LiveOMG Alternatives

Best Sites like LiveOMG will be discussed in this article. Sites like LiveLiveOMG: If you have time to spare and you are online – then one of the best ways to pass the time is to watch popular Lives – maybe something from the community you are interested in? Now, where to find popular Lives? And Lives from top creators? That’s right, LiveOMG is the place.

LiveOMG is a platform where you can find the most popular Live broadcast currently on going on the internet. It ranks the most popular Live from popular Live-streaming platforms, including TikTok, Periscope, Twitch, and many more.

LiveOMG is a good platform to watch Live on, but it’s not exactly aesthetically pleasing with its UI and compared to many other streaming platforms – it has fewer features and highlights to showcase.

Therefore, we did some research and have brought you a list of the 10 best Sites like LiveOMG you must visit if you are interested in joining the Lives of popular creators from your favorite community.

Top 10 Best Sites like LiveOMG And LiveOMG Alternatives

In this article, you can know about LiveOMG Alternatives here are the details below;

1. YouNow


YouNow is a famous broadcasting service in the US – a platform where users get to stream their Live videos and interact with viewers in real-time. It has a website for Windows and macOS – as well as an app for Android and iOS.

As of August 2015 – YouNow has about 150,000 broadcasts per  day. As a viewer, you get to explore multiple communities, join the one in which you are interested, chat with others in real-time – and express your productivity globally.

Key Features

  • Influencer benefits: through fan benefits, you can earn on this platform in the form of gold bars, applause, fan males, etc.
  • Support your favorite: you are allowed to support broadcasters by sending them gifts and gold bars, and can also request a guest appearance.
  • Moments feed: this section on the app allows you to catch up on all the broadcasts you have missed.

2. VK Live

VK Live

VK Live is one of the most popular apps in this article, with millions of users from across the world. VK  is originally a platform where you can explore highlights from many communities and enjoy ways of communicating and interacting with your favorite people. This is another LiveOMG Alternatives. Also check Moodle Alternatives

Live broadcasting is one of the main highlights of VK, where the popular influencers get to go Live and talk about their daily life, their hobbies, the things they are great at, etc.

Moreover, you can do a good list of things on this app — you can listen to music, watch clips and videos, play games, shop from well-known brands, and also keep an eye on your health.

Key Features

  • Play Games: playing games Live and with your favorite gamer sounds really interesting – while you also get to watch content from your favorite influencers from the gaming industry.
  • Stay updated: since VK is a popular platform for many communities, you can join your ideal influencers in your favorite fields and stay updated through your feed.

3. Bigo Live

Bigo Live

Bigo Live is another Live streaming platform specifically for Live broadcasts. It is free to use and a home for hundreds of communities where you can enjoy free Live streaming with themes like games, entertainment, sports, and whatnot.

Bigo Live is a USA-based platform with over 100 million users from across the globe. It’s an ideal place to go viral for an influencer, gain fame, and as a viewer, you can watch your favorite Live stream 24/7 with thousands of influencers going Live every moment.

Key Features

  • Do joint Lives: what is the best way to try something new and gain more exposure except for doing a joint Live with another influencer from the same field?
  • Live video chat: you can go on with your discussion with the friend you started talking to in a random broadcast through Live video chatting, where you can talk to them 1:1.
  • Go Live in a chat room: Bigo Live will help you launch a virtual party with your friends in a chat room of up to 9 and have a blast dancing, talking, and playing together.

4. Twitch


Twitch is another leading platform for Live streaming – our personal-favorite Live streaming service for exploring different types of content and fields such as music, Anime, sports, nature, entertainment, gaming, and more. This is another LiveOMG Alternatives.

Twitch is a USA-based video Live streaming service that specifically focuses on video game Live streaming, but can also be used to showcase other things.

Furthermore, it is another popular hideout for influencers where they can go Live and interact with their fans in real-time, ask questions, take opinions, ask for ideas and motivation, and get benefited in many more ways.

Key Features

  • Add custom emojis: this platform allows influencers to add customer emojis to their channels, which can be freely used by viewers in the Live chat room.
  • Chat with streamers: it allows fans to chat and interact privately with their favorite streamers.

5. YouTube Live

YouTube Live

YouTube is a globally famous title and everyone — from the granny to the 5-year-old kid in the house knows about it. It’s one of the most favored platforms for influencers to make videos and go Live.

YouTube Live offers an easier way for all the creators and influencers to create a proper community and go on with their profession or hobbies – or with something that you’re naturally good at.

