Best and most efficient Limnu alternatives will be discussed in this article. Work with coworkers while drawing, sharing, and using a whiteboard online with Limnu. It functions exactly like a real whiteboard and lets you rapidly sketch ideas with other colleagues.

Together, using the technology, users may brainstorm, draw, and solve problems. It takes away the difficulties so you may concentrate on your work. The product makes things easier for you and provides the resources necessary for holding online meetings, idea brainstorming, or video conferencing.

You will fast be able to understand how it works because it is simple to use and master. There are no edge boundaries, and the area is big enough to hold expansive ideas as well as a helpful signal to make it easier to find them later.

In order to provide teams with the greatest experience possible, the solution offers a welcoming setting where they may discuss workflows and ideas or engage in a fun game of tic-tac-toe.

Anyone can express their ideas to anyone, including friends, family, and the Slack team. You may bulk search, filter, and edit the whiteboards using the Board Organization tool. The drawing is simple to use and easy on the fingers, which is another fantastic feature.

Top 15 Best Limnu Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Limnu Alternatives are explained here.

1. SketchBoard


A collaborative whiteboard called SketchBoard was created with efficiency in mind. You can solve complex problems together and with the help of this solution. Large enterprises, consultants, and product teams benefit from it the most. Also check erp software

On a digital whiteboard, you may work together with your team members while also getting immediate feedback and tracking their whereabouts. Adopt the solution to get free to work and cooperate from any location and bid farewell to time-consuming meetings and emails.

When immersed inside another mind, some thoughts manifest. You have access to a virtual workspace with this solution, which makes it simple to discuss ideas. Having an endless canvas on which to receive input and brainstorm as a team allows for easy team collaboration. The product encourages feedback and teamwork and is centred around ideas.

In order to give their vision life, the organisation can choose from more than 400 sketch forms with automated connections. This is another limnu alternative. The solution offers integrations with numerous necessary programmes and platforms, including GitHub, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Webex.

2. Collaboard


Collaboard fosters more teamwork and makes it possible for groups to communicate ideas effectively and quickly. On an endlessly expandable whiteboard, you can build your goals and projects. Collaboration with the team is simple, and data security is not a concern.

Utilize well-known design thinking tools to brainstorm in a way that has never been done before. Keep everyone on the same page, be inventive, and communicate your thoughts quickly. Bring out your inner imagination and let the solution handle the rest.

For your creative work, create presentations, workshops, and product designs. Give the group members the freedom to use their creativity to conceptualise solid project structures and to jot down ideas as they occur.

The technology streamlines and organises planning, allowing you to eliminate complexity from workflow productivity and collaborate effectively and graphically on planning remotely with the team.

Use shared notes, mind maps, workflow, and flowcharts to manage the organisational process from beginning to end.

Without any limitations, the tool enables you to work on numerous sites all around the world.

3. Kinopio


With the help of Kinopio, a planning, visual thinking, and brainstorming tool, you can articulate your ideas and connect them to form a clear image. It aims to provide everyone with space for spatial thinking for hard problems and new ideas.

You can get started by creating an understanding and logging in with the credentials. The platform is the perfect pick for every professional. It lets you add pictures, audio, text, and more for a better expression. You can generate new cards instantly by clicking on areas that are empty.

The best aspect of the site is that it shows you a few tutorials to help you grasp the mechanics of the site.

4. Bluescape


Bluescape is a virtual collaboration platform built to satisfy the expectations of hybrid teams.

You can use it for breathing life into goals and meetings. The solution is ideal for reviews, kick-offs, presentations, and brainstorms.

You can think of original ideas and take immediate action on them thanks to it. Eliminate screen sharing so that you can better communicate with your team.

By coordinating production workflows, streamlining approvals, and shortening review cycles, deadlines can be met. You can improve communication between geographically dispersed teams and guarantee a steady and orderly pace for achieving goals.

For teams that need a visual layer for collaboration but are unhappy with the redundant nature offered by a digital whiteboard app, the product aims to solve difficult problems.

This is another limnu alternative. Teams can refine and brainstorm ideas on the cutting-edge collaborative whiteboard. Each participant can offer feedback by including clarification-related comments, annotations, and sticky notes.

