like fusion-like feel. Every Almanac document has an option to upvote it (similar to Github stars) and create a copy at the top (like forking a Github repo). This is another Notion Alternatives.

Example of an almanack page

In the near future, I intend to write a more in-depth review of Almanac, and I’ll be sure to update this space with a link.

6. Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks is a brand-new product, similar to Almanac. Time tracking software for mobile or remote teams is produced by Hubstaff.

For agile project management, Hubstaff Tasks is made for sprint planning, kanban boards, to-do lists, and more.

The JIRA product from Atlassian is more similar to Hubstaff Tasks.

Tasks for Hubstaff Sprint Planning

Additionally, it has 40+ editable templates already installed to help you automate the tedious project management tasks. This is another Notion Alternatives.

Hubstaff Tasks is much more concentrated than Notion on enhancing the workflow for software development teams. Although Notion could be used for agile project planning, that is not its primary objective.

7. Airtable


I go into great detail about Notion vs. Airtable in another article, but there are a few key distinctions I’ll make here. This is another notion alternatives.

The brand aesthetic comes first. In contrast to Airtable, Notion is all in black and white. This is reflected in their applications as well: Notion’s app is simple, almost sparse, minimal, and offers just what you need to complete a task.

The color-filled Airtable app is a little too distracting in my opinion. Airtable is a connected database with links, embeddable images, and multiple views of a single dataset. It is what a spreadsheet would look like if it were designed in 2010.

Some users might actually find it overwhelming to process all of that information in such a vibrant presentation. I believe that Airtable has a much steeper learning curve than notion.

If you want more details, read my full review, but Airtable is still a good substitute for Notion. is the most effective Notion replacement.

Since their feature sets are the most similar, almost everything you can do in Notion can also be done in Monday, especially since the introduction of Workdocs.

Hubstaff Tasks is a good option if you’re looking for an agile undertaking surveillance tool to replace JIRA.

I also suggest Almanac as a superior Confluence substitute for business documentation.