Best and demanding jumpFm alternatives will be described in this article. A dual-pane project file manager for mail, cloud storage, and browsers is called JumpFm. It aids developers in managing, organising, and previewing their Drive files. JumpFm is a standalone file manager that you may use or customise with your own frameworks. It allows you to move, rename, and remove files from Drive. For files including HTML, CSS, JS, and images, JumpFm offers a file preview. The next file types are supported by the picture preview:.jpg,.png,.gif,.bmp,.tiff,.webp,.svg,.ai.

It is simple to grow with the amount of users on a project thanks to Jumps’ cloud storage design. Additionally, it safeguards data through its Disaster Recovery site in the case of an outage. Jump uses an API gateway built on Kong to power its API, providing a straightforward and secure approach to manage backend data access. Without owning to worry about the specifics of file storage, Jump is able to create a cross-platform interface for its file management application using this platform. Additionally, it enables users to upload, download, and delete files from their browser to manage the contents on their machines.

Top 15 Best JumpFm Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best JumpFm Alternatives are explained here.

1. Insight


With the help of the file manager Insight, Linux users may share and organise their files on any device and easily arrange their data in the cloud. You may start projects from a folder on your computer from your mobile device or desktop, then quickly upload, save, and share files and pictures.

The same files are accessible through a web browser on any machine. It is for individuals who wish to organise their files in one location and share files with others. Project files are never kept on your device or another person’s device; they are always kept safely in its data centres. There is no lid on the amount of files you may keep, and access permissions to files can be managed. People may share their files on any device and easily arrange them in the cloud thanks to Insight. This is another jumpfm alternative.

2. FTP Synchronizer

FTP Synchronizer

One of the most well-known and often used protocols for moving files from a computer to a web server is the File Transfer Protocol. It has lived since the inception of the Internet. The procedure of exchanging files is rather simple: both parties communicate details about the connection, including if it is secure and what file transfer protocol will be used, among other things. It offers full FTPS and SFTP security, block-level FTP synchronisation, the ability to synchronise multiple files, customizable scheduling settings, and conflict detection.

With its FTP Synchronizer browser extension, the procedure may be made simpler. No further software has to be established on your PC or mobile device. All you have to do is launch your web browser and begin emailing files from there. Additional capabilities include managing multiple time zones, conflict detection, proxy & firewall, integrity verification, compress transferring, command line support, priority lists, and more. Other features include real-time sync, automated FTP sync, and secure FTP connection.

3. Polo File Manager

Polo File Manager

This is another jumpfm alternative. Readable Javascript file manager for your browser. When you are on a page, you may create numerous named file entries and provide the appropriate access to them. The purpose of this feature is to allow you to download things that you will need later but don’t want to keep on your disc since you don’t want to overtax it. This tool is intended for Linux users and, in the end, for programmers with previous experience creating, maintaining, and growing the aforementioned project.

Polo is a cutting-edge, lightweight Linux file manager with support for multiple windows and tabs, archives, and many more features. The programme supports numerous panes and tabs, archives, and much more. It is lightweight and uses little resources. An embedded terminal for each tab, various views, a device manager, archive support, PDF actions, ISO actions, picture actions, checksum & hashing, video download support, and more distinguish this file manager as inspirational.

4. Ranger NCurse’s file manager with Vim bindings

Ranger NCurse's file manager with Vim bindings

With Vim key bindings, the curses file manager Ranger offers a consistent command set that is independent of the underlying file systems. Additionally, it has 8-bit clean and effective code. It may be used, for instance, as a command-line file manager or for FTP file management. It works well in Gnu Screen or shell programmes. For further details, refer to the handbook. This is another jumpfm alternative.

It blends the simplicity of a GUI with the effectiveness of the command line. Although directory navigation is as straightforward as in a GUI, you can still access all of the command line’s greatest and most useful functions, such as search, filters, and file copying. Multi-column display, a preview of the selected file or directory, and common file operations are some of the numerous features. Multiple file renaming at simultaneously, hotkeys and a terminal similar to VIM, automatic file type detection, changing the directory, To be added are tabs, bookmarks, mouse support, and more.

5. GNOME Commander

GNOME Commander

New standalone JavaScript file manager for the web called GNOME Commander. A proof-of-concept and experiment, it shows how to create a completely working contemporary file manager from scratch. It is a GNOME 3 desktop graphical file manager that may be used to handle files both locally and from distant sites, including FTP servers. The programme allows you to browse local memory storage devices and SSH servers in addition to FTP functionality. This is another jumpfm alternative.

A variety of user-friendly file management tools and features are included with the programme, including basic copy/move/delete functionality, bookmarks, tabbed navigation, a preview pane, file search, thumbnails, window previews, and sorting. The ability to swiftly execute actions like mounting or unmounting discs, creating file shortcuts on the desktop or in the start menu, and accessing portable media is another important feature of GNOME Commander.



No matter where project files are kept, CLEX is a command-line interface-based file manager for managing and modifying them. You can edit Slides, Office documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, and photos that have been added to Drive with this tool. The writing tool for interactive content, CLEX, offers the project file management as an add-on. It gives content producers the ability to publish, share, and make money from their work. This is another jumpfm alternative.

The world may access the material that creators produce, publish, and share. Together, files may be shared at any time and anywhere via chat, email, social networks, and forums. Simply uploading and downloading files and folders securely is the most popular CLEX function. In contrast, it is simple to rename, remove, move, copy, and compare files in CLEX.