You can present and evaluate multiple assets at once. Other features of the platform include an online whiteboard, rich content sharing, video conferencing, canvases and templates, present and review, and infinite canvas. Also check cms content management software

5. Draw Chat

Draw Chat

Teams can use Chat, an online whiteboard software, to sketch ideas in a collaborative setting and communicate swiftly to find solutions to problems. It is simple to use, free of monetary charges, and 100 percent secure.

The fact that it protects user identities and is anonymous is its strongest feature. Without registering, you may start a chat room with a simple click.

Each whiteboard comes with a unique, customised URL that you can share with colleagues to work together. The ability to use private and P2P Secure Audio to easily connect with a large group using video conferencing is another fantastic feature.

Every user on the platform receives a 10 megabyte sketch board. You can upload documents here in WebP, SVG, JPG, PNG, PDF, and GIF formats. Last but not least, all projects are kept online for 30 days before being removed.

6. WBO


WBO is one of the well-known online whiteboard programmes that is designed to support group projects and team work. This is another limnu alternative.

It enables multiple people to draw simultaneously on the enormous whiteboard. Every time someone uses the board, it is instantly updated, and its condition is preserved.

The tool can be used in a variety of contexts, including education, the arts, design, and entertainment. The best feature is how simple it is to use, enabling anyone to work on a drawing with others by only giving a URL.

The platform provides two different board types: public boards and private boards. Everyone can see the public board, which is a messy mess where you can hand out and sketch with anyone.

The option to create a private board with a special name that can only be accessed by its URL is available to any member. This choice is practical for exchanging private information.

7. MultiDraw


Multiple users can express their creativity in a group setting with the web-based chat and Paint tool MultiDraw.

It is a responsive, top-tier conversation and drawing application that is designed for both desktop and mobile platforms. You can use the included SpeedPaint recorder to listen to your group projects for review. There are several sophisticated features, including pressure sensitivity and touch gestures.

By making a private room, anyone can readily share their details and personal information with strangers. You can transfer private messages between rooms using the solution. You can share the password that unlocks each chamber through PM.

The finest feature is that there are no restrictions and that each member can easily invite as many friends as they like. You can start a chat conversation with friends and family to exchange things like YouTube videos, images, and other content. This is another limnu alternative.

Choose your preferred moniker first, then you may quickly select the avatar you like. Become a member of the global community of creative users from various nations. Emojis are a great way to showcase your creative abilities. Share the priceless YouTube Videos or upload the most recent photographs. Remove any bothersome individuals, then invite new guests to the drawing room or send a private message to pals.

8. RealtimeBoard


RealtimeBoard is a tool for tracking a mission’s progress, from the very beginning wireframing stages through the finished designs.

You may visualise and organise your ideas and efforts with the help of an endless canvas, a toolkit for whiteboarding, and sophisticated libraries.

RealtimeBoard works well for brainstorming and idea mapping in the early phases of any issue. RealtimeBoard is intriguing since it has made it simple to share your project maps.

It comes equipped with all the tools you need to share your whiteboard skills with the entire crew online. With RealtimeBoard, you can save everything in one place that you just need on a daily basis.

Post-it notes, pictures, videos, documents, spreadsheets, Google Drive files, and more may all be stored on it. Watch how your projects and ideas develop, iterate, and remain prepared. To see the big picture or to become more specific whenever you need it, zoom in and out.

RealtimeBoard is an environment that can be readily tailored to your needs and is infinitely configurable.

9. Smoothboard Air

Smoothboard Air

The collaborative, interactive whiteboard app Smoothboard Air for iPads and Android smartphones transforms engagement in classrooms.

This is another limnu alternative. Multiple iPads and Android devices are instantaneously converted into interactive whiteboard surfaces.

Participants in the room can instantly access the screen from their mobile device without installing any supporting installation by using a QR Code that is projected on the monitor.

A new tool called Smoothboard Air enables presenters to share their computer screen with up to two people using mobile devices like iPads and Android phones.

With the help of an HTML5 web browser, contributors in the room can scan a QR Code projected on the monitor to access it from their mobile device without installing any apps.

10. Groupboard


With the help of the free online whiteboard tool Groupboard, you can easily integrate a web page by copying a few lines of HTML code.

You may easily integrate multi-user capabilities into your websites by pasting a small amount of HTML code, such as an online shared whiteboard, chat, and message boards.