Since YouTube itself is a huge family – YouTube Live too is a home for thousands of foreign communities where you can watch, learn, try, and even create your own channel.

Key Features

  • Catch up instantly: all the YouTube Live videos are saved on the creator’s profile right after the Live streaming is complete. This means – you can catch up to the most content instantly.
  • Watchlist: just to make sure you don’t forget to watch the Live stream — you can add it to your watchlist and watch it later.

6. Tango


Tango is yet another popular social Live-streaming platform for content creators with over 100 million users. It’s an ideal place for influencers and content creators to showcase their content and gain exposure. This is another LiveOMG Alternatives.

Tango plays a good role in helping broadcasters share their talent while monetizing supporters. It’s a platform where you can view, interact, and support your ideal streamer and keep up with your favorite community.

Key Features

  • Chat with creators: Tango allows you to chat with your favorite creators through private messages and support them in secret.
  • Add YouTube clips: Tango lets you add your favorite videos from YouTube and share content from different fields like DIY, gaming, art, etc.

7. Facebook Live

Facebook Live

Seriously, who doesn’t know Facebook? Facebook is the topmost social media platform that focuses on a good variety of methods to entertain you — one of them being its Live streaming feature. Also check Forrester Alternatives

With Facebook Live, since it has a massive user count, it won’t take time for you to gain fame as an influencer and content creator — as long as you are offering quality content.

Key Features

  • Chat with creators: the private messaging feature for all Facebook users allows you to stay in touch with your creators privately, chat with them, and support them in secret.
  • Timeline: Facebook has this timeline feature through which – you can keep your fans updated with your schedules, next broadcast topic, take ideas from them, etc.

8. TikTok


Yet another leading social media platform with over 100 million users. Although TikTok is not available in some countries – it’s still globally famous and an earning platform for millions of creators. TikTok is highly suggested because not only is it specifically focusing on videos, but it also has multiple features that can highlight your Live streaming. This is another LiveOMG Alternatives.

Key Features

  • Support creators: TikTok lets you support your favorite content creators and influencers by sending them gifts.
  • Filters: it doesn’t matter if you’re good at makeup and looking good in front of the camera because, with this feature, you can use multiple filters throughout your broadcast.

9. UpLive


UpLive is another promising platform – only focusing on Live broadcasts. It’s an internationally famous Live-streaming platform with hundreds of creators from across the world.

UpLive, although it is based on Live streams, also offers videos and clips on your feed – giving the content creators and influencers more ways to keep you entertained.

Key Features

  • Virtual Streaming: this is the best feature at UpLive, letting you create your own unique avatar, and you are free to use your facial features, outfit, style, background, stage, and everything before going Live.
  • Party rooms: when you have successfully befriended people from your community – the party rooms will allow you to strengthen your bond by inviting up to 9 friends in the room and playing games, singing songs, talking, etc.

10. Yubo


Yubo is a France-based social networking platform – specifically designed to help you meet new people and create or join communities. It’s a family of over 50 million users and people from all over the world are invited.

With Yubo, you can create your local community and make friends from other parts of the world. Along with streaming, you can also chat with others, interact, and you also get to go Live personally with your online friends. This is another LiveOMG Alternatives.

Key Features

  • Lenses: Yubo has partnered with Snapchat to offer you lenses, through which – you can try many different types of filters throughout your Lives.
  • Play games: Yubo offers a total of three challenging games, which you can play personally as well as while broadcasting and the list includes ‘Would you rather’, Drawing quiz’, and ‘Let them guess’.

Final Words

Apart from these sites like LiveOMG mentioned in this article, the internet might introduce you to many other popular Live streaming platforms – but if you don’t know where to start from and which to choose, then our list of sites like LiveOMG is what you need.

All these sites are safe to use, free to use, easy to use, and have thousands and thousands of viewers watching hundreds of Lives daily. With this, we have successfully presented the list of best sites like LiveOMG and hope you now know which Live broadcasting platform you should visit next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there more sites like LiveOMG?

Yes, there are many Live broadcasting sites like LiveOMG, but our top sites in the list would include TikTok, YouTube Live, BiliBili, Twitch, Tango, Facebook Live, and Bigo Live.

Which are LiveOMG alternatives?

TikTok, Tango, Facebook Live, Bigo Live, YouTube Live, BiliBili, and Twitch or some of our favorite LiveOMG alternatives helping you explore multiple communities with hundreds of members to help you gain knowledge and interact.