7. Rodent


Rodent is a project file manager for browsers that facilitates organisation without requiring local file storage. Wherever you are on the internet, you can access your files and folders directly from your browser window thanks to the new file menu that is added to your browser’s top bar. It’s superior than a Finder or Explorer in your browser. Files may be opened in browser-integrated applications like Docs, Microsoft Word, or Apple Pages, and then saved back to their original location. Additionally, you may post it from Rodent and download it from any other computer with an internet connection if your software generates a file format that Rodent does not support. Any file or folder you can access in the Mac Finder, Windows Explorer, Linux shell, or any other native file manager is accessible through it. This is another jumpfm alternative.

8. Cryo


Control your project using your browser’s file system, which enables you to make changes and view it in a live reload mode without refreshing the page. It includes quick navigation support for folder structures with nested folders. You gain from the dual-pane mode with tabs and keyboard shortcuts depending on commander style. The file manager offers end-to-end encrypted file sharing that is private and safe. Through it, machines on either side of the connection may interact with one another without the need of a cloud or server; instead, a Tor client is used. With infinite choices for file sharing, full internet speed, no size restriction, and many other features, Cryo might be a fantastic choice for desktop file management.

9. Xfdesktop


A online desktop for your browser is what the straightforward project Xfdesktop seeks to give. It is React-based and connects to your data over the AWS AppSync API. It facilitates the display of a variety of web-based programmes, such as text editors, viewers for documents, and many more.

You may use your browser to connect to and handle any file you have access to. By offering a file management interface like that of desktop operating systems, it functions as a desktop programme. With no desktop application to access them, Xfdesktop is designed to be used for managing files on distant servers or cloud-based storage. It’s best if you’re already working in a browser because it’s designed to be accessible from within one. This is another jumpfm alternative.

10. Raysync


A project file manager for the browser is called Raysync. With the help of this person-to-person cloud technology, you may collaborate on projects and manage data with others. You can also safely save information in the cloud for archiving. There are no downloads or plugins necessary for Raysync to function in any contemporary browser. Raysync provides you the option of working in your browser without having to download anything and includes an integrated chat and file preview window. Your files will be available from any location in the world.

You may upload, delete, and manage your files from any webpage using the browser’s file manager. Any webpage may have files added by simply dragging and dropping them when using a browser with a file manager. It’s used to move data securely across websites, store and exchange files, or even stream your music collection online. Then you may choose whatever files you wish to upload to the website after seeing every file on your computer. Through its own servers, every file is uploaded safely.

11. QtFM


This is another jumpfm alternative. With QtFM, a QT file manager, you can manage projects quickly, easily, and effectively from any device, anytime and wherever you need to. Any kind of material, including files, photos, and videos, may be uploaded. Give up maintaining your computer’s files and begin managing all of your information in one location. Simply drag and drop the files you wish to upload, and QtFM will take care of the rest. It’s really simple to use.

The main features include the ability to open any type of file, download/upload files via FTP or SFTP, upload multiple files at once, sort files by name, size, and date, do a rapid file name search, add multiple folders to a Favorites list, support for local storage, and more. Customizable key bindings, support for tabs, removable storage, support for image formats, drag-and-drop capabilities, a robust custom command system, a system tray daemon, support for video formats, and more features are among the many features.

12. Shallot


You may upload and download files to and from Shallot, a file manager for your browser, from any location on the Internet. It is now a separate programme to make sharing files with your browser more simpler. It is a platform that simplifies teamwork and enables developers to quickly create websites and apps without the need of version control. Teams may interact, plan, and manage their projects from a single location with this online project management tool. It has a recognisable, user-friendly interface, real-time collaboration, and GitHub and Chrome integration. You can create to-do lists, subtasks, assign tasks and files, schedule activities, and more with Shallot. Using Shallot now, you may work on projects in real time with your team members.

13. Gentoo (file Manager)

Gentoo (file Manager)

With the help of the file manager Gentoo for the browser, you can easily upload folders from your PC to your web server. It enables you to import files into your PC from your web host. You can manage and modify files in the cloud with ease thanks to its integration with Drive. You may copy files from the FTP server to Dropbox or upload folders from your personal computer to it. Gentoo enables you to walk around your FTP directory structure, upload folders, export files, import files from your web server to your PC, and copy any file or folder you choose inside the same host. This is another jumpfm alternative.

14. Midnight Commander

Midnight Commander

Midnight Commander is a legitimate GNU-based visual file manager that makes managing files more dependable and safe. The simple navigation gives you complete control, and the automated drag-and-drop feature makes it simple to move files quickly. Open-source Midnight Commander includes a full-screen text display programme that enables you to legally copy, delete, or transfer files, search files, and execute commands directly in the subshell.

The appealing and adaptable text interfaces simplify working frequently with SSH connections, various remote shells, and within an X Windows terminal. Another useful feature of Midnight Commander is the ability to rename a collection of files while simultaneously moving them to a new directory. Additionally, the programme provides wildcard characters that let the user to itemise the generated file name.

15. Vifm


Vifm is a free to use file manager with a curses interface that makes it easier for you to complete daily tasks quickly. You can handle things within file systems using the programme, and you have full keyboard control without having to learn new command sets. Vifm is a file manager that can be installed on any computer. It works so efficiently that it surpasses all other file managers, and the latest version includes many enhancements. This is another jumpfm alternative.

The programme is giving user mapping like to vim, and you may apply the various colour schemes to certain sub-trees. Directory tree comparison, multi-block selection, remote command execution, sophisticated file filtering, cross-platform support, the trash option, and more features are available. Additionally, Vifm keeps track of the directories you visit the most and is renowned for its powerful script tuning capabilities for certain directories.