Without the demand for plugins or other third-party software, Groupboard is compatible with every HTML5-capable browser, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, as well as iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android.

By just clicking the Google Hangouts button, you may also access the Groupboard from Google Hangouts.

You’ll be able to connect with up to five people at once using Groupboard for in-team discussion in real time.

11. VideoScribe


Films that depict a story using handwritten drawings might easily earn five figures.

However, for less than $50 per 30 days, you may use the VideoScribe software to produce these exact same videos using vector graphics.

Your laptop may be downloaded with the main whiteboard video programme, and you can start creating animations right away. Also check Logistics software 

You can use the canvas to add images, text, music, and voiceovers, and VideoScribe will create a whiteboard video for you.

Select from tens of thousands of images and music tracks in our libraries or submit your own. This is another limnu alternative.

You can alter the history, use an eraser, add items, combine photos, add GIFs, and otherwise customise your film to the nth degree.

You can create whiteboard-style animations using this really simple programme, which includes pictures, text, speech, and music for a passable result in under a minute.

12. Easiteach RM

Easiteach RM

Use any whiteboard, projector, or other hardware in your classroom with the brand-new and well-liked interactive programme Easiteach. It is made to assist you in developing and delivering inspiring lessons.

Easiteach gives customers access to a huge library of content that can be used or changed to suit their needs, as well as the ability to build bespoke classes and resources from scratch.

Regardless of student age or ability, Easiteach is invaluable in any academic setting and works best to support all classes across a wide range of topics.

Using Easiteach, lecturers and students can produce multi-modal presentations that include flash documents, animation, video, sound, and other media on a single page.

The software’s easily accessible toolbars and widgets also enable you to work quickly and effectively on developing whole-class educational pastimes to match your class learning objectives.

Easiteach is a work in progress and over time will probably surpass a number of novel elements.

13. Open-Sankoré


For any sort of interactive hardware, Open-Sankoré is a multiplatform, open-source programme.  This is another limnu alternative.

It has been translated into numerous exotic languages. All users, from novices to experts, can use its wide range of tools. Every type of DIT is compatible with the open-source, multiplatform Open-Sankoré programme.

It continues to be catered to all clients, from novices to experts, and is also translated into many different languages.

In addition to allowing you to annotate, draw, and highlight, the Open-Sankoré software also gives you the option of enhancing the content of your path by importing flash animations, photographs, audio, videos, or by incorporating pre-existing.PDF or.PPT documents.

This is another limnu alternative. With the help of dynamic content you can attract your audience, such as Wikipedia apps, Google Maps, or widgets.

The Open-Sankoré application also provides capabilities for the unique phases of a lesson. For example, you could present only the crucial portion of the lesson using the appropriate tools, such as dynamic display management or unlimited zoom.

14. NittiTre WhiteBoard

NittiTre WhiteBoard

A semi-transparent whiteboard is displayed on the screen while using the user-friendly software NittiTre WhiteBoard, giving you the opportunity to draw right away on the computer. For example, it can be utilised for spontaneous performances.

All you need is a functional installation of the.NET Framework on your PC for it to work. Any executable file on the hard drive or on a portable storage device can be used to quickly start it.

Unlike most installers, it won’t create any new entries to the Windows registry. When NittiTre WhiteBoard is started, it takes control of the entire reveal, displaying the whiteboard that is partially transparent and providing you with a preset red brush.

To be able to draw with multiple colours on the same sheet, you can, however, change the colour of the comb periodically to green, blue, and black.

15. A Web Whiteboard

A Web Whiteboard

A Web Whiteboard is a touch friendly online whiteboard application that enables you to easily draw sketches, communicate with others, and share them with the audience using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You should focus on what you’re doing, not the instrument you’re playing, whether you’re working, teaching, learning, or just playing along and having fun.

A snapshot is worth a thousand words. This is another limnu alternative.

How often have you had an online conversation with someone and wished you could quickly draw something and show it to them? It can be a practical way to express ideas, spread knowledge, enlighten, and learn.

It can be as easy as clicking “invite” and then sending a URL to the other person when using a Web Whiteboard.

No registration is necessary, nothing needs to be downloaded or set up, and there isn’t any time-consuming “does it give you the results you want now” debugging before you can use it.