10 Interactive Conference Ideas To Boost Audience Engagement

Interactive Conference Ideas to Boost Audience Engagement will be explained in this post. Your event will be more interesting and successful if you use the correct interactive conference ideas. Polls, quizzes, and more can now be interactive. Any conference, whether it be online or in person, depends on audience participation to enable participants to communicate with one another and connect with your business. You must use interactive conference concepts to do this.

10 Interactive Conference Ideas To Boost Audience Engagement

In this article, you can know about 10 Interactive Conference Ideas To Boost Audience Engagement here are the details below;

After all, the purpose of events and conferences is to promote networking, inquiries, and learning. A strong online event platform that connects attendees and presenters with entertaining and practical features is the first step in making conferences additional interactive. To assist you engage your audience from anywhere, we’ve created 10 interesting conference ideas.

What are interactive conference ideas?

What are interactive conference ideas

A number of tactics and activities that can be utilised to include and engage attendees in a conference or event are referred to as interactive conference ideas.These suggestions can encourage networking, learning, and cooperation while also making the conference more engaging, dynamic, and memorable for attendees. The secret to creating engaging interactive conference ideas is giving participants the chance to connect with one another and the topic in fun and memorable ways.

10 Interactive Conference Ideas to Increase Audience Engagement

While running an online conference, maintaining participant engagement should be your first focus. The objective is to provide participants with a special, engaging brand experience that captures their interest and keeps them engaged throughout. Here, we’ll go through 10 interactive suggestions to increase audience engagement:

1. Use icebreaker idea

Use icebreaker idea

One of the most engaging conference ideas is to involve the audience right away. You can use a handful of the icebreakers to achieve this. You can ask a question, use a puzzle, or give a test to welcome each new participant in the meeting. You can also ask some personal questions to strengthen team bonds. You may engage your audience during conferences with the help of QuestionPro’s superb live polling tool. Quizzes can also be used to conclude conferences.

2. Offer a virtual tour

With the best virtual conferencing software, you may include a virtual tour in your meeting. Virtual tours can draw in a large number of visitors. Also, you can significantly capture the interest of the participants or students. People can have in-person, real-time encounters thanks to the most recent virtual technologies. As a result, 3D and 360-degree effects will give visitors the sense that they are actually there.

3. Hold attention with quizzes

Puzzles, tests, and other comparable pursuits are always enticing and exciting. Such games will always have participants. As a result, you can create a quiz with a range of questions. The user who finishes the quizzes fast can also receive a score.

As a result, using quizzes to manage and involve attendees in virtual conferences can be enjoyable. You can definitely use the QuestionPro Quiz feature if you’re considering holding a quiz game to engage your audience. You may easily create your questions online and receive the responses of your audience in real time. One of the most useful interactive conference ideas for company is using QuestionPro.

4. Interactive sessions

Audiences could find listening to and watching a speaker uninteresting. Make it interactive by letting the audience comment on the speaker’s arguments and ask questions. It would be beneficial if you have interactive tools. To spice up your conference, check for the following features:

Live polls

It can be useful to keep the users engaged in your session. They can select the options they think are best, and you can immediately display them the results. The greatest option for making your conference interactive is a QuestionPro Live poll. It is a simple, free tool for online interaction and polling that enables you to conduct quick polls, quizzes, and trivia contests, collect comments, and show results in real time. Also, QuestionPro live polls during a conference allow you to gather rapid, open-ended feedback.

Real time question

Live Q&A is a real-time online application for your website that enables you to market your business in a very interesting, interactive, and successful way through live Q&A events. By choosing interesting topics from the session, you can build audience polls. To involve your audience in a live Q&A, utilise QuestionPro live polls. By including all of the necessary questions, you can quickly construct your trivia! You can design the questions for trivia, and the audience competes for points.

Opinion poll

Opinion polls are comparable to surveys and enquiries in that they aim to objectively and scientifically gauge public opinion on a single issue or a range of concerns. A yes-or-no format is the most typical format for opinion poll questions.

For instance, Do you consider surveys of public opinion to be interactive tools for audience participation? Yes \sNo QuestionPro’s opinion polls make it simple to get your audience’s opinions. They also guarantee the validity of your polls. The best part is that QuestionPro’s opinion surveys are free to use.

5. Real-time push notifications

Real-time push notifications

During the virtual conference events, you must keep the participants updated on all events.

It will be advantageous to involve interested users in various activities, including games or the conference’s most recent leaderboard standings.

They will also show up and attend each session on time.

You can also let them know about all the gamification and leaderboard potential.

6. Add games and leaderboard

Gamification is another method for retaining audience interest during virtual conference meetings. Attendees can also offer themselves a chance to raise their points by visiting each site that will be listed on the leaderboard for the virtual online conference. Each participant can receive a number of points for finishing a particular section of the event. It has been the most widely used strategy for successfully attracting audiences. Use QuestionPro’s gamification capabilities, which can help you engage your audience quickly. To motivate and entice the audience, they have a gamification point and reward system.

7. Rewards and gift Vouchers

Another of the top interactive conference ideas that you should be aware of is rewards and gift cards. Freebies are loved by everyone. You can entice attendees with prizes and gift vouchers. In exchange for referral registrations, logins, and leaderboard winners, provide some alluring rewards. In order to keep your audience interested in your virtual online conference, you might host a small competition. There is a comprehensive incentives system in QuestionPro. Whether you want community members to receive gift cards, badges, or a gamification experience, QuestionPro enables them to respond to rewards.

8. Include some entertainment sources

Engagement might rise with live performances. It could be a music show, a dancing show, a comedy show, or any other entertaining programme. Also, to break up the monotony, you can continue these conference activities between sessions. You can also force the guests to take part in entertaining and original activities to showcase their hidden abilities. You might list your secret abilities like dancing, singing, or other conference activities.

9. Include interactive features

Using audio, video, and live chat will help you communicate more effectively. Attendees, sponsors, hosts, and speakers will be able to communicate with one another thanks to these integrated communication options. You can also provide them access to third-party plugins like WhatsApp, Zoom meetings, BlueJeans, and others. As a result, individuals can connect with anybody they choose via these integrations.

10. Maintain frequent conference breaks

Maintain frequent conference breaks

Giving the attendees some time and space is crucial. It is regarded as one of the top concepts for interactive conferences. Give them some time to rest up after the first session and get ready for the next. Between each session, you can plan frequent breaks. Gamification and other techniques can also be used to engage users on your site.


Thus, these are some creative interactive conference ideas to increase audience participation. These conference participation suggestions might help you succeed to the fullest. An event with such characteristics will be impossible for the audience to resist.

And if you require assistance, QuestionPro can provide it. Live polls are one of the many great features of the survey programme QuestionPro. Your audiences can participate in interactive meetings and conferences by taking live polls. To get the most out of QuestionPro live polls for increasing audience interaction, sign up for free.